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Welcome to Digital Consumer's tell-a-friend page. You already know that Hollywood will spend millions of the dollars that we consumers give them to lobby Congress to take away our rights. The only way that we can fight their lobbying and contribution dollars is to show our grassroots strength. Please use our referral engine to tell as many friends and colleagues as possible about the importance of sending a letter to Congress insisting on a consumer technology Bill of Rights to preserve Fair Use forever.

Thanks again for your activism to preserve everyone's digital rights.

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Have you ever made a tape of your favorite songs to enjoy in your car stereo? Have you ever bought a CD and ripped it to your portable MP3 player? If so, you should know that recent changes to copyright law have been used to take away your personal use rights to the media you legally acquire. That means that activities like making mixes or copying music to a portable player are quickly being restricted or prevented. is doing something about it. We are advocating a Consumer Technology Bill of Rights that will positively assert a consumer's rights to fair use. The Bill of Rights will guarantee your ability to use your own digital media in the way that you choose. With the support of consumers, we are working to have the Bill of Rights passed into law. Our proposed Bill has already gained support from numerous consumers as well as prominent executives and venture capitalists, but there's a lot more that we need to do in order to let Washington know that this is important.

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