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Are you in a financial crisis these days, and you’re having a hard time making ends meet because you are just stretched too thin?

Apps like Brigit can help you get through these tough times.

The cool thing about lending apps is that you can borrow small amounts of money without the app having to check your credit scores and whatnots.

Brigit and other similar apps give you an avenue to borrow money in times when your financial accounts are hanging by a thread.

As an added bonus, some of these apps have no overdraft fees, no big interest rates, and no credit checks.

Apps like MoneyLion, Ernin, and Dave are some of the alternatives close to Brigit.

If you are finding reasons to consider Brigit, be assured that over 1 million valued users will speak for them.

To add more to that, Brigit lets you borrow up to $250, which is already sufficient to get off the hook in cases of emergencies.

But, if you need a little more than that, reading this blog post will be helpful.

Suppose you are interested to know what other alternative apps are available for you to choose from.

So, without further ado, let’s get this started!

Here’s the Top Alternatives & Competitors of the Brigit App:


dave app

Dave has helped a huge range of individuals because it is unsurprisingly simple.

The Dave lending app is easy to navigate and use, making borrowing money as simple as tapping a screen button.

Earnin and Dave are similar apps to consider other than Brigit.

With Dave, you have an option to have earlier access to your salary.

This means that you don’t have to impatiently wait for your payday because it can come earlier to you.

However, Dave can only lend you up to $100, which is more than half of what Brigit can offer to you.

However, there are also good reasons if you opt to use Dave.

One of the essential reasons is that LevelCredit is partnered with Dave.

This means that you can increase your credit score by letting the major credit agencies know how you handle your loan payments and how you pay them duly.

Building your credit is very beneficial to you if you pay your loans well and you have no bad records to date.

On top of that, one of the reasons why Dave remains appealing to users despite having other alternatives is its low membership fee.

It only takes $1 per month for you to be a member of Dave, accessing most of its functionalities and features.

However, if you wish to upgrade your membership into the app’s premium plan, you can gladly do so by subscribing at $9.99 monthly.

Having the fact that Dave only offers you a smaller payday loan depends on what you want to do with it or how you want to spend your money.

If you don’t need a bigger sum for desperate emergencies and only want to purchase a few necessities or just want to give your car some refueling, this app is the best option to go for.


earning app

Formerly known as ActiveHours, Earnin works similarly to Dave.

Technically, you can say that Earnin is not a loan app because it only gives you an option to access your salary without you having to wait for your actual payday.

The purpose of this app is to give you backup assistance when you urgently need some money, but taking out a huge loan or going into overdrafts isn’t the best option for you at the moment.

You can start to loan an amount of $100 using Earnin.

However, as you build your credit scores along the way and establish that your account is trustworthy, you have the chance to borrow up to $500 worth of money.

This means that maintaining a good record with Earnin is beneficial to you because it increases your chance of loaning a bigger sum of money.

Also, the good thing about Earnin is it’s a free system.

This means that the app makes its money from the tips given to them by its users.

Hence, you have no subscription costs or commissions.

It’s up to you to contribute and give the app monetary tips for their hard work.

Whether you do it or not, you can still utilize the app for free.

The app’s business model is built based on the app’s pay-on-payday system.

This means that the app deducts the money you borrowed from them as soon as your salary is deposited from your account, simply getting their money back.

One cool thing about Earnin is how it detects your bank balance and sends you alert notifications once it drastically falls below your proposed balance.

This, in turn, gives you financial guidance in terms of efficiently handling your finances.

Earnin, having earned a high star rating, is quite popular and well-loved by its users.

So, if you ever decide to join other members who are already using the app, it will surely serve you its purpose, and it will not disappoint.



MoneyLion is definitely one of the leading apps in terms of functionality and services among its other rivals.

MoneyLion offers you payday advances with a borrowing limit of up to $250, just like that of Brigit.

You can borrow this sum of money even before your payday is due.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that you need to sign in to a checking account when you decide to use this app.

One of the interesting features of MoneyLion is that it directly transfers the money you borrowed into your bank account after filing and completing your application.

Keep in mind that you can only borrow an amount less than 10% of the paycheck you will be receiving.

This means that if you have $2,500 coming in on your payday, you can definitely borrow money up to $250.

Suppose you have tried Dave before or if Brigit is on your list of favorites.

Then MoneyLion might also interest you as it is a very good option, and you cannot doubt its credibility because it has already boasted a lot of users and also receives high star ratings from its members.

On top of that, MoneyLion allows you to have a few consecutive loans aside from offering you the payday loan.

In this way, you can join credit checks and work on building your credit score and increasing your credit points along the way.

If you are taking loans that are only short-term, MoneyLion has zero Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for that.

However, if you want to borrow a bigger sum of money, you will need to pay the initial membership of $1 per month.

Depending on how large the sum of money you intend to borrow is, the APR values will vary, and the membership fees can increase to about $19.99 per month.

Nowadays, most of the money management apps similar to MoneyLion and Brigit that you will find online contain a feature that allows you to manage your personal investment.

Hence, you can also utilize this app to grow your money and not just use it for borrowing purposes.



It is without a doubt that Chime goes toe-to-toe with Brigit.

The only difference is the operation Chime runs.

The said app is technically more like a mobile banking app.

This means that by using this, you can avoid overdrafts, set up automatic savings accounts, and on top of all, make safe and secure money transactions.

Aside from the previously mentioned, what makes Chime similar to Brigit is the way it gives its members a choice to borrow money in advance and then pay it immediately when their paycheck deposit comes in.

In this way, you can have earlier access to your funds, especially at times when you need it the most.

There are no hidden fees in this feature.

However, you have to keep in mind that you can have advance access to the money two days before your exact payment date.

Chime is one of the prominent apps that allows you to have early access to your funds without having to go through the exhausting processes that banks require.

So you get some sort of relief whenever things get a little bit tight, and your payday is still a little far.

Chime also has a cool feature that allows you to save money whenever you have excess capital every month, so this app is not only for getting your paycheck in advance but is also for those who want to save.

38,000 (or more) ATMs in the US that are associated with Chime.

These are very useful when you withdraw money up to $500 each day.

And the best thing about it is that there are no charging fees.

This feature makes Chime one of the most prominent financial management apps that exist today.

Ingo Money

ingo money

One of the most efficient apps in the financial market today has to be Ingo Money.

This app will give you a sense of relief because you can access the money you borrowed instantly once your application is completed and approved.

You won’t have to wait too long for the process because it will only take a few minutes in most cases.

Ingo Money has similarities with Brigit in terms of having a lot of different features that the users can utilize.

In the end, these apps boil down to helping its members manage their finances in a large centralized base.

If you are wondering what other features Ingo Money offers aside from allowing you to have advance access to your payday money, this app also has services that give you an avenue to conduct money transfers to various accounts.

Stuff like paying credit card bills, purchasing Amazon gift cards, and many more, are also featured in this app.

Other than that, Ingo Money also has a referral system that allows you to refer your friends, and in return, you earn rewards for it.

One of the highlight features of Ingo Money is its ability to ensure efficient cash flow and process checks between your accounts.

In turn, this saves you time by avoiding withdrawal processes that are too time-consuming because, with Ingo Money, the approval only takes a few minutes.

Ingo Money is truly someone you can count on, especially if you’re looking for convenience and efficiency.

If waiting for a longer time does not bother you at all, then you can avail of their services for free.

However, if you opt to have fast and instantaneous transactions, you can pay as little as $5 to avail of this service.



Branch is also another alternative if you want to try out more apps other than Brigit. One good edge that this app has includes being equipped with social features that some of the other apps do not have.

This means that Branch is not only an app for a cash advance; it is also one great way of communicating with your co-workmates, logging your work hours on a daily basis, and changing your work schedule when needed.

This cash advance app has a sophisticated offer as it allows you to loan $150 daily or even borrow as much as $500 during the days before your paycheck deposit is due.

The only downside with Branch is that its system only works innately.

This means that your employer must also have the app for them for you to avail and do money transactions.

In addition to that, there is a set of specific periods where the cash advance is only applicable.

This means that for every consecutive loan application you do, you need to upload a new set of work hours.

On the other hand, some cash advance apps are only available to limited countries like the United States and the UK.

But with Branch, countries like India, Nigeria, Kenya, and many more, can also access and utilize this app.

This simply means that Branch has reached so many consumers and users from around the world.

Members of Branch can loan even up to $700, depending on what country they live in. Isn’t that cool?

To add to that interest, one highlight feature of Branch is that it doesn’t require your credit history but only your mobile phone data.

This is because the app wants to make sure that the hopeful lender is fit and qualified for the sum of money it hopes to borrow.

If you ever worry about your data being leaked or traded, worry not because Branch has no intentions of selling it and will definitely protect it at all cost.


even app

If you are looking for one of the best financial management apps that exist on the online market, Even is definitely the one to add to your list.

One distinguishing highlight that this app has in comparison to its other competitors is its ability to let you loan up to 50% of the money you are earning.

This, of course, is only applicable if your employer qualifies the app’s requirements.

The Even app, just like Earnin and other similar financial apps, is going out of its way to partner with big companies and trustworthy employers that you as the employee, to have the option of getting your paycheck earlier than your supposed pay date, given that your employer is qualified and have agreed to the terms proposed.

Hence, you should take note of this and start to ask your employers if they are associated with Even because that’s the only way you can utilize the said app.

One of the good apps to consider if you want to explore more other than Brigit is Even.

This is because Even also shares the same features that Brigit has. Some of these services include offering financial guidance in terms of allocating funds to future events and expenditures.

Also, this app alerts you by sending you notices to help you avoid fees such as overdrafts or other penalties in general.

Even asks for a monthly subscription of $8. It might be a little expensive compared to some similar apps, but your money is definitely worth it, and it will definitely not go to waste.

Once your company becomes a member of Even, this app links the employers to its employees, which then allows you to loan a sum of money depending on the salary you have.

This is especially helpful in alleviating the risks that some other apps and services bring by lending you money.

So, in times where you find yourself in a situation where payday is just too far to wait, and you are in need to withdraw more times a month other than just once, then Even is the way to go.

With Even, you can assure that you have a well-rounded and reliable app with just a few taps away from your screen, offering you insights and efficient tools for financial management, and is well-precise given its value.



DailyPay has thrived in the online market for a long time because it has the same principle as Even.

These two apps both share a different (from others) idealized vision about how one can receive their monthly wage.

With DailyPay, you get an “on-demand” payment or some sort like that when you have worked the required hours.

DailyPay might appear to be centralized around the employer more than the employees at first glance.

However, that’s not technically how it works. Similar to Brigit, DailyPay geared its systems based on the employee’s needs.

The said cash advance app has a feature called Pay Balance.

This feature allows employees to build their balances by accumulating their work hours during their working days.

You, as an employee, can have access to your payday earnings and your balance once you reach the required points and when you need to loan some cash in advance.

The app gets its money back by deducting whatever sum of money you have borrowed from your salary once it is deposited into your account.

It will only cost you $1.25 as a transfer fee if you wish to transfer the money from your Pay Balance to your bank account.

DailyPAy definitely mitigates any feeling of insecurities in between their paychecks. On top of that, this app allows staff to have more ownership and have a sense of control over their finances, creating happy employees along the way.

On the side of the employers, choosing DailyPay as the app for disseminating payment is a good idea because it can be tagged as an incentive if you happen to look for more employees. What makes this app incredible is that apart from transfer fees, there are no hidden additional fees.

This means that DailyPay won’t put unnecessary dents in your wallet.

As a whole, DailyApp is definitely one of the alternatives you need to take into consideration. The app has received high ratings and positive reviews, making this app is as reliable as it can be.



This app has established its systems to be unique from its competitor apps because it has taken a different approach.

This means that Affirm is not only an app used for loaning money but is also accompanied by a wide range of features that create an avenue for making financial management a lot easier, giving you a sense of control over your finances while also ensuring that any money transactions done are secure, fast, and reliable.

If you love shopping, but you also want to save money or at least get a lot more necessities from your money’s worth, this app is a great option you should consider.

This app is best described as a management tool for shopping because this helps you track your expenses and manage your spending habits.

Affirm is already associated with a wide range of online retailers.

Hence, it can give you personalized deals and discounts from online shops you wish to purchase the item from, as long as the said shop is partnered with the app.

Apart from that, Affirm also allows you to buy products and pay them later without hidden fees shocking you along the way.

This app definitely works like a credit card, but virtual.


empower app

When your finances are starting to stretch too thin, and you need a little amount of cash just to get you off the hook, Empower can be of great help.

This app, just like Brigit, is willing to loan you up to $250 with no late fees no interest.

One other awesome feature of the app is that there are also no credit checks done; this can simultaneously be a good and a bad feature for you, depending on what you prefer.

If you happen to be a member of Empower for 60 days and you have a healthy account so far, then you might be eligible to borrow $250.

This means that for those who wish to loan days after or on the day of the app installment, this might not work for you. In addition to that, a monthly income of $500 or more is required for you to qualify for a loan.

If you happen to make some specific purchase at some establishments like restaurants, gas stations, or even grocery stores, the app will give you 10% cashback, as long as the mentioned companies are associated with Empower.


varo app

The last but not the least app that this article can vouch for you is Varo.

With its more than one million users and high star ratings, it is undeniably one of the most sought-after apps in terms of cash advances.

There are no hidden charges on overdrafts up to $50.

On top of that, there are also no foreign transaction fees, no transfer fees, and even no withdrawal fees at 55,000 (and more) ATMs in the states.

Venmo, unlike some other apps similar to Brigit, has to conduct credit checks.

They are making sure that those hopeful and qualified individuals have no bad records and have a healthy account.