Can You Buy Aldi Stock Shares and Will They Go Public?

Can You Buy Aldi Stock Shares and Will They Go Public
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The Aldi companies are so popular these days that you can see their name in the top profiting supermarkets in the whole world.

They have good quality products and have great services, too! No wonder they’ve been on everyone’s lips.

But with the increasing popularity came a lot of interested investors trying to look for some stocks to purchase.

This article will provide information on acquiring Aldi stocks if you’re interested in buying shares as well as probable options for investors.

Know More About the Aldi Companies

Aldi is a private company owned by the Albrecht Family and is currently under their parent company, ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. OHG.

The company is currently enjoying the profit they got from the services they’ve been making all these years and they’re happy with just that.

Unlike other companies that sell shares to gain more profit, Aldi wants to stay the way they started, only focusing on their services and not making more money.

However, doing so didn’t affect their profits. Interestingly enough, they even gained more.

These fruits of labor did feel great but the companies’ beginnings were quite humbler than today. In the city of Essen, Germany 1946, two brothers inherited their mother’s business. It wasn’t as smooth-sailing as expected, there was even one time where the brothers had a fallout over cigarettes.

The feud between the brothers resulted in them doing business separately. That’s where the now Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud came upon. The businesses are being handled individually but the whole enterprise is still done as a family.

That supermarket business then grew exponentially, with now 300 stores worldwide and all these just took 15 years for the brothers to achieve. Although both of them have passed away, they left their respective companies to their families to continue the work.

Did You Know:

Did you know that Aldi came from both the brothers’ last names “Albrecht”, and “Discount”? Yup! You’re reading this right! The ‘Al’ from Albrecht and ‘di’ from discount were combined together to form the name of the companies!

Why can’t you see Aldi in the stock market?

In the ever-growing world of online banking and stock markets, everyone is always on the lookout for the next big stock (or ticker, if you want to get more technical).

And because Aldi is very obviously growing faster than anyone anticipated, it was only a matter of time before people were calling for it to become public, or more specifically, to launch an IPO.

It seemed inevitable. Unfortunately, this hasn’t come to fruition, yet.

Aldi doesn’t need to be part of the stock market to continue its business. Both companies are independently running without investors for years and they want to maintain that atmosphere.

Having investors, though gives higher profit, can also mean more problems may probably arise. Both Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud are confident with their inner workings so inviting outside shareholders is not important.

This will benefit the company in the long run as their sole focus is their own work. They like to keep things as simple as possible by selling their stocks.

Can you acquire Aldi stocks nowadays?

Aldi companies have been in demand lately and people are very interested in buying some shares however, the answer is no.

Aldi stocks aren’t available in the stock market so purchasing one is impossible.

As mentioned before, the Aldi companies don’t welcome present or future shareholders. There might be a possibility somewhere soon, but for now, they don’t plan on selling shares and would like to keep it like that.

Do they have an IPO?

People are buzzing as to why Aldi has yet to release IPOs up to this day.

The companies’ sky-rocketing popularity really brings discussion as to when they would decide to invite shareholders into their companies.

However, shares are currently being held as is, so no stocks are available for the public. Investors as well as Aldi fans might have to wait longer for a stock to be available on the market.

There’s still a possibility that Aldi might never release an IPO so fingers crossed.

Trader Joe’s as a possibility?

Trader’s Joe is a company NOT owned by Aldi. However, it is owned by the Albrecht company. So in a sense, they’re related.

Trader Joe, like Aldi companies, is privately owned and operated so obtaining shares is close to impossible. They also have no plans on publicly releasing stocks anytime soon so Trader Joe as a possibility is dissolved.

However, if you’re really an avid fan they might as well wait until they change their might because no one ever knows what might happen in the next few years, right?

All that said, there are a few options you can go for instead. Try looking for these discount grocery stores to invest in:

Grocery Outlet: Bargain Market

Grocery outlet is similar to Aldi’s as they also have good discount services.

However, the difference would be that the aisles in Grocery Outlet may be disorganized in a good way. Like when you actually go, the store will surprise you with different items that you’ll never expect.

But of course at a bargain price. They offer good items at an affordable price so they’re very popular. Currently, there are available IPOs that you can buy but the prices may be expensive.


Instacart is similar to Aldi because they both offer affordable groceries for your convenience.

Although IPOs for Instacart is still unavailable for purchasing, you can still consider this as an option instead of Aldi shares. Instacart is a company that mainly focuses on fat-delivery and pickup apps. This app is widely used nowadays, especially with the pandemic going on.

The downside is the prices of the items might be higher than those from Aldi but still affordable.

These two are very similar to Aldi, in a way. So if it really is impossible to acquire a share of Aldi then might as well buy for the IPOs of these two. It’s also a good investment since both are popular in 2023.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to buy Aldi stocks, unfortunately, it’s unavailable. Aldi has been running their business without investors and they want to keep it that way. They prefer doing business without other people benefiting their profits.

Also, Aldi seems to close their plans for future IPOs and will not be doing so for a few more years. They’re focusing on high-quality products and services in exchange for high-profitability, not that they’re not.

But it’s understandable though, as Aldi had been doing so well without outside interference.

The popularity of Aldi is thanks to the efforts of the people behind the company. And for Aldi fanatics who would have bought their fair share of stocks, apologies but maybe in the near future.

If ever the company changes their decision, and the question would probably be “when” rather than “if,” it would be a bigger hype than before because the anticipation have built momentum. When that time really comes, better grab the opportunity as fast as you can.

For now, though, continue patronizing their supermarkets and enjoy one of the best shopping experiences you can ever ask for. Or look for other discount supermarkets that have IPOs available.