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apps like ibotta
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We all want savings, and we all want cashback.

Ibotta is not only famous for offering amazing deals and discounts, but it’s cashback system helps you save extra money while pumping your gas, shopping for leisure, or buying essential goods at the grocery store.

People don’t just like Ibotta, they love Ibotta. 

Ibotta offers cashback rewards and savings as well as other perks for just doing your everyday shopping.

Isn’t that amazing that with just a few clicks right on your fingertips, you get to save more money every time you choose to connect your cards to the app and purchase online?

Ibotta, one of the most loved and famous cashback/cash rewards apps, will give you great deals and enticing offers every time you shop online or through the physical store.

The steps are simple.

Just get through Ibotta before any purchase, whether it be grocery, travel, lifestyle, and entertainment; you can enjoy all these money savings pro tips already.

The best part of Ibotta is that it has partnered with many leading brands and retail stores such as Best Buy, Target, Lowe’s, eBay, and more other online shops to give you that hassle-free and enjoyable experience of cashback and money savings without the hassle of the usual traditional rewards system of coupons and promo codes.

apps like ibotta

Cash is king, and cashback rewards will be your new addiction. 

In this extensive list, we will share a large list of other great apps that can compete with Ibottas discount and cashback system.

With these apps, you will get additional money right in your pockets.

More cash, more to enjoy!

Let’s get this started.

Here are the Best Apps like Ibotta:

Checkout 51


First on our list is the app that is closest to Ibotta, and that is Checkout 51.

With simple clicks right on your fingertips, Checkout 51 also offers deals, discounts, and cashback rewards with your purchases online.

Every time you make a purchase through a grocery store, just take a snap on your receipt and expect cashback right on your account as quickly as possible.


shopkick app


If you are into the traditional reward system through free gift cards, Shopkick is definitely the app that’s fun to use.

Unlike Ibotta, Shopkick only allows the free gift cards to be used once you walk in the nearby store.

Shopkick boasts of millions of users that have enjoyed the rewards system they offer.

Its users have earned about $63.8 million in free gift cards alone.

Imagine just walking on your favorite store like Walmart, Target, TJMaxx, and so much more.

You can already earn points on top of buying their popular products or completing their various offers.

What’s unique about Shopkick is that you can earn rewards just by referring to your family or friends.

If you’re always on the lookout for an easy yet stimulating side hustle, this is also one way to have an extra income on the side, without any hassle at all!

Fetch Reward

fetch rewards

Upon registering through Fetch Rewards, you are up to some great news already!

How’s that? A $2 bonus is what this app offers from the very beginning.

Just like Ibotta, Fetch Rewards has partnered with numerous big brands that make it easy for you to choose where to shop.

With all these popular brands, you are sure you are in for big savings from all thousands of products they offer.

Just scan all your receipts from all your purchases, then let the app do its magic for you.

Just wait and see more savings in your pocket.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog

Unlike the other apps that will be shared in this article, Receipt Hog is the most flexible app, most especially on the items that you have to buy in order to get cashback.

Its less strict restrictions allow you to buy more items that can give you more savings.

This app gives you an option to bank transfer your savings or exchanges it for an Amazon gift card – choose what benefits you the most.



Fifth on our list is the most health-friendly (not only in terms of diet but also in terms of wallet) app that you can find in this review.

If you are into a healthy diet, then surely this is one of your go-to apps.

When you are buying healthy food, not only are you “investing” in your body, but you are also saving money for your pocket.

All healthy food that is gluten-free, non-GMO, and other variations, you are assured of a big cashback offer.

Take a picture of your most recent receipts and input them into their system, and expect to receive a cash reward after.

You get paid while eating healthy.

Unfortunately, BerryCart has already shut down.


SavingStar The one feature that helps this app stand out from the rest of its competitors is the cashback rates that it offers to its users.

SavingStar has definitely lived up to its name.

Ever since its creation, this app did operate differently by combining all discount cards and merging them into one account.

But over time, SavingStar has adapted new features in its system by offering cashback services through client purchases.



With gas prices skyrocketing in the past few weeks, having GetUpside is advantageous this season.

Not online do you discover gas prices that are near you and the discounts that they offer; you also earn cash backs every time you pump up for gas.

With savings up to 25c/gal, you pay a lower price compared to what you see on the gas station sign.

Not just that, its cashback deals are also offered through purchases on convenience stores and other auto services like car washing, oil change, and other car maintenance services.

Just open the app, find deals and discounts near you, make a payment through your credit card or online bank payment, and take a snap of your receipt.

Wherever you are, at any time, you can earn cash rewards in your account or through Paypal, check, and even gift cards.



Whether you are off for a ride outside the city or going through the busyness of daily life, check the best gas prices near you wherever you are through Trunow.

With just a picture of your receipt, get quick cash back rewards on every pump for your gas on the station.

With the extra income, you can use it for your next gas purchase. Trunow also offers personalized deals that can use you whenever you purchase in-store products like snacks and drinks.

Your savings, you can opt to use for some food for the road.



If you want to earn passive income as easily as 1-2-3, then shop with Dosh, and you will get quick cashback from every item you have already bought.

With quick and simple clicks in the app, you get money back from every shopping, dining, and hotel bookings your purchase.

Just connect your credit and debit cards to your Dosh app and live the way you used to. 

The unique feature of Dosh is that once you connect your cards to the app, it automatically searches for discounts and deals that are available.

Once it discovers one, Dosh then converts it to cash that is deposited right away in your Dosh wallet.

Just by sitting on your couch or watching the tv and doing nothing, you are earning passive income right away.

Isn’t that amazing?


drop app

Similar to Dosh, the Drop app also allows you to earn points and rewards as you shop with the premium brands that it has partnered with.

With accumulated points, you can convert them to cash rewards anytime and anywhere you want.

Your normal days can turn into rewarding days.

As you earn more points when purchasing from top brands like riding an Uber, buying from Amazon, or grabbing a coffee at Starbucks, you are assured of more cash savings without the need of keeping a loyalty card in your pocket.

The points earned from your purchases can be redeemed and converted to gift cards from your favorite brands. 

To use the Drop app, just follow these simple steps:

1.    Download the Drop app and open a new account. Connect your active credit and debit cards to a newly registered account, and then you can start earning points already!

2.    As you browse through the app, you discover new great deals that suit you—shop on your favorite brands. Either way, you are already earning points!

3.    After purchasing, save more points and treat yourself by redeeming the points and exchanging them for gift cards where you can buy from your top favorite brands.



Among the other apps on the list, Acorns is the most unusual app as far as its features and reward system is concerned.

It is unusual because your cashback money can directly be deposited again.

What happens is every time you shop, whether it be buying groceries, the app takes your cashback and invests the money to more than 250 top brands that it has partnered with.

With that, you are creating a new source of passive income for yourself. What a cool way of earning money on the side, right?

Free Bird

freebird app

If you are going around town through Uber or Lyft, you can still earn cashback or rewards points just by sitting and riding in the car.

With every purchase on Uber and Lyft rides through the Free Bird app, the points can be turned into cold cash.

The Free Bird app isn’t just a rewards app but a new way to ride. 

For an easy explanation about how it works, just follow these simple steps:

1.    Just book an Uber or Lyft through the Free Bird app. You can pay through cash or points.

2.    You can link your credit and debit cards to make purchases within the app so that it can also verify your purchases. This way, you also earn points for every booking.

3.    Once you have earned a cash balance, you can transfer your cash rewards to the debit card that you linked to the app.

4.    Finally, just put the Free Bird app right next to your Uber or Lyft app so that you will not miss the chance of earning cash rewards every time you take a ride.


trim app

If saving $100 in just a few days sounds like a good idea, with Trim’s automation system, you are just about to get huge cashback rewards straight into your pockets.

As you link your financial accounts to the app, Trim will do all of the work from that time and onwards.

So how does this really work?

The Trim app helps you analyze your spending habits by tracking down your subscriptions, whether it be cable, internet, or even cellphone bills.

With it, you can lower your payments or even cancel the subscriptions you have made.

With Trim, you can easily save at least $100 by the end of the year just by “trimming” down your subscriptions.

This is a free app which means it’s very simple for you to earn more savings. 

Trim also boasts of other features within the app, and it would be great for you to check it out.



MyPoints is probably the most highlighted app which has been featured in many tech online reviews like TechCrunch, Yahoo!

And even The New York Times. You don’t just get featured for no reason. 

Where do we even begin? MyPoints has helped many users since 1996 and has paid over $236 million to a whopping 10 million users.

With simple activities such as answering surveys, playing games online, reading emails, and even shopping online, the users can already earn money on the side.

How’s that for quick money-making, right?

If you are a new user, you even get a $10 Amazon card as a free gift for being a new member.

If you spend more than $20 on the marketplace or the platform their platform, you can easily redeem more bonuses.

Capital One Shopping Price Protection

Capital One Shopping Price Protection

We are down to the last three apps on this list that can compete with Ibotta.

This one includes our list as this price protection app is free, and you can also receive cashback from a number of shops and the products they also offer.

Its cash reward system is also different compared to others but still simple to use.

Just link your account to the email you are using, and an automated bot will directly check on your purchases and payments.

It gives out a reimbursement as quickly as possible, as soon as it discovers the lower prices on your purchases.

However, for further checking, some users still send an email or call the company to confirm the cashback or the reimbursement.



Another one that is popular on this list is Rakuten.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, better check them out and their amazing deals and offers for cashback.

As you shop with Rakuten, similar to what other apps do, you can earn savings through cashback.

They also have a traditional reward like offering promo codes and coupons through the app.

As you shop through your favorite brands, you are also entitled to amazing shopping deals that you can resist. 

How to do so? Register for a free new account! It wouldn’t take you 5 minutes to do so.

Rakuten has partnered with over 2500 stores where you can just discover great deals and also earn cash rewards in return.

As a welcome to its new user, you are given $10 as a free gift!



Last but certainly not least on our checklist is this app that is comparable to Rakuten.

Swagbucks is another cashback platform, and similar to others, you can earn money on the side simply.

Aside from the similarities it has with Rakuten, Swagbucks also has other options where you can earn.

Not to mention a $10 free gift just by signing up on their portal.

For online survey sites, Swagbucks tops the list of being one of the best in the business model.

If you are always online and you have nothing to do, Swagbucks is a way to earn money while chilling on the side.

Just by watching videos, shopping online, completing surveys, and browsing the internet, you can already increase your income easily.

You do not have to waste time doing anything. Make use of your free time and earn money by doing these simple activities.

In just a few days, you can quickly earn $10 as a side earning. 

Why Use More Than One Cash Back App?

While each cashback app has the same goal in mind, each app has different deals and discounts wherein you can maximize your cashback rewards.

Not all apps may suit your lifestyle, so it is important to not just use one but use at least two or more to get the best deals for you.

For example, you can scan your receipts through Fetch and still get cashback from the Dosh app.

Isn’t that great?

With more software and apps constantly being created in the market, there are many ways now to earn money on the side and increase more savings.

Why not maximize it right?

Download the apps that suit you best and focus on these money-saving apps to help you earn more within the month.

In case you are wondering if they work? Yes, they do.

Just give it a try and discover the magic through these apps.

If you use any of the apps we suggest, you will be surprised how these can help you save more money with all your spending within the month.

So continue shopping but also continue earning while doing so!