Can You Buy Formula With EBT?
We get the question "Can You Buy Formula With EBT" and here's what you need to know!

Can You Buy Formula With EBT
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Can You Buy Formula With EBT in 2023?

Yes, You Can Buy Formula With EBT in 2023.

It’s easy to buy baby formula with EBT at any stores that sell it.

You can purchase formula with EBT alongside all of the other qualifying food items that you can buy using funds on your EBT card at your grocer of choice.

Many grocery stores of all sizes take EBT as a payment method, especially larger and national grocery store brands.

If they sell food for babies and they accept EBT, you’ll be able to buy your baby food from that store using EBT.

Different countries, states, and even cities may have their own types of support programs for people who need assistance with their current circumstances.

It’s good to use this help when you need it, because taking a helping hand is better than struggling on your own, especially when there’s a family to feed.

One of the more popular programs in America is SNAP benefits, it gives people the ability to purchase food from grocery stores using an EBT card.

EBT is the payment method that holds the benefits, which is scanned at the store just like a regular debit card… but if you’re here, you probably know all of this already, so let’s get into the specifics.

One of the issues with EBT is that it can be confusing to know whether a specific type of food is covered under the benefits program or not.

The program may list the types of foods that you can buy, but there are some exceptions, for example you typically can’t buy hot food that’s meant to be consumed on the spot, for example you can’t use EBT on fast food or pre-cooked warm meals from a store’s deli section, or a restaurant that’s inside of a grocery store.

This can limit your options a bit, but there are usually work arounds, like buying frozen meals to heat up at home or even cooked meals from the fridge section of a deli that just need to be heated in a microwave.

But today, we’re looking at one of the most important uses for EBT when you have a family to feed, and that’s buying baby formula with EBT.

This can cause some confusion, since you generally can’t buy vitamins or supplements with EBT, and sometimes people assume that formula might fit into this same category, but don’t worry – that’s not the case!

Should You Use EBT To Buy Formula?

If money’s tight and you have a baby to feed, being able to get formula with EBT can be super helpful.

If you’re struggling to pay the bills and keep food on the table, you should seriously consider looking at SNAP and other benefits programs that may exist locally for you.

Using EBT to buy baby formula is a great use of the program.

Most parents will get the formula before buying any other groceries or foods for themselves, because feeding their kids is the priority.

Make sure you’re still feeding yourself, because it’s important to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your little one.

If your EBT balance is running out before the end of the month and you’re finding a deficit in your budget, there may be some ways to save money at your preferred grocery stores to look into, or other programs that are available to you locally, including food banks and other support programs for parents.

Everyone who grew up on a tight budget knows that rice and beans and pasta meals can go a long way, but it can feel hard to find the time and energy to cook them when you’re busy trying to stay afloat.

Nonetheless, putting together a big recipe at the start of the week to pick away at can be a good way to stretch your meal budget a bit further while still getting decent nutrition. 

Can You Buy Formula With EBT

What Other Baby Foods Can You Buy With EBT?

If you have a baby or a young child who eats specific foods for people their age, you don’t have to rely entirely on formula, there are other options for youngsters to eat that can be purchased on the SNAP benefits program using EBT.

These foods include things like all types of infant and baby formula, of course, along with cereals and juices, jars of baby food, and baby food that comes in boxes.

Tips For Saving Money on Formula

Some of the ways that you can save money on formula is by keeping an eye out for coupons, promotions, and free samples.

Also, once you find a product that works great for your baby, then you can start to buy larger bulk quantities of it for greater discounts.

Doing some comparison shopping can go a long way in terms of getting the most value for your money, especially since most major grocers accept EBT and sell formula.


You can buy formula with EBT.

If you’re receiving SNAP benefits and they’re going to an EBT card, you can use that card at the check-out of any grocery store that accepts EBT, and you can purchase the formula alongside the rest of your groceries that qualify for EBT.