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Creative Commons License. Applauds Congressman Cox And Senator Wyden On Joint Resolution Supporting Consumers' Digital Rights

Joint resolution asserts consumers' fair use rights

Palo Alto, Calif. -- October 18, 2002 -- announced its support for the joint resolution announced today by Congressman Chris Cox (R-CA) and Senator Wyden (D-OR). The resolution defends and affirms consumer's personal use rights to flexibly use media they legally acquire. The organization applauds Mr. Cox and Mr. Wyden's leadership in defending consumers, particularly in the face of myriad Hollywood efforts to revoke consumer rights. Their combined leadership underscores the growing and critical role of consumers in the debate over digital media. The joint resolution is both a bi-cameral and bi-partisan effort.

The joint resolution affirms consumer's personal use rights to flexibly use legally acquired media. Those rights include time-shifting, space-shifting, personal back-up copies, format-shifting and personal, non-commercial editing as well as the right to use technology to assert those rights. will support this joint resolution by alerting its member base of nearly 50,000 of the positive efforts undertaken by these two leaders as well as working with both leaders to move the resolution to legislation in 2003.

"We look forward to working with Congressman Cox and Senator Wyden on proactive legislation by building support for their efforts in the upcoming year. We believe their leadership is a sign of a growing backlash against Hollywood's overreaching in this area," said Joe Kraus, co-founder, "Congressman Cox and Senator Wyden are standing up for the consumer and recognizing that when hard-earned money is spent on a song or movie, the consumer has rights that guarantee their freedom to use the media in various ways. Hollywood shouldn't be allowed to control all aspects of how aconsumer uses content in the privacy of their own home."

ABOUT DIGITALCONSUMER.ORG is a consumer-advocacy group started in 2001 with a mission to restore the balance of copyright law so that artists and creators can prosper while citizens have reasonable flexibility to use content in fair and legal ways. The group is composed of entrepreneurs, investors and consumers, and it is proposing a set of principles - a Consumer Technology Bill of Rights - that it intends to have passed into law. These principles would preserve consumers' historic fair-use rights that have been recently diminished by changes in copyright law made at the request of media companies. To learn more about the Consumer Technology Bill of Rights, please visit:

Press contact:
Melissa Walia
(650) 208-4523