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Are you looking for similar apps to Picsart? You’ve arrived at the correct location. We’ve put over 17 of the top apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to the test.

 Let’s get this party started right away. 

 In the age of smartphones, we can accomplish almost anything anywhere with our phones. Technology has advanced dramatically in the last few years.

We used to rely on other people or on the bigger desktop computers to alter our photographs. With the latest technology these days, photo editing is also done on mobile phones.

 Moreover, you don’t have to be familiar with photo editing tools to accomplish editing. You also don’t need to be a pro at editing. You may now edit or manipulate your photographs using any photo editing app.

 The Google Play Store has a plethora of photo editing apps. Some editing programs will allow you to apply filters, text, and stickers, while others provide additional tools.

Photo manipulation applications are those that use a mobile device to modify photos. These apps use pre-designed templates to alter pictures. As a result, users utilize these apps to convert images on their mobile phones.

The goal of a basic photo editing project, on the other hand, is not just to look good but also to be amusing and calm. These photo editing tools are simple, and millions of users do it every day.

PicsArt is one of the most excellent smartphone photo editing apps. The editor is simple and provides its users with a wide range of photo editing capabilities. On this app PicsArt, you may use stickers, filters, texts, layers, colors, and many other features.

It is the most helpful platform for picture modification and digital drawing. PicsArt is a free picture editing program with various effects and other features. 

You will get professional-looking photos if you use all of those elements. PicsArt is regarded as the best photo alteration program by many users worldwide. However, I would like to disagree because nothing can be considered the only best in this competitive environment.

 This article will show you some more of the best apps for your smartphone in 2020, including PicsArt.

 1. PicLab


PicLab will be the most satisfactory solution for you if you’re looking for a PicArt replacement for your smartphone to add artwork. With this PicLab application, you can produce filters effects quickly and efficiently.

 It was created to make great images as simple as possible. It’s completely free to use! PicsLab has a lot of filters, and you can alter the effects as you wish. Using practical features like stickers and filters, you may enhance your images with the built-in photo editor and photo collage.

PicLab is one of the most excellent apps for capturing and editing the best moments in life. The app will offer artwork, stickers, layers, writing devices, filters, colors, and many more instruments in PicLab.

 You will be able to express yourself through the app. PicLab photos will highlight the outstanding artwork in your pictures and selfies. As a result, use the PicLab software to enhance your images with your creative work.

 PicLab also has a plethora of editing and filtering options. It encourages you to look for a creative and rewarding profession. You’ll also get access to various artwork, effects, and stickers.

 You may receive unique artwork and make your thoughts delicious by installing the PicLab app on your phone. Aside from the effects and layers, you’ll get something special that you won’t find in any other photo editing tool.

 PicLab is one of the few photo editing programs that use fantastic photo effects and filters to its user simplify one’s photo editing.

 Fans, editing tools, brightness adjustments, cropping, writing words on the image, adding shadow to text, and photo filters all help you express yourself. It will also provide you with some drawing tools to express your creativity in your photographs.

2. Cupslice

Cupslice app

Cupslice Photo Editor is a user-friendly but professional image editing program. It provides its users with an unlimited number of frames and logos and the best editing tools. It’s a place where you can immediately touch up and improve your photos from your phone.

This app’s handy photo editing capabilities will transform your photos into fantastic and gorgeous works of art. You will also be able to use that same software to experiment with features such as filters and effects, and the contents of Cupslice are what make it worthwhile!

Installing this software has a few drawbacks: the lack of editing features they offer. Filters, stickers, and light effects are the app’s main instruments.

White and black color adjustments, frames, cropping images, and a slew of additional features are available. Nonetheless, many of the functions are present in this ready-to-use app.

However, it may be the finest software to allow individuals unfamiliar with photo editing to utilize it more easily; hence, user-friendly. Also included in this software is photo sharing, which is a primary feature of any of the photo-editing programs must-have. 

 3. PicSay


PicsArt and PicSay are two of the best photo editing apps. This app’s user-friendly interface provides users with the most fantastic solution for photo editing. You may also do it quickly and easily from your smartphone.

It’s the most outstanding program for color correction, brightness, contrast, and red-eye removal in images. They offer a wide range of image frames and stickers that give your dull photographs various lighting effects adding more life.

Customizing the photographs and reading titles and sentences are included in the list of features they have. You may enhance your photos by adding spectacles, a beard, and other stickers are among the features it offers.

PicSay is thought to be the app’s long-term alternative. It’s the best app for calling attention to a particular area of an image. Selective is yet another name for it.

The program offers a lot of features. One in which you can use this PicSay to transform any image of your choice to white and black. You can also use a multi-colored background or frame to give a particular section a unique look.

This PicSay program allows you to erase red-eye, which is a big help in photos taken at night. It keeps frames, uses unusual light effects, and alters the colors, among other things. In basic terms, it is an app that allows you to improve images taken with your smartphone. You can now achieve a perfect photo taken by your device.

4. Pixlr (Google Editor’s Choice app)


 Pixlr is one of the most excellent PicsArt alternatives. It’s a free picture editing program covering all of your editing needs. It also gives consumers complete control over their images.

 It is an app that allows photo enthusiasts to edit, add filters, and alter contrast and brightness on their Android phones. There are two variants available. They are as follows:

 Premium Version – for serious editors

Free Version – in its simplest form but still works well

These two versions have their features, such as working with layers, altering the colors, changing objects, resolving common errors, adding lighting effects, etc.

You can make every moment of your photograph unforgettable by downloading the Pixlr App to your phone. Also, with Pixlr, editing images isn’t a big deal. Pixlr’s primary goals, however, are to create design and tools.

As a result, it allows users to draw or paint and eliminate effects from a specific image section. Pixlr users can also utilize various tools to add text and stickers.

Users can also share their artwork with friends and other users. Users may also create collages, blur photographs by focusing on a specific location, and enhance photos with a color splash.

Aside from these features, users could also use Pixlr to control selfies, allowing Stylists even to get the perfect look 

5. Photo Editor

photo editor app

Photo Editor is a strange photo editing tool that is cross-platform. It is to make beautiful images in a matter of seconds. It’s due to the free filters, stickers, frames, and other photo-altering tools provided in Photo Editor.

About 25 free essential designing tools are accessible to help you create great images. One of the best features of this Photo Editor app is that it can easily remove flaws in a photograph with a single swipe.

Users will be able to customize their photos and snaps with the help of creative and professional effects with frames. Another feature of the Photo Editor software is that it includes various design tools, memes, and painting tools for creating animation in photos.

Download the Photo Editor app now and start to use the professionally created filters and tools just for you to make the best artwork in your photos people have ever seen.

Photo Editor also offers a user-friendly interface. Making it not overly complex but is straightforward, providing quick access to standard features or commands. You may edit your selfie photos by erasing imperfections, deleting unwanted elements, and modifying the color splash.

Additionally, you may add stickers to your photos, sharpen them, change saturation, boost smiles, and share your creative work with other users and your friends on social networking networks. 



It’s not just a photo editor but also a collage maker and beauty camera all in one. 

MOLDIV is one of the best PicsArt alternatives. It’s one of the best picture editing tools for professionals. It’s an app that gives you complete control over your photos and allows you to design them in the way you please.

MOLDIV’s design tools allow users to rapidly and easily enhance their photographs over time. It’s an app that gives users access to practically all photo editing capabilities. It also has a lot to improve on what users can hope for in terms of photography.

The MOLDIV software also has a variety of editing tools and features. It’s an app that meets the needs of both entry-level and professional users. The ability to beautify the camera is a unique feature that is only offered and found in this MOLDIV software.

It is the most helpful feature for all MOLDIV app users. It allows them to capture all of the lovely selfies and natural photographs they want. They can further enhance the elegance by using the app’s photographic tools.

By browsing the MOLDIV app, you have access to a variety of functions. Many frames, themes, filters, stickers, programs, and tools are available. You may also add text to your photos to make them look even better.

One of the most valuable benefits of using the MOLDIV software is that it allows Instagram users to receive the square size for their profiles. The cropping dilemma that users face ends with this software. Now, users will be able to share theirs directly to their Instagram accounts and other social media networks their uncropped pictures.

By browsing the MOLDIV app, you can access a variety of functions. Many frames, themes, filters, stickers, programs, and tools are available. You may also add text to your photos to make them look even better.

One of the most valuable benefits of this MOLDIV software is that it allows Instagram users to receive the square size for their profiles. Users can also share directly to their Instagram accounts and other social media networks.

7. Snapseed


Snapseed is an excellent alternative to PicsArt. It’s a photo-editing tool that’s available for free. Snapseed is a photo editing app that allows users to enhance their photos and selfies using digital filters and editing tools.

People who use the Snapseed App can modify their images and selfies with swiping movements to improve their designs and make them look good and stand out.

In addition, in this Snapseed App, lovers can use the automated contrast and brightness adjustment feature that helps achieve the perfect ambiance. Your adjustments will be modified automatically by the app in this instance.

Furthermore, this Snapseed program can and may create and save filter combinations and frames by using the default and altering the filters. One of the best aspects of this Snapseed program is that it is the only way to retain your look in historical shape, which is great, right?

As a result, users can re-start their work by re-opening their accounts and then editing the last photo they’ve worked on. Most photo editing software does not include these functions except for immediate photo saving.

Snapseed made this app with the inspiration and help of a few different social media platforms. It is one of the most excellent options for Snapseed users because people can share their artwork photographs with their friends directly on social media platforms and websites, which in this case would be convenient.

Photo editing, color adjustment, dust removal, frames, and focal blur, are just some of the many other features that can assist you in making your photos and selfies the best they’ve ever been.

8. Lightroom by Adobe Photoshop


Like PicsArt, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the top programs. It’s a digital photo retouching program with design and editing features. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom includes many features, from a single tap to an auto-adjustment mechanism.

This Adobe Photoshop Lightroom also includes an advanced editing tool. Anyone will be able to create and utilize this app efficiently. Additionally, editing, designing, and adding tools to your photos will make them more creative. You can also share it at any moment on social media sites.

That quality is one of the most excellent aspects that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has. It is the most appealing feature that everyone appreciates. It also allows users to fine-tune the contrast, tones, colors, and backdrop of their images.

You only need to explore the features and capabilities in this software to get ready to capture your selfies and photographs. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom will be helpful and fantastic to those familiar with Adobe Photoshop.

Additionally, this app has cloud storage. You can obtain this functionality as one of the app’s most delicate features. You can view, organize, and share your selfies and photos anywhere and on any device.

9. Photo Editor Pro by BeFunky

Photo Editor Pro by BeFunky

Multiple photo editing programs offer the same feature; however, here are just one of the few of the most excellent free photo editing tools available. It is called BeFunky. It allows you not just to apply photo frames but also will enable you to put light effects and modify photos while setting up the BeFunky app’s entry-level and professional features.

It’s a simple-to-use program for creating unique designs, artwork, and photos. One of the best features of these tools is that they are very accessible to even novice users so that they can enjoy the features as well.

BeFunky’s excellent photo editor tools allow users to create gorgeous photographs with designs. BeFunky is simple to use, and anyone can pick up on how to utilize the tools quickly.

If you’re tired of utilizing Adobe Photoshop’s professional editing features, you should try the BeFunky program. With simple design elements and tools, it gives you a new experience. Furthermore, in this BeFunky app, all devices are available for free.

You may use all of the photo effects in this app as well. Nonetheless, you can always get the chance to generate photographs of these kinds of levels. In addition, there is an incorporated efficient touch-up system.

It allows you to use the artwork design and image correction tools. BeFunky is the best program that has the answer to all of your picture-related problems. One disadvantage of the BeFunky app is that it cannot cope with red-eye removal.

10. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX 

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX is a software that allows you to edit photos in the most entertaining, enhancing image you want to achieve. It is also a great alternative to PicsArt. With its stature for being one of the best and the most entertaining photo-editing tools available. It’s a very user-friendly program that’s easy to use.

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX allows you to create these stunning montages and helps you transform your photos into one-of-a-kind artwork that will leave everyone speechless. You can also use our Photo Lab Picture Editor FX software to keep any image you have saved on your smartphone.

Utilize the tools and channels provided by this app. The high channel’s reach will improve your images’ shading, contrast, and brightness. It has the potential to make you a star in a Hollywood blockbuster.

You may also use this Photo Lab Picture Editor FX tool to add your face to any other film character. It’s a photo-editing program that enhances your photos while also creating funny images.

Using this program, you can quickly generate symbols that you wish to put or add to your photographs. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX may also enhance the photo’s presence and make it appear more realistic.

11. Photo Lab Pro

Photo Lab Pro

One of the best digital photography apps is Photo Lab Pro. It has all the features and tools you would expect from a picture editing app. With the aid of this tool that the app offers, you can create ways for manual photo editing or create an automatic photo editing system.

Furthermore, Photo Lab Pro provides tools for everyone, and the tools are easy to navigate, use, and understand. It’s an all-in-one app that allows you full control – editing, decorating, and fixing your photos to your liking.

You can also erase red-eye with the help of our Photo Lab Pro app. A must-have is the primary feature of every app, and It also has a retouch technology that can instantly remove skin flaws.

Furthermore, anyone can use this Photo Lab Pro to conduct editing activities. It’s a terrific program that allows you to experiment with hundreds of tools and features they have for each image.

Photo editing tools, effects, stickers, typefaces, frames, and facial manipulation are all built-in to make this Photo editing program gorgeous.


Picsart has made a buzz by becoming one of the most popular photo editing programs since its launch. The founders have created the Picsart application as a stand-alone tool to assist consumers in editing photos on their phones. The creators of the app added additional features over time. 

It is an editing program that is available for creating gorgeous photographs in a matter of seconds. It can also produce excellent artwork in photos and allow others to recognize your work.

Filters, frames, layers, adding words, stickers, and artwork tools are just the basic and a few of the many other editing tools and included functionalities.

Furthermore, as previously indicated, these apps help you use the other apps to create animated GIFs and films of your desire. As previously shown above, all of the apps must have and include image sharing and advanced system options in their system.

You can use these editing apps to your heart’s content. All of the programs mentioned above have the essential enhancement tools, cropping, over-layering, editing, filtering modification, brushing, and many other capabilities.

These apps also provide you complete control over all of your photographs and selfies, and you can easily share your work with friends and other users to other platforms and apps with just a simple push.