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SoLo Fund is a valuable tool for borrowing and lending money.

However, related mobile applications such as Alternatives to Solo Funds might also meet your needs.

You can find yourself in a scenario now and again requiring immediate financial assistance.

Apps for cash advances, often known as Payday loans or personal loans applications, can assist you in being compensated for work you’ve already done in this situation.

That implies you can borrow money from these applications a couple of days before your next payday.

So, what exactly are SoLo Investments?

apps like solo fund

SoLo Fund is peer-to-peer lending and borrowing app that allows you to borrow and lend money from other people for immediate needs rather than going via traditional financial institutions such as banks.

It was created specifically to meet your unexpected expenses without charging you any interest or fees.

SoLo Funds, on the other hand, charges a significant late payment penalty for minor loans.

As a result, it’s never a bad idea to look at Alternatives to SoLo Funds.

Apple App Store and Google Play are two of the most popular app stores globally; both have all the apps described in this post.


  • There are no checks on the record.
  • Credit ratings or other indicators are not used to determine loan eligibility.
  • The majority of loans are funded within an hour.


  • If you don’t comply with time payment, your SoLo score drops.
  • Fees for lesser loans are higher.
  • A maximum of 15 days is allowed.
  • There’s no assurance that you’ll be able to locate a creditor who will fund your loan.

Prior we go any further, let’s define Friend financing.

What is Peer-to-Peer Lending, how does it work?

P2P lending, often known as lending between individuals, refers to an internet provider that lends money to a company or individuals.

It’s also known as ‘Crowd Lending’ or ‘Social Lending,’ and it connects borrowers with lenders, commonly referred to as businesspeople.

Peer to Peer lending companies often operate online, charge lower fees, and provide services at a cheaper cost than traditional financial institutions.

Continue reading to learn more about the SoLo Funds options.



Prosper is an online community where people help each other with personal debt to creditworthy individuals.

It approves candidates using a proprietary scoring algorithm that considers data elements such as credit records and debt-to-income ratio.

Borrowers may levy an amortization schedule of 2.41 percent to 5% of the loan amount. Once a loan has been approved, online lenders might adjust the costs for the initial investment.

You will also be charged a $15 late fee if your company is unable to pay your loan within 15 days of the deadline.

What is the Process of Prosper?

Proper, like LendingClub, isn’t a better option for consumers with poor credit ratings. Putting it another way, The average credit score is 710, while Prosper’s is 640.

After you put in the loan you want and are authorized, you will get the amount of the loan in your savings to account within 1-3 working days.

Borrowers can make monthly payments that are fixed for the time frame of a 3- or three-year period term. Each amount includes the interest, principle, and just about any other fees that may apply.

The yearly percentage rate on Prosper often fluctuates between 6.95 percent and 35.99 percent. In addition, a 2.4 percent to 5% origination fee is deducted from the loan amount.

It means you’ll get the requested amount less the origination cost.


Loans ranging between $2,000 – $40,000 are available.

Joint applicants are two people who submit a loan application jointly. 

Set up, assess, and alter your portfolio planning goals using its ‘Auto Invest’ function.

Borrowers in Alabama, Colorado, Northern Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California can get a home equity line of credit through this company.

You have a choice to pay back your loan in 3 or 5 years.


  • There are no fees associated with repaying the loan early.
  • You can obtain money in as little as three days is possible.
  • Users can start investing with as little as twenty-five dollars.
  • The most profit potential


  • A 2.5 to 5% origination fee is charged.
  • The annual percentage rate (APR) is relatively high (7 percent -35 percent )


lenme app

Lenme is a similar app to SoLo Funds.

It permits borrowers to take loans and providers to lend them without incurring exorbitant fees for staffing, managing loans, and verifying and qualifying creditors.

It needs to be done to seek a credit line, and investors will compete to give the information you need with the greatest interest rate possible based on your profile.

What is the Process of Lenme?

To seek a loan, set up an account after downloading the app.

A must should include your private details as well as the payment duration you desire when obtaining the loan.

You can take out a $5,000 loan. Each borrower is assigned a credit risk rating, which ranges from green (excellent credit history), red (great danger), orange (medium risk), and blue (extremely high risk) (A friend or family member signed your account on Facebook).

After you’ve decided on a loan that meets our requirements, you may set an interest rate and a repayment period. You must fund the entire loan as an investor, and as an applicant, you have the opportunity to approve or decline your loan proposal.

Even though Lenme does not charge investor fees, it does charge a 1% agreed sum to borrowers.


Borrowers can get loans with cheap origination fees, and Investors can also fund loans Borrowers are contacted immediately online.

The lender will deposit directly from you within a week into your checking account.

The Lenme app is available for free on the Google Play and Google Play Store.

They charge a one-percentage-point origination fee on the money investors put up to support the loan.

The App Lenme for smartphones allows you to keep track of your payments.

Utilizing technology to provide borrowers with fast access to transparent information to financial services eliminates unnecessary fees.


  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Increased maximum loan
  • Minimal start-up costs
  • For as low as Fifty dollars, you will be able to acquire a loan.
  • Increased loan limit
  • Low start-up costs
  • You will be able to acquire a loan for as little as $50.


  • There is a lack of information on security and cost.
  • 1% of the loan balance as an origination fee



Zirtue works by providing an official platform for lending and borrowing between family and friends the money.

Pick the amount of the loan, and the financial institution will determine the payback conditions.

Zirtue will handle the loan request once both parties have agreed on the terms.

By using Automated Clearing House Network, The agreed-upon date for these loan installments will be set.

You can keep track of the amount you owe on your mortgage, payments, and anything else Zirtue has to offer everything in one spot.

Essentially, Zirtue does not provide you with a loan; instead, it allows you to borrow and lend cash through your acquaintances.

What Is Zirtue and How Does It Work?

Zirtue account (digital) is free. And verify it through a safe and secure procedure.

You can now pick between a loan amount specific to you and Direct-Bill. Paying Bills directly sends money directly to a service provider.

Then submit a request to either an existing contact or create a new one by providing a contact number.

When you acquire a loan, it may set a payback date that works for you and see for yourself how much interest there will be charged.

Typically, Zirtue allows for a payback time of three to thirty-six months, the usual time frame for this.

On the other hand, borrowers might pay loans every month or simultaneously.

Following the lender’s approval and funding of the loan request, Zirtue will automatically commence withdrawals for payback 30 days later.


You can borrow a specific sum and work out the repayment mechanics with your financial institution.

Decide repayment terms and let automatic payments take care of the rest.

You will be held responsible for keeping track of your debts and obligations in one spot.

They employ patent-pending technologies to ensure that your financial circumstances’ data is fully secured and securely kept.

The borrower has the option to customize the loan terms, whereas the banker establishes the repayment schedule.


  • Recurring payments on a schedule
  • Borrowing and lending between acquaintances are a ways for people to lend and borrow money from each other.
  • The lenders are not charged anything.
  • If your loan request is not accepted, you can cancel it.


  • Borrowers are charged a monthly fee.



You’ve probably heard of a large number of loan-giving applications; nonetheless, Kiva is a little different.

Despite the fact that Kiva’s a loan software, it is unlike any other.

Kiva is a website and a microfinance institution that allows users, businesses, and students in over 77 countries.

Personal tales of those who apply for a loan are typically listed so that creditors may quickly communicate with the borrowers.

Kiva collaborates with approximately 300 micro-finance institutions, schools, and charitable organizations throughout the world, as well as social impact enterprises.

What is the Process of Kiva?

As a creditor, you can search through Kiva’s profiles to find an entrepreneur to invest in.

You can either use Credit card processing or PayPal (that waived its transaction cost in this case) to transmit your funds.

When Kiva receives money from a lender, it pools loan funds from multiple lenders and distributes them to the right Field Associates.

It does not charge interest on funds submitted to Cooperating Field Partners, although Field Partners often does charge borrowers good to cover administrative costs.

Because of the administrative expenses of managing many small loans and the greater risk, interest rates on loans from micro-finance institutions are often higher.


You could significantly impact someone’s life by lending $25 is a low price.

Both debtors and creditors are involved and can use Kiva without a fee.

Over 300 financial institutions, schools, non-profits, and socially responsible businesses are part of the network.

Loans can also be sorted by geographic location.

Kiva is really easy to use while maintaining a high level of realism.


  • Credit check not required or origination charge.
  • Borrowers in the United States can get a 0% APR.
  • Payment options that are flexible


  • The application process is lengthy.
  • Only provides loans to small businesses.

Possible Finance 

possible finance

Possible Financing is an app-based online lender that provides modest installment loans.

Instead of requiring full payment on your next date, It offers you 8 weeks to process it and pay back the two-week intervals for the loan.

You can do it with only a few easy steps required to apply for a loan. It’s one of the most effective tools, similar to SoLo Investments.

It promotes a viable alternative to the existing methods like loans that are only temporary, which are expensive and must be repaid in full on your next payday.

Individuals with a negative reputation, low credit, And no credit history can borrow because it does not conduct a credit check. It would be ideal if you kept in mind that not everyone will be able to use As it is only possible to finance offered in a few states.

What is the Process of Possible Financing?

Once you’ve met the minimum requirements, check if Possible Finance is a good fit for your present bank or as a credit union.

After you’ve submitted your loan application, you’ll get a response within 24 hours about the current status of your application. You’ll have three days to accept the loan if you’re authorized.

People who have never had any or insufficient credit can earn a maximum of $500 if they have a checking account on the internet and a monthly salary of at least $750.

You won’t need to be paying the whole amount due on your next payday, and you can pay your loan if approved in eight-week or two-month installments.

You can easily adjust your payback date without penalty for up to 29 days after your due date, incurring additional charges for fees or interest.


Money might be challenging to come by a debit card directly to your account, allowing you to access your loan immediately.

It has a broader range of cash possibilities compared to other paychecks loans or other lending options.

The app can find it in a number of states, including Washington, Florida, Indiana, California, Missouri, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Ohio.

They don’t check your Vantage or FICO score, so you don’t have to be concerned about having any bad credit.

You may be able to pay back in installments in order to repair your credit and improve your financial situation.


  • Payments are reported to all of the major credit bureaus.
  • You have the option of delaying your payment.
  • Assist you in establishing credit


  • There are only a few states where it is available.
  • Repayment terms are short.



Lending Club is a financial services company that specializes in lending money to people, an excellent SoLo Funds option that provides a wide range of economic goods and services.

SEC is a federal organization that oversees the financial markets. The first acquaintance lender is to file a trademark application product as securities.

Borrowers can construct a personal loan of $1,000 to $40,000.

What Is LendingClub and How Does It Work?

To get approved as a borrower, you must have a credit score of at least 600 and three years of credit history.

You’ll then be required to provide the sum borrowed, your details, a justification for borrowing, and your personal information, such as your mobile or telephone number, email address, home address, and the information on the individual and any co-applicants.

LendingClub assesses borrowers and potential borrowers and manages the loans once you’ve been accepted.

That means LendingClub is a good option and also the one who decides whether or not to lend a monetary commitment.

The typical yearly percentage rate for LendingCLub is between 5.99 percent and 35.89 percent. It also imposes 1% to 6% of the origination fee, deducted from the loan amount.

As a result, we may conclude LendingClub is a lending company intended for people with creditworthiness and a minimal debt load.


Borrowers pay a service fee for investors and an origination fee for lenders, which is how LendingClub makes money.

Enter your banking online login and password to get started immediately.

It provides typical customer-to-customer loans, such as WebBank’s auto refinance operations.

You can examine the accounting records and look at personal and small business transactions.

You may also make a budget, keep track of your expenses, and save automatically.


  • Flexibility in the repayment terms of three and a half-decade.
  • There will be no harsh credit check.
  • The use of co-borrowers is permitted.


  • It would require a 600 credit score.
  • A charge for the initial creation.



Cash advances, debit cards, credit score monitoring, personal loans, credit builder loans, lending control, and marketplace investment are just some of the options offered by MoneyLion.

MoneyLion bills as a “one-stop-shop for mobile banking,” it bills itself as such because it provides a variety of services.

Its computer learning technology provides consumers with customized recommendations based on their purchasing habits. Similarly, small loans are available to assist you in managing your monthly salary and obligations.

It also gives cash back on purchases made at major retailers.

What is the Process of MoneyLion?

You can add complementary services such as Instacash advances or Credit Builder Plus once you create an account. You might be eligible to obtain A $1,000 loan is available if you approve.

Determined by the amount you loaned the APR and provided, your payment may be more significant. The annual percentage rate (APR) usually runs, ranging from 5% to 29%.

You can also use the ‘Monthly Repayment’ term that refers to a debt Calculator’s payment to estimate the number of your loans and your monthly payment expenses.

You’ll have 12 monthly repayment periods, with payments debited as a deposit through your bank account each month’s payday.

You can use your Credit Reserve Account to pay off you get your loan sooner if you like. You can also contact MoneyLion to alter or reschedule the deadline for making your payment.


You may quickly open a MoneyLion account free, which will offer you access to a no-cost checking account and an investing account.

It permits suggestions on payday loans and offers 5.99 percent APR credit development loans to users who pay a monthly fee: of $19.99 for a membership plan.

Despite the expensive membership cost, you will be approved for a few high-tech items.

You can put your spare change your mind purchase into your financial investment.

It doesn’t run a credit check; instead, it examines your primary bank account, which must pass a few tests in order to be accepted.

It may even be possible to pay back the mortgage early without penalties.


  • There are no credit checks.
  • There are no monthly charges.
  • There are no service or overdraft fees.
  • You can develop credit because it sends a monthly payment report to your credit bureau agencies.


  • It has a membership fee that is paid every month.
  • It isn’t offered in every state.


hundy app

Do you want to invest in the community and help people in desperate need? Hundy could be an excellent option for you!

Hundy is there for you whenever you require funds because rental, food, or utilities, for example, are all reasons.

It’s a money-related mobile app that allows users to acquire advance on the deposit from investors all over the world in only a few moments.

You’ll start to earn points and progress up to five status levels after they approve you as a Hundy member and begin receiving advances.

How Well does Hundred Work?

All you would have to carry out is set up the software. Hundy app, sign up with your Apple ID with your Facebook account and connect your bank account.

You can ask for progress in much less than 5 mins and receive funds the next business day after setting up an account.

You can obtain a maximum of $250

in cash from the people around you. The majority of the funds in advance of a hundred deposits

come from crowd investors.

You have 61 days to complete your task, and you can easily prepay or renew your advance. If you can’t pay back your loan in just the first 61 days, you may simply change it to a 60-day payment plan that is available with no penalties or fees.


You can depend on your bank transaction, and you can seek a $25, $50, $75, or $100 advance based on your bank transaction records.

Get a loan for your deposit from the folks in your immediate vicinity

in minutes.

Hundy will put the funds you need during the next business day into your checking account

working day.

Hundy will take the advance repayment from your account on the date you’ve set specified. It could take up to 61 days.

After the installment plan, you can prolong your advance payment for

another 60 days.


  • Simple to use
  • There are no fees associated with repaying the loan early.
  • Turn the advance into a no-interest or no-fee installment agreement with ease.


  • It may occasionally prevent you from paying your bills.
  • Every month, deposits should be sufficient and will arrive in your account.


Finally, the most excellent SoLo Funds alternative is mainly determined by your demands and tastes because there are many possibilities.

If you have any additional questions on Solo Funds and other similar apps, please leave a comment below.