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Are you seeking for apps similar to the app Roadie? Do you want to discover which service is the best? Users would like to supplement their salary by working as one of the drivers.

You’ve arrived at the right location! Delivery applications that are the same as the app Roadie have assisted its users in getting whatever they want due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The article that I am about to show you will offer you 12 apps that are like the app Roadie that will assist or support you in making the best choice.

The app Roadie is a popular delivery service that allows you to deliver anything you want.

It is completely free and much quicker to access. Also, it is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. 

It can also be helpful for people who desire to supplement their income by working as an extra income.

Even if it has a lot of complex elements, it’s not the best fit for you. Fortunately, you have a number of options from which to choose.

These are some apps that are alternatives or similar applications to Roadie to make your orders on-demand deliveries of any essentials, food, or any kind you want.


apps like gopuff

The app GoPuff is a food delivery business with over 250 fulfillment facilities that operate has more than 650 cities around the United States. Also, its users can order products on the internet or via the app GoPuff and have them delivered right to their door.

It typically delivers items found at convenient stores, including beverages, cosmetics, food, home items, and animal supplies.

Key Features

·   They supply you with the things you need and want right away.

·   The price of delivery never rises above $1.95.

·   They accept UPI payments, credit cards, and debit cards such as Apple Pay, Venmo, and Google Play in a safe and secure manner.

·   With every item purchased, earn points that can be redeemed for prizes such as discounts for both daily and even weekly purchases.

GoPuff for Driver

Becoming a GoPuff driver is not too hard because you can fill out the online application straight out of their website. GoPuff has very simple requirements which are listed below. Plus, we also listed how you can earn through this platform.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as a driver in GoPuff:

·   21 years of age or above

·   The United States driver’s valid license.

·   Registration as well as insurance for the vehicle

·   Pass the alcohol delivery internship procedure

·   Own a smartphone


Divers in GoPuff can earn money by combining a base fee for each delivery with tips and mileage reimbursement. Currently, it has a set minimum hourly fee for the drivers.

It may also be determined by the city in which you work. Glassdoor says that a typical hourly pay for drivers is between $13 and $14.

Because tips can constantly improve your earnings, a GoPuff driver’s exact earnings will fluctuate every now and then.


GoPuff will verify the user’s documents and do a knowledge check after you complete your online application. You can now log into GoDriver and get to work!

GoDrivers are given a week’s notice to plan their own timetable. When users are signing up for a shift, they are committed to working on specific hours on shifts and they must be punctual.

They run 24/7 in some marketplaces and are available all night in others. So, on the main page as well as in the application itself, please type in your address to check how late we are going to be available in your vicinity.

Your car’s brand name and date aren’t necessary because it doesn’t specify any vehicle criteria. On the other hand, receiving instructions from minors adds a step to the delivery procedure.



DoorDash is an online meal purchasing and delivery system that operates with local eateries to bring food to customers.

It operates in various locations and is among the most prominent food delivery firms in the U.S.

The most notable distinction between other apps and DoorDash is that DoorDash employs its own independent delivery drivers, known as “Dasher.”

They compensated drivers with tips in addition to an ordinary income, as well as by conducting challenges that can earn additional perks.

Key Features

·   It is accessible in countries like the U.S, Canada, and Australia. It is available in nearly 4,000 localities.

·   Order from your preferred restaurants or have snacks, groceries, drinks, and other necessities delivered to your door.

·   Users with a DashPass subscription can receive infinite deliveries at no cost.

·   Dasher has the freedom to set their personal hours but also pick between a full-time job, seasonal, or hourly.

Doordash for Driver

Continue reading to learn about the qualifications for Doordash drivers as well as how many you can with getting paid via Doordash.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as a driver in Doordash:

·   Eighteen years old or above.

·   Accessible to Android or an iPhone.

·   In the previous seven years, there should have been no severe traffic offenses.

·   The license number of the driver

·   The Social Security Administration assigns a number that is only valid in the U.S.

·   Background checking if you have a criminal record as well as a personalized evaluation.


Base charge each Tip + Delivery + Promotions are how Doordash drivers (Dashers) make money. You can keep 100 percent of your delivery cost and shopper tips as a Dasher. Dasher’s revenue breakdown will include all tips given either during the delivery.

Dashers or their users often earn between $2 and $10 every delivery, depending on the order’s place, expected duration, and popularity.

You’ll get an enormous base pay if Dasher has to venture a longer journey for the delivery

Dasher could also make more money by participating in promotions. Challenge incentives and pay for peak hours are included in these promotions.

It will assist you in achieving various weekly earnings targets.


Doordash currently expends $2-$10 for every delivery, plus any challenges, promotions, and tips.

Rates are determined by the number of your purchases, the number of miles you must travel, and how fast you can complete them.

If you’re searching for an adaptable career, it’s a terrific option because you may work whenever and wherever you like. Nonetheless, company expenses such as petrol, cellphone, and auto insurance are also costly.



Postmates can be another option. Also, this American fast and easy food delivery business owned by Uber delivers restaurant-prepared meals along with other items from drugstores, supermarkets, and even gadgets to customers in their neighborhood.

You may have whatever you need to be provided, from vegetables to cosmetic goods and prescriptions from local vendors.

Search all of your neighborhood’s most favored incredible eateries, add delicious items to your list, then set your order!

Placing your order in a matter of seconds on the map and then be notified when it arrives. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, Postmates may be the most acceptable option!

Key Features

·   More than 100 urban locations across the U.S are served.

·   Local services of restaurant-prepared meals, groceries, and other items are available.

·   Explore the most excellent restaurants in the area, add delectable items to your list, then set your order.

·   Real-time tracking of your purchase on a location.

Postmates for Driver

Continue reading to learn about the requirements for Postmates drivers as well as how great you will make with Postmates.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as a driver in Postmates:

·   21 years old or above can deliver alcohol

·   Working in the U.S

·   Accessibility to an automobile

·   The United States driver’s license

·   S.S. number that is valid

·   Smartphone (Android or iOS)

·   A necessary background check is needed as well.


As said by Postmates, depending on the city, you can earn $1,500 per week as a Postmates driver.

Drop-off, pick-up, duration, and location are all factors in how much Postmates pays its delivery drivers.

It recently launched an encouragement program that ensures you’ll quickly make a particular amount of cash. 

For instance, completing thirty deliveries will reward you with $500. The app Postmates will cover the difference if you have accomplished 30 successful deliveries and earned below $500.


Postmates, unlike some other competitors such as Doordash and Uber, does not have a scheduling feature.

It would be best if you allow the plain white circle for accepting delivery request alerts and then click ‘Accept’ to accept the delivery.

Postmates drivers, on the other hand, are classified as independent contractors and are not qualified for minimum wage.

Therefore, if you like to complete a delivery, just let the app know you’re available, and for each approved delivery, you will be guided to the order’s entire contents and the location to bring them home.


does grubhub take debit cards

GrubHub, like Roadie, is also amongst the most excellent apps for connecting cafes with regional businesses. It is linked to more than 115,000 eateries in 3,200 locations throughout all 50 cities of the U.S.

They offer food delivery services or options from local restaurants in the whole U.S. via mobile and web platforms. LevelUp, Seamless, AllMenus, Tapingo, and Menupages are among the company’s brands.

Key Features

·   It now operates in more than 2000 cities across London and the U.S.

·   It has the most fast food places, which include Greek, Italian, Chinese, and other cuisines.

·   Drivers can earn a competitive wage while keeping 100% bonuses.

·   Full-time, part-time

·   And casual drivers are all available.

GrubHub for Driver

Continue reading to learn more about GrubHub’s driver criteria and how you can make it as a driver in GrubHub.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as an accredited GrubHub driver:

·   In L.A, at least 21 years old.

·   A phone (Android as well as iOS capability)

·   For drivers, a valid driver’s license and insurance coverage

·   Valid ID from the state you will work in or for bike riders, at least a driver’s license

·   Having cellular data plan is a good idea

·   Get an account in the bank where direct deposits can be made.

·   Own a minimum of 2 years of experience as a licensed driver.

·   Passing the character check


GrubHub drivers are compensated depending on their miles every hour, bonuses, hours operated on the delivery, as well as many other incentives.

Users maintain 100 percent of their bonuses and can compete in challenges, earn bonuses, and enter contests to enhance their earnings.

It guarantees a minimum hourly salary. It prevents you from earning less than the lowest wage. Your expenses are based on how much money you made as a GrubHub delivery driver.

Users can cash out with a maximum of $500 with the app Instant Cash Out feature. If you don’t wish to be using the app Instant Cash Out, payments will be made via direct deposit on Thursday.


Drivers of Grubhub are not GrubHub workers but somewhat independent contractors. You will be able to set your own hours like a delivery person, and you will be able to choose whichever time and how much time you want to work.

It is critical to arrange a delivery partnership since drivers who do so will be preferred over those who do not.

You can even join for additional shifts to increase your earnings! Another significant disadvantage is that you are responsible for any damage, servicing, and car payments for your automobile, as GrubHub would not reimburse you.

Point Pickup

Point Pickup Logo

Another great option, Point Pickup is a company based in the United States that acts as a deliverer for merchants and businesses in need of connectivity.

The type of vehicle, size or load, specific product, delivery schedule, product time, place, and passage are among the features.

The workers get to choose shipments based on their schedules because it gives the option of deliveries scheduled ahead of time.

Precision Matching System (PMS), an intelligent distribution technique applicable for both apps and internet browsers, is used.

Key Features

·   Its high-end API technology allows users to link the app with their current order quickly.

·   Should any item fits their schedule, drivers will receive a message.

·   The GPS feature assists drivers in delivering goods rapidly.

·   Drivers hold the option of scheduling orders ahead of time or taking on-demand requests.

·   Provides identification confirmation and tracking of the order to ensure that things are delivered safely.

Pointpickup for Driver

Continue reading to learn about the requirements for Pointpickup drivers, as well as how considerably you can make with Pointpickup.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as an authorized Pointpickup driver:

·   Age 18 or above

·   A valid driver’s license

·   Own a place in the U.S

·   Accessible smartphone

·   An active S.S. number is needed, also passing a character check

·   Insurance

·   A vehicle for the job that is below 20 years of age

·   Direct deposit bank account


Based on the most recent honest critique, the hourly salary for a Pointpickup driver in the U.S is roughly $14.09.

After 24 hours, tips and cash for fulfilled deliveries should be deposited into your registered Pointpickup or your Stripe account.


Pointpickup usually allows you to book just several hours or even one day of delivery in advance, as well as know how much you will be paid and where you’ll be delivering.

The app separates it from competitors such as GrubHub and Doordash.

Meanwhile, many individuals have reported that the application is buggy or is sometimes glitchy and occasionally stops working when you’re accepting jobs.

In addition, the app usually only enables one delivery each hour. As a result, drivers will be unable to operate at their peak efficiency, resulting in lower earnings. 

Finally, you are accountable for the site’s insurance deductible as well as any other issues that may arise.



A great alternative to Roadie, Shipt is a delivery service based in the United States that distributes household goods, groceries, and select electronics. 

It allows customers to order and receive the delivery within the day; and even from various suppliers.

Allows customers to place purchases for multiple items from regional retailers such as Target, Publix, Star Market, Shaw’s, CVS, Lucky’s Market, Roche Bros, ABC Fine Wine, and others through a Shipt membership.

Key Features

·   Over 80 percent of homes in over 5,000 cities in the U.S. have access to it.

·   Shipt provides customized shopping services as well as delivering the same day.

·   Drivers and customers who use Shipt get to retain 100% of the bonuses.

·   Benefit focus provides benefits such as assisted auto insurance as well as cheap subscription options.

·   It has partnerships with a number of local food stores as well as major retailers.

Shipt for Driver

Continue reading to learn about the criteria for Shipt drivers as well as how much money you can make with Shipt.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as a driver in Shipt:

·   18 years of age or above

·   Driver’s valid license

·   A car’s insurance.

·   An iPhone or Android

·   Have a four-door sedan that is a mid-sized or bigger automobile, such as an SUV, a van, or even a truck with a hidden bed can still work.


Every week, Shipt will bring your paycheck. Your wage is determined by where in your place. Based on Indeed ratings, the average hourly salary for a Shipt delivery employee is $15.


Working as a driver for Shipt, you will be responsible for picking up packages from a central warehouse and delivering them to consumers’ doorsteps.

You are free to work as often as you like! That implies you can get delivery within the day and enter a community where you can speak and exchange advice with different drivers. You’ll also get a free Shipt subscription.


Favor app

Another is Favor. Orders will be delivered to your city. Users should complete driving and background check to become one of the Runners.

It proposes an ‘Orientation’ online presentation session that provides valuable information on how to begin as an authorized Favor Runner.

They’ll explain how settlements work, give tips and methods for increasing your earnings, go over scheduling possibilities, and more during this orientation.

Key Features

·   Liability insurance is automatically provided to runners and is a third party.

·   Look through the menus of thousands of nearby restaurants and retailers.

·   You may purchase whatever you desire and own it transported within 60 minutes.

·   Facebook Local Groups of Favor Runner provide a secure environment for engaged Runners to tell their experiences and swap ideas.

Favor for Driver

Continue reading to learn more about the criteria for being a Favor driver and just how much money you can make.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as a driver in Favor:

·   18 years of age or above

·   An iPhone or Android

·   Active driver’s license in the United States

·   Insurance and vehicle

·   To complete a personal direct deposit, you will need a bank account.

·   Undergo a knowledge assessment and pass


Drivers are favored — ‘Runners’ can make 35 percent of the shipping cost and 100% among all leads. Some runners that book themselves beforehand will earn $9-$10 every hour in hourly rewards.

On the other hand, runners make more money during peak hours and in congested regions, earning $12-$18 hourly pay.


Certified Runners act as personalized delivery associates who utilize the Favor services to place orders, pick up items, and deliver them.

Runners are self-employed. They can determine the setting and how frequently they work.

Favor’s flexibility is one of its best features because of the limitless time you are allowed and paid to work!


Uber App

The app Uber is a service provider based in the United States that operates in more than 900 metropolitan areas across the world.

Electric bicycles, ride-hailing, scooter rentals, courier, cargo transportation, and delivery service are among the company’s services.

Despite the fact that it does not have any of those automobiles, it earns a 25% charge on every booking.

Nevertheless, fares shall be cited to the consumer ahead of time. These can differ depending on the price used throughout the booking process, as well as supply and need.

Key Features

·   The Uber customer app can assist you in locating other drivers. Request transport from one of more than 600 terminals and cities over 10,000 worldwide.

·   Tipping is optional, and it can be done in money or via the app.

·   Uber can assist you in finding the ideal transport based on your preferences, available space, and budget.

Uber for Driver

Continue reading to learn about Uber’s qualifications as well as how much money you can make as a driver in Uber.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as a registered Uber driver:

·   There should be an age condition.

·   Able to drive lawfully in your countryside.

·   Valid documents

·   Proof of your municipality or province’s residency

·   A driver’s license must be valid


Uber makes money through standard trip fares, surges, and other sources. The amount of cash you earn driving for Uber is mainly determined by where, when, and how frequently you drive.

Check your map in the application to see where and when there is a lot of demand for rides. You can make more money by adding to your regular fare this way.

Based on Uber, a week’s worth of earnings for a driver around Washington, D.C. is a cool $1187.

Additionally, you can profit from additional passenger pick-up on collections.


Working and driving for Uber might be extremely convenient and convenient for users. Users have control over how and when they drive.

You can earn extra money if you complete a set of journeys at a specified time while the proposal is open. For example, accomplishing 20 travels this week will make you an extra $30.

Uber Eats can help you enhance your revenue.


You will be expected to accept food delivery orders, pick them up at some restaurant, and transport them to consumers within the hour.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex

Another good alternative, Amazon Flex employs freelancers to accomplish various types of deliveries.

Drivers must pick up items from delivery shops and restaurants, then provide them to customers using the Flex app’s instructions.

It is constantly driven to offer customers better and more flexibility while offering new chances for people all around the world.

It provides a variety of shipping options, including Store Orders on, Amazon Fresh, as well as Prime Now.

Key Features

·   Accessible in more than 50 places right now, Amazon Flex goes everywhere.

·   Amazon Prime,, as well as Amazon Fresh are the three delivery opportunities available.

·   You can select your timetable and make deliveries when it is convenient for you.

·   It includes functions such as delivery schedules, instructional videos, promotions, bank details, help & resources for improvement, and delivery and program evaluations.

Amazon Flex for Driver

Complete readings to know more about the Amazon Flex driving criteria and the potential earnings.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as a driver:

·   21 years of age or above

·   A driver’s license that is valid

·   S.S. number is required

·   The majority of deliveries necessitate a four-door midsize car or a larger automobile such as a van, trucks with beds that are covered, or an SUV.

·   Showing proof of vehicle insurance

·   Having an Android or iPhone smartphone

·   Passing a knowledge check


Most drivers make between $18 and $25 every hour per Amazon Flex. The amount of money you make is determined by how quickly and frequently it will take you to complete your shipments, your location, the tips you collect, and other things.

After being delivered, you will get the payment within 1-2 days, and once you have completed delivery and approved your tips.

Your payment is usually processed twice a week on both Fridays and Tuesdays. Following that, payments will appear in your savings account the next working day.


Register for shipments by selecting any ‘delivery block.’ Amazon will email you information about available blocks based on your data. 

Some have expressed their dissatisfaction with the difficulty of having to sign up for partnerships due to the high level of competition.

Because each block consists of a specific number of orders that must finish within a certain amount of time, Amazon Flex doesn’t give you money if your delivery takes longer to complete.


apps like instacart

Instacart, like Roadie, is another grocery shipment app in the United States as well as in Canada. It also allows its customers to order products from active suppliers while a personal shopper handles the shopping.

Meaning that purchases are processed and distributed by a sales associate, who selects things, loads them, and serves the item within the time range specified by the customer. 

A personalized debit card or credit card, Google Pay, EBT cards, and Apple Pay are all accepted payment methods.


Seamless by Grubhub

Another Roadie competitor is Seamless.

This offers an online food delivery service that allows users to purchase foodstuffs for delivery or takeout from eateries via URL or a mobile app for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Enter your home address, and Seamless will give you a wide range of restaurants that will supply your location. 

You can now choose a restaurant and instantly place orders from the internet menu, paying with your active credit card. Once the order has been confirmed, your work is done.

Deliveroo (Apps like Roadie For Non-U.S. Countries)


If you’re outside the North American continent, Deliveroo is a meal delivery service with over 200 locations, and it’s also online.

It provides delivery and also orders marketing and processing.

Customers can place orders via the app, and charges are delivered to them by self-employed motorbike couriers.

Key Features

·   Check weekly schedule

·   Tracking your earnings

·   Provides high-quality equipment, such as phone holders, lighting, defensive clothing, and even safety helmets to its drivers.

·   Open over 200 sites.

Deliveroo for Driver

Continue reading to learn more about Deliveroo’s criteria and what you can make as a Deliveroo driver.


Users must meet certain conditions to work as an accredited Deliveroo driver:

·   Eighteen years of age or older

·   Users should avoid criminal backgrounds or records.

·   iPhone (iOS version 11 or later) or Android (6.0 or later)

·   Personal vehicle (bike or car)


Each purchase you make is compensated, and the actual delivery charge varies by purchase and includes a varied distance fee. You’ll be informed of the shipping fee after you accept the deal.

All bonuses you receive are yours to retain in full. On Tuesdays, they usually pay their fees. However, for a 50p price, you can get the price earlier by operating its money service.


When you sign up for the Deliveroo app and download it, it will notify you every time an order is in your region.

Now, users can accept or decline the gig by swiping right or left.

You must notify the app of your presence at a restaurant and food collection if you take the position.

Customers will see how their purchase is developing.

Finally, what decision did you make? It counts on your requirements and needs.

I expect you’ve discovered the service you’re looking for among the best applications like Roadie listed above.

If you have any other app that you discovered that could be a better option, let us know in the comments.