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Dec 30, 2004

The Grey Album is Entertainment Weekly’s album of the year:

Only in the age of accelerating technology could someone have thought to pinch rhymes from the rapper’s Black Album and synch them up to random riffs, refrains, and snippets from the White Album.

And another Beatles mash-up:

Where ordinary mash-up mixes mix two or perhaps three songs, this mix is made up by appx 40 Beatles songs, with sometimes five different songs playing at the same time. A must hear!

Dec 30, 2004

Great essay from Cory:

No matter how pretty its picture, what you’re expected to do with a DVD today is the one thing you could do in 1994: watch it on your TV. Why? Because when tech companies created the DVD, they sold you out. They let Hollywood hold its content hostage so that they could control who gets to build players and what those players can do.

And a nice ongoing debate between Cory and Chris Anderson:

Never in the history of media from the dawn of the printing press right up to the invention of the DVD have we afforded this kind of privilege to incumbent rightsholders. Quite the contrary: at every turn, brave entrepreneurs have engaged in “piracy” of copyrighted works (through devices like the record player, radio, cable television and VCR) and kept at it until the law caught up with the technology.

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