Can Bank Tellers See Your Balance
We get the question "Can Bank Tellers See Your Balance" and here's what you need to know!

can bank tellers see your balance
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We get the the question “can bank tellers see your balance?” more often than you think and the answer is Yes!

Bank tellers can absolutely see your bank balance as well as your transaction history on any accounts that you have with the bank.

To be more specific, they can see balance and transaction history on any checking or savings accounts, credit cards, mortgage(s), and any loan accounts in your name.

Along with account balances and transaction history, bank tellers can also see your personal information such as your name, address, social security number, and contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses on file.

When you opened your bank account you were required to provide this information and it is used to create your account.

The information is also used to verify your identity when you go to the bank to perform any account transactions.

If you want to see what a bank teller sees, you can login to your online banking account.

There you will find your transaction history – which includes any debits and credits that went in and out of your account along with their descriptions, bank statements, account numbers, loan documents including mortgage information if you have a loan or mortgage with the same bank you have your bank accounts with, and credit card transactions as well as credit card statements.

can bank teller see my balance

Basically whatever you see when you login to your online banking portal is what the bank teller sees when you go to the teller window or sit down with a banker.

If you have joint bank accounts with a spouse or other person, the bank teller can also see those accounts as well as other accounts that the joint account holder has.

To be clear, bank tellers can only see information on accounts that you have open with their specific bank.

For example, you cannot go to a Wells Fargo Bank to withdraw money from a Bank of America account.

If a bank teller works for Wells Fargo, they can only see transactions for Wells Fargo customers.

Bank tellers are required to keep your information confidential, so if you have any concerns you can always speak to the branch manager.

Furthermore, bank tellers are not allowed to do account searches on their friends and family or any other person without their consent.

Say a very nosey bank teller finds out her neighbor banks at Wells Fargo, the same bank where she works.

The next day she goes to work and when no one is around, she lets her curiosity get the best of her and looks up her neighbors account information.

If she gets caught, this is actually cause for termination as it goes against the banks policies.

Bank tellers are not allowed to search people’s names for information unless there is a business reason and the customer has given them permission.