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Best Alternatives & Competitors to GoPuff

apps like gopuff
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Many customers rely on food delivery services like Gopuff to get some of their daily supplies delivered right to their door.

With Gopuff, thousands of items are available including cleaning supplies, food and beverage, and even over-the-counter medications.

Many of the places they serve are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while some are open late.

Each order will come with a $1.95 fixed shipping fee.

However, they are not the only smartphone delivery app on the market.

Many consumers look for Gopuff alternatives for a variety of reasons, including additional food options, delivery to their region that GoPuff may not provide, and better rates.

If you are looking for additional applications like Gopuff for food, beverages, and groceries delivery, look at these 11 comparable apps that aim to simplify your life (both applications are for iOS and Android phones).

These are some of the lists but are not in particular order:

1. Postmates by Uber

2. Instacart

3. Shipt

4. Favor

5. DoorDash

6. Uber Eats

7. Grubhub

8. Freshly

9. Amazon Fresh

10. FreshDirect

11. Seamless

Here’s the Best Alternatives & Competitors to GoPuff:

apps like gopuff

1. Postmates by Uber

Postmates is a delivery service created by Uber that delivers from a range of restaurants, liquor shops, grocery stores, and other locations near you.

You may choose no-contact delivery, which means your products will be delivered right to your door, and you can simply monitor your purchase using the app’s map.

If you do not bother going out in public, you may order for pick-up from various restaurants and pick up your order when it is convenient for you.

You may become an unlimited member and receive limitless free deliveries. Aside from that, shipping costs typically range between $1.99 to $3.99.

2. Instacart

The app Instacart is accessible in over 5,000 locations throughout the US and Canada, and its customers may purchase from a range of local and national retailers.

There is a “Leave at my door” alternative for contactless delivery when you order delivery.

Instacart also enables curbside pick-up, which allows its users to go to a supermarket and have their purchase delivered to them by an employee or an Instacart shopper when it is ready.

There is a $3.99 delivery fee for same-day orders of $35 or more.

Fees vary for deliveries under $35, club shop deliveries, and 1-hour deliveries.

3. Shipt

You can receive same-day groceries in as short as an hour with the Shipt app.

Personal shoppers pick up a variety of products from groceries to pet supplies in over five thousand communities across the United States.

Shoppers aim to communicate in live time so that you receive what you want, even if it means making a replacement.

The users may also contact their shoppers to add any special requests to the items that they have purchased.

Users may also receive unique coupons and sale alerts through the app, allowing them to save money on their favorite things from local retailers.

There are three price choices available and there is a one-time delivery fee of seven dollars for same-day delivery.

By loading up between three to five passes using Shipt pass, you may save up to twenty percent on each delivery.

For a year, when you register Shipt Everyday, you enjoy unlimited free delivery.

4. Favor

The Favor app is a Texas-only smartphone delivery service that promises to deliver whatever you desire in less than an hour.

Their employees called the Runners (Favor employees) can bring you a phone charger if you need one.

Do you want to eat anything from your favorite neighborhood burger restaurant instead?

You are in good hands with the Runners. Even if a business is not listed in the app, you may tell the Runner where to go, and they will go there.

The regular delivery charge is $6.00.

However, it can be as little as $3 during special discounts.

For the first two weeks, new users may get unlimited free deliveries.


The DoorDash app is available in lots of cities across Canada, the United States, and Australia.

They deliver and pick up from a couple of grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses. From national classics to local faves, there is something for everyone.

Orders may be scheduled ahead of time, and you can opt for contact-free delivery, which means your purchase will be left at your door. There are no minimum orders, so you may purchase as few as you like and just get what you require.

There are no shipping fees for the first month.

If you sign up for DashPass ($10/month), you will receive unlimited free deliveries. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99.

6. Uber Eats

Uber Eats will deliver from both local and national restaurants, and it is simple to locate your favorites by browsing by name or cuisine to see what is around. You do not have to need your items delivered; instead, you may pick them up.

You will always know where your order is until it arrives at your door, thanks to the app’s real-time order tracking.

If you sign up for the Eats Pass, you will get free delivery and a 5% discount on purchases over $15, and only at participating restaurants.

Aside from that, the delivery charge starts at $0.99, with a service fee added on top.

apps like gopuff

7. Grubhub

Another app is Grubhub.

Its users may order from a vast number of eateries.

They offer both pickups as well as delivery options, allowing customers to customize the mobile phone app to their own needs.

They have over 300,000 restaurant partners all over the United States.

Grubhub+ members receive special discounts and benefits. Furthermore, membership may entitle you to free things and also free delivery.

Using the offer code GRUBHUBAPP, you may enjoy the free deliveries deal worth $4.00 off your first buy over $15 when you sign up.

Other than that, delivery rates vary depending on the establishment.

8. Freshly

Freshly is a one-of-a-kind online food service that delivers fresh, chef-prepared meals straight to your home.

There are almost two dozen different meals on the menu, all of which are all-natural and designed to satisfy one person.

Four meals per week ($11.79/meal), six meals per week ($9.99/meal), eight meals per week ($9.49/meal), ten meals per week ($9.29/meal), as well as 12 meals per week ($8.99/meal) are among the options.

They are delivered fresh, so all you have to do is microwave them up, and they will be ready in about three minutes.

For customization, choose your dietary choices and cancel your membership at any moment.

9. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh offers shipping and pick-up in specific cities across the United States and around the world.

You may order a variety of things through the Amazon application. The app’s users can request grapes almost as rapidly as they can purchase groceries.

At any one time, there are various offers and sales to take advantage of. There are other groceries that are SNAP EBT qualified.

The app’s users may anticipate 2-hour delivery if you’re a member of Prime and your transaction meets the area requirement.


You can have seasonal choices, chef-prepared meals, and much more delivered directly to your home or office with the app FreshDirect.

FreshDirect started in New York and has now spread to five more states in the United States.

FreshDirect is also simple to place an order. Create your grocery list using the mobile phone app or the website.

Your order is prepared at their facilities, and your order is quickly packed and transported on their refrigerated trucks.

Every Thursday, they have Fresh Deals, and you may join up for DeliveryPass to get unlimited free grocery delivery.

You may even reserve a time slot using this method.

11. Seamless

The Seamless app, which is also owned by the other app Grubhub, provides meal delivery from some of your favorite local eateries.

You are given the menu online with no hidden costs, so you know precisely what you are receiving and how much it costs.

The users may look for different specials, and if they don’t want to wait for delivery, they can choose the takeaway option and pick up their order themselves.

You may get more special discounts and prizes when you utilize Perks. You could even be able to save up to $100.