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apps like whisper
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It is innate in each and every human being that we share things or secrets with other people.

The necessity of sharing secrets is in our psychology, which is why we sometimes really feel the need to tell someone something that is on our mind.

There are times when the secrets or certain things we’ve been internalizing need to be talked about or shared but perhaps these are things that you don’t want to share with anyone you personally know.

This is why an app called Whisper was created, as well as other types of anonymous chat and confession applications.

As human beings, there are certain instances when we really need to express what we are feeling for us not to end up getting anxious, depressed, or even feeling alone.

Communicate or connect with other people beyond the curtain of confidentiality with apps like Whisper.

Ask for some guidance from people that you are comfortable talking to without exposing any information about yourself.

In case you like the idea of releasing or expressing what you feel without any self-reproach, or if you need some advice without any criticisms involved, other applications other than Whisper are provided for you to check out.

Let’s get started!

Here’s the Best Alternatives & Competitors to Whisper:

best apps like whisper

1. ASKfm


This app has a T rating for teens and a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0.

ASKfm is the first other given or provided application in which you can go log in or sign up with your personal information or description.

After that, you can instantly ask or create some questions, depending on whether you want to ask them without being identified or just be you.

This app gives you the opportunity to easily chat with and ask questions of the people that are near your area.

It enables you to personalize your responses or responses with any framework, as well as add an image, video, or even gifs to all of the posts you intend to publish.

One good feature that this app has is that anyone who could give an answer could immediately earn tokens for every response, and the tokens you got can be claimed in this ASKfm market.

Also, you can get rewards that contain things such as downloadable games, promo boosts, and activity stats.

This provides a VIP program that allows you, the user, to acquire early and exclusive entry to any frameworks, special features, or even promotions.

2. CuriousCat


Another alternative app is being provided, and it is a T rating for teens and a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0.

It is an anonymous question-and-answer social networking site that enables you to allocate your profile with other people.

You can also ask and give responses to any questions, not even exposing your character.

This site connects you to your Twitter or your Facebook account, so after you log in, you can now proceed in asking and answering questions without being identified.

Curious Cat provides anybody this as what you call Party function, which is known as a group chat mechanic wherein it removes any messages later than 72 hours.

3. Friend Shoulder

Friend Shoulder

The third option being offered has a Mature 17+ rating and a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0.

It is an app that you can rely on and count on in the way that it is made, or it is intended to permit any user to pour out what they feel or think and ask for some advice anonymously.

This app cheers you or uplifts you as a user to share or publicize what you are afraid of, what thoughts that give you uncertainties, happiness, or even struggles you are encountering

in order for the whole world to know and accept.

Go unbound yourself. Connect and talk with other people from different parts of the world in a nameless identity.

Construct or make virtual relationships.

Friend Shoulder’s Diary has also provided for you to make use of it or try on.

4. F3 – Make New Friends

F3 – Make New Friends

It is another alternative app provided in which it rates a T for teens and a rating of 3.9 out of 5.0.

It is also an app on social media, specifically a question and answer type wherein you can address and get unknown messages, photos, and even videos coming from other people.

Start using this app as it is very simple.

You only have to set your information and disseminate the link with your peers (or to anyone it is that you want to).

This app also allows you to add up photos or videos or even sketch the image in every response.

F3 is an app that is incompletely private, yet this app provides you with an in-app purchase such as the other application here in this file in which it enables you as a user to view whoever watched or seen your posts or any response to your questions being addressed amongst any other things.

5. Tellonym: Anonymous Q&A

Tellonym Anonymous Q&A

It is an app with a T rating for Teens and a 4.4 rating out of 5.0.

You can easily address questions that you wouldn’t somehow normally ask.

How this one is used, and works is just easy.

You just have to create your personal profile, and same with the previous one, you can also spread the link with your peers or to anyone.

After that, you will then receive nameless questions or messages as well, which can be named Tells, wherein you can share with your profile.

Every friend of yours in this app can look at your responses and will be able to know you deeper.

The thing that you only need to do is be honest and be yourself.

6. HearMe – Empathy, Not Therapy


This app is another alternative being given which has an E rating which means for everyone, and its rating is 4.3 out of 5.0.

HearMe provides you with people who listen and who you can have real-time text conversations with about pretty much anything.

This app gives more attention to listening and comforting the people and not counseling or directing them, just as how its app’s name does.

A category is being provided wherein you can choose what fits you for what you need and look for a listener in just 60 seconds.

7. Chatous


It is the 7th alternative which has an M rating for Mature 17+ and 3.8 out of 5.0.

This is obviously a chatting app in which you or any users can connect with other people whom you have the same interests with.

It is very simple to join this app because all you have to do is to create your personal information and change your display name anytime for you not to be known.

You can talk or connect with other people and share images, videos, and even audio messages, just like the other previous apps.

The advantage of this one is that everything you send can vanish after a certain period of time. It is somehow similar to Snapchat but a lot less yellow.

8. Moco


It is an app that is good for Mature 17+ and has a rate of 4.1 out of 5.0.

Just like the other apps, you can connect, address a message, and play games with other people who use it, yet your identity may not be as unidentified as the other apps.

The majority of users post photos and chat as themselves.

Photo and video messaging between users are available in public, private, and group chats.

By searching by their age, gender, and location, you can chat with people nearby your area or around the world.

Moco declares to be the biggest social network for African Americans as well as the Hispanics or Latinos around the globe.

9. Clandesto


It has a T rating for Teens and a 4.4 out of 5.0 rate.

Is there something your community should be aware of, but you’re too embarrassed to admit it’s your fault?

Try out this app.

Clandesto makes a connection with people from your area, may it be in the city, school, or other communities, so you can anonymously share news, jokes, announcements, questions, confessions, and whatever else you want.

Earn Karma, the app’s equivalent of experience points, and level up your rank, which appears right after your user account.

Most people stated that if you like the YikYak app, then you might as well love Clandesto.

10. Holler Away

holler away

Another app offered has a T rating for Teens and 4.0 out of 5.0.

This app enables you to connect just like the previous ones.

Also, it enables you to spread news, alerts, events, or even call for help with this particular app.

Share your own Hollers and view others’, complete with locations, images, gifs, emojis, and other features (everything is optional, of course).

Holler Away gives you the opportunity to follow other people to look over what is trending and connect with others in your place.



An app provided that has an M rating for Mature 17+ and a 3.7 out of 5.0.

Same as many of the other apps on this list, this one is also focused on confidentially asking a question.

After you’ve created your profile, you can share your link with whomever you want, and they can interact with you using a codename that conceals their identity.

Use this app to communicate with other people beyond the curtains of anonymity, yet you still have to follow other people you wish to interact with.

12. CoVerse

CoVerse app

It is the last alternative app being provided, which rates a T for Teens and 4.6 out of 5.0.

CoVerse is a great app to try if you’re looking for advice (or giving it).

This app connects you with other people just like the previous ones to avoid biased opinions, enables you to receive responses to your deep questions, and shows yourself while you continue being unidentified.

You can talk to your peers unknowingly or use this app’s Mixer function to connect with random users.

What’s in a Name?

As you can see, there are a lot of options for unidentified identities for confessional apps.

What you have to do is to look for an app that fits your specific needs.

However, it is important to remember that nothing you do online is completely anonymous.

Take common-sense precautions to safeguard your online identity. Don’t be negligent!

So, do you want some nonjudgmental advice? Consider Friend Shoulder and CoVerse.

Looking for a more anonymous chat? Hear Me, Clandesto, or Holler Away as options.

Are you more of a Q&A person? CuriousCat, ASKfm, and Tellonym all revolve around anonymously asking and answering questions from friends or strangers.

A lot of people are there wherein you can always talk to or open up to, yet they just don’t want you to know their identities.

apps like whisper

What’s Whisper?

This is an app on social media that allows users to post, react, and comment pseudonymously.

When you create an account, the app generates a random, customized username for you to use when publishing your posts.

Posts are being displayed in a meme-like format, in which you compose your Whisper, and the app suggests an image to use as the background, though you can choose a different version.

Whisper is an app with a T rating for teens and is intended for users aged 15 to 18. (Although the app-provided topics are older than that age group.)

This app recently received a 3.7-star rating on the Google Play Store.

Whisper Purposes

The main reason why this app has been created is for people to show off themselves all over the globe but not expose any information about themselves.

Above all, confessing in a mysterious way is still a confession, and it helps relieve some of the burdens on the inner self.

You will start to come up in Whispers with “Do you think one individual can make you feel happy?” until you reach out saying, “Is anyone still awake?” until you reach the part “My trust in her has vanished.”

While Whisper is marketed as an app for unnamed revelations, it is frequently used as an actual get-to-know site.

The app is littered with an “I’m feeling sad, do you want to come over?” post.

I was taken aback by the quantity.

Whisper Security Concerns

You might just have received a word about Whisper’s security problems in the news currently.

The Washington Post published an article claiming that Whisper exposed over seven years of user data (posts, age, location, and other details).

One Washington Post reporter went so far as to search and browse the data records.

Although the exposed data did not choose names, it did include the geographical location of the user’s posts and groups.

Your Personal Diary, school groups, and other Whisper groups are examples.

Whisper app’s data breach was still alike in 2014, yet both times turned down any wrongdoings.

After all, this app that you can call Whisper is still one of the best options, yet the provided applications above are also notable alternatives.