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Back in the day, building a credit score and even fixing issues on your credit report was not an easy task to do.

The challenge was that oftentimes, solving these issues meant setting up meetings with specialists.

This meant resolving issues with credit and debt counselors, meeting with various collection agencies, or other credit repair experts to fix credit history.

The process in the past was not only tedious and challenging, but it was also confusing at some level.

Luckily, today we have technology to help us stay on top of our credit score and easily gain insight into any issues that may arise.

With the use of cellphones and apps, developers have created apps like Grain to help consumers manage of their credit history and future.

Not only can you keep tabs on your credit but you can resolve issues faster.

Furthermore, Grain can be used to build your own credit history fast because this app is considered a digital credit line.

Grain offers you a credit line that suits your lifestyle based on your income and spending habits.

Grain is available through the App Store, and this app can help you set up your emergency fund as well as build your credit line.

There are other apps that are comparable to Grain, such as Brigit.

Like Grain, Brigit has a payment scheduling system that decides how big of a loan you can take to build your credit line.

However, in contrast to Grain, the app doesn’t have a recurring credit line service that allows you to build your credit score.

Another app that’s on the list that we can compare to Grain is the Self app.

Self operates like a secured credit card, where you have complete control to fund your own credit line.

As you continue to use the app and make purchases through it, you continue to strengthen your credit score.

There is not much of a restriction in the app, and in fact, the app even offers more unique features like credit monitoring for you to constantly check your credit history and progress.

If you need an app that acts almost like a physical bank account, check out the app called Chime.

With Chime, you can purchase your credit builder card.

This card is directly connected to your debit account, where you can instantly transfer funds between two cards.

This seamless function allows the card to pay off the balance of your purchases every time you’ve transferred your cash to the credit builder card.

In this article, we are going to share some pretty awesome apps that all function in a way that helps building a solid credit history via a credit line system, increasing wealth, and management of investments.

Let’s get started!

Here’s the Best Alternatives & Competitors of Grain Credit

Personal Capital

Personal Capital

First on our list is Personal Capital.

Though it is first on our list, it doesn’t function quite as similar to Grain as far as providing a credit line for your immediate cash flow is concerned.

However, it provides users an overview of your complete financial portfolio, thus giving you more control over the management of your finances.

This function, though, is similar to Grain.

For financial management trackers, this one stands out as it consolidates and monitors all financial accounts and transactions from checking accounts, credit line, loans, investments and etc.

Within one platform and interface, the user can easily monitor the movements of their finances.

Unlike other apps that you need to switch from one to another, Personal Capital refrains from doing so that users don’t feel frustrated and confused about the app experience.

To add to its function, Personal Capital has an easy tracking system of your credit score, loans, bank balances, and investments.

Its system allows you to check on your overall net worth depending on the financial accounts linked to the app.

Good thing Personal Capital is available to both App Store and Google Play, and it is free to download.



Second, on our list is Unifimoney, and same to Personal Capital, its function is also a bit in contrast to that of Grain.

What makes it similar is that it can link your checking account to your credit line.

What makes Unifimoney interesting is that it can provide you with several account options that you can use.

It is easy to sign up for Unifimoney.

Once signing up, the user is then given a high-interest checking account, a credit card that is available to use, and an investment platform option through Robo.

With this feature, users can create a short-term passive income on the side, which can turn into long-term growth for their finances.

If you are new to Unifimoney, there is no need to fret as the app helps eliminate all the stress and headache for you.

The app merges all your accounts into one platform and shows you the best possible outcome of your management system.

Unlike Personal Capital, Unifimoney is only available for download through App Store.

Unifimoney is completely free, so you better check it out for yourself.



Third on this short-listed review for apps is Tellus – a financial management app that gives you an overview of your overall financial portfolio which helps you build a stronger credit score, much similar to Grain.

In contrast, Tellus serves as an all-in-one application for investors to use.

If you are an investor and you are looking for a financial management tool to use for your investments, then this app is one that you should consider.

It helps you manage all your investments all in one platform.

So if you are into the finance industry, real estate, stockbroker, better take a look at this app.

To summarize the features of this app, it promises high-yield checking and savings accounts.

But that’s isn’t all.

Tellus can also be used for home loans for property management.

It is an end-to-end service as far as investment management is concerned.

If you have dipped into everything and perhaps your eggs are in too many baskets, Tellus might just be the perfect app for you.

The app is readily available both for Android and iOS.

The best part is it is completely free. Go check it out!



Another app that may seem in contrast to Grain is the app called Earnin.

While its functions and services may seem different, Earnin still allows the customers to build their emergency funds just the same way as Grain through their credit line system.

As you link your debit account to the app, you instantly receive your cash through direct deposit.

With Earnin, you are assured of an advance payment, especially in the event when an emergency arises.

Thus, giving you enough room of money to use when needed.

Through this app, you are allowed to loan up to $500 per month, depending on your ability and discipline to pay off your borrowed money.

The beauty is that there are no interest fees which means you don’t have to worry about loan interest rates.

And the turnaround is quick as you continue to use the app, which is a great perk.

Still, this app is free to download for all users, and it is available both through App Store and Google Play.

Money Lion


The closest app that you can compare to Grain is this all-in-one personal financial management app called MoneyLion.

This app allows you to track both your savings and check bank accounts. 

While MoneyLion doesn’t offer a credit line for its users, it does give them an option to loan to also strengthen their credit score.

With more people adapting to cryptocurrency, it also offers a management system for every crypto investment.

If you want to benefit from its loan service, users need to pay a considerably low monthly payment.

Other than that, its features are all for free.

To pay off your loans, you can easily deposit your payments to the checking accounts, and MoneyLion will do the rest of the processing.

We suggest that you maximize this low-interest loan service as this will help build your credit score.

This app can be found in both Google Play Store and App Store and is downloadable for free.



As mentioned above in this list, Brigit is another app that can compete with Grain.

While its close comparable app is Earnin, its functions and services are still similar to Grain as users have easy access to create an emergency fund through their credit line.

This app has a payment scheduling monitoring system that alerts the users of upcoming deadlines for payments.

Once you connect Brigit to your bank account, users are given the opportunity to earn a $250 interest-free loan depending on their lifestyle and spending habits.

The payment of this loan is directly deducted on your next deposit on your payday.

Your bank’s activity is the determining factor in the amount of loan you can borrow through the app.

It doesn’t matter much about your paycheck rather your spending habits.

If you establish a good credit score with a positive balance from your loans, you can borrow more from the app.

If you are looking to build a cash flow for emergency needs, make use of the Brigit app.

It is completely no charge for fees for the loans, and it is free to download for Android and iOS users.

Possible Finance

possible finance

Next on our list is another multi-purpose financial management tool and app, Possible Finance.

Similar to Grain, you have opportunities to make use of the available emergency funds and build your credit line.

With this app, you can borrow up to $500, which can easily be paid on an installment basis.

In case you feel like there have been unfair fees and other irrelevant and hidden charges, Possible Finance guarantees you a rebate of your cash.

As you transact with Possible Finance, its promised turnaround is usually within a day or less.

As icing on the cake, Possible Finance assures an interest-free rate for every loan through the app.

While it seems very enticing and attractive to use the app already, Possible Finance currently has a limitation as far as location and servicing of states is concerned.

The developers of the app are constantly expanding its range and availability of service. 

You can check their website for their location availability.

Download the app through the Google Play Store and App Store.



Another app that we’ve mentioned above is Chime.

It is considered as one of the “OGs” in the online banking and financial management industry.

While they are one of the oldest to be in the scene, Chime remains a strong competition as they continue to add and adapt to new features for a great customer experience.

As it started with just simple checking accounts and debit cards, Chime has expanded its features over time.

The app boasts of its unique credit building card, which you can connect with your own debit account.

As you make transactions through the app, whether through shopping or loans, you can easily transfer funds from your existing account to your credit building account, where Chime pays off the charges of your purchases every month.

You can also maximize the savings account feature of the app.

Mobile deposits are available to use, whether through cash or checks.

Once you are registered to the app, you can loan up to $100, which you can use for other purposes.

It is free to download for all users to enjoy and make use of.

It doesn’t have any fees declared, even for checking accounts.

You can take a look at this app through the Google Play Store and App Store.



Another app that we have added to the mix is Self, a financial management app that also helps you create a credit line.

Much like Grain, it gives you a specific and in-depth overview of your current financial situation through the accounts you have linked it with.

Through its easy monitoring system, the app allows users to take a look at their finances and current situation.

It helps users budget and their income and earns more savings by providing money tips.

As you continue to monitor your score, you will have more idea of your financial situation.

The Self app is also a means of investment as it also offers a Self Visa card which is a secured credit line.

As you continue to make purchases through the app and be on time on your payments, your credit score constantly grows over time as well.

Again, this app is free of charge. And no fees as well.

Just download it for free through App Store and Google Play.


We are now down to our last three on the list but definitely the least compared to others.

Similar to Grain, Acorns is also a financial tracker and management system that also helps you monitor your investments. 

­For most users and their experience, Acorns is more than just an app where you can make use for investment in the stock market.

In fact, most say that this is a game-changer as they continue to expand their services in the scene.

With every transaction through Acorns, you can make use of your spare charge and even choose to invest into your stock choice.

You can easily open and link your debit account to the app.

As you open an account, you are asked to answer a few questions to check on your interests and financial habits.

In doing so, Acorns allows you to decide what kind of investment program you would like to focus on.

Not only is it a financial management tracker, but it is also an avenue for long-term growth, creating wealth, and even retirement considerations and options.

Your purchases through the app and the debit card linked to the app, users can earn cash rebates, rewards, and cashbacks for every spending.

There are also referral bonuses for every user.

While the app is completely free, users need to pay a small amount of monthly fee depending on the account the user wants to open.

This app can also be found through Google Play and App Store.


Second to the last on our review is the app called Current.

It is closest to Chime and Grain as Current is also an all-in-one financial management tool where you can strengthen your credit line and financial status.

With Current, there are no hidden charges, and it takes pride in free withdrawals that are available at over 55,000 ATMs.

Through its direct deposit service, you can get your loans within two days and even faster.

Current is also a means of passive income as you earn points and rewards for every purchase on your favorite brands that have partnered with the app.

As you frequently use the app for shopping, you get more options to earn points as well.

Thankfully, the app is free to use and download. Just look for it through App Store and Google Play.



Finally, SoFi wraps up our list of apps that are comparable to Grain.

Similarly, it also offers a loan service that is based on your credit line purchasing and history, plus your current cash flow.

Through SoFi’s checking account, it can also be used for investment purposes and a savings account as well.

What’s more, is that SoFi can also be used as a platform to venture into stocks and cryptocurrency.

Your investments can easily be tracked and transferred to the bank that is directly linked to the app.

If you build your credit score, SoFi also provides tips for users to check.

You will receive email notifications on topics as such.

SoFi also boasts of its low-interest rate for loans, most especially for student loans where students can take an opportunity in.

Lastly, same as other apps, SoFi is free to download and can be found in both Google Play and App Store.


To sum it all up, Grain, like all the other apps, is created for users to have a more hassle-free and more flexible credit line and financial management system.

While each app is different in its functions and services, most apps offer loan services for their users to benefit from.

Most apps can easily be connected to your current bank accounts, which makes it a more seamless bank transfer system for your finances.

More than Grain, take a look at these apps and see for yourself what best suits you.