Can You Buy SlimFast With EBT?
We get the question "Can You Buy SlimFast With EBT" and here's what you need to know!

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Can You Buy SlimFast With EBT In 2023?

Yes, You Can Buy SlimFast With EBT in 2023.

Generally speaking, you should have no problem using EBT to purchase SlimFast powders and shakes at most stores in most states.

It’s always possible that things can vary a little bit from one place to another, but SlimFast fits within the description of what’s covered by EBT.

But there are some exceptions…

In addition to making meal replacement drinks, SlimFast also sells a number of different types of vitamins like gummies, powders, and more.

These are considered supplements, and not food, so there are certain products in the SlimFast line that are not covered by EBT.

Food stamps programs, known as SNAP benefits, are a way for the government to subsidize food purchases for people who need the help.

They can be very helpful, but there are a number of rules to keep in mind, for example knowing which items are covered by the program and which ones aren’t.

There are certain things that generally aren’t eligible to be purchased with EBT, for example fast food and other restaurant foods – but there are certain exceptions, too – which is part of what can make this feel overwhelming or confusing.

These days, people who receive SNAP will generally receive a special type of debit card, called EBT, which stores the money for their food purchases.

One of the issues around EBT food is that people don’t always have the time to prepare complete, healthy meals, but EBT can’t typically can’t be used at places that sell pre-made or ready-to-serve meals.

Even at a grocery store, you typically can’t purchase hot food but you can buy cold prepared meals.

You can’t buy supplements on EBT, which can get a bit confusing when you have drinks like Ensure and SlimFast that some stores will have in their systems as medicinal or a supplement, when it’s actually a food item.

SlimFast makes a number of different products including food items and supplements.

Their meal replacement shakes can be very convenient, especially when you don’t have time to make a meal, but if you’re on EBT can you use it for SlimFast?

We’ve done the research, and here’s what you need to know about whether or not you can buy SlimFast using your Electronic Benefits Program card (EBT).

How to Tell if SlimFast Products Are Covered By SNAP Benefits

Since SlimFast makes vitamins, supplements, and food alike, it can be confusing to figure out what’s covered and what isn’t.

Here’s an easy rule of thumb that will sort most of it out for you and will make it a lot more clear.

If you look at the packaging of the SlimFast product, you’ll see one of two labels.

One of the labels says “Supplement Facts” and the other says “Nutritional Information”. 

If the SlimFast product you’re thinking of buying with EBT says “Supplement Facts”, it’s considered a supplement/vitamin, and it cannot be purchased with your SNAP benefits.

If the SlimFast product says “Nutritional Facts” then that should qualify as a food item and be covered by EBT, whether it’s a powder drink mix or pre-made shakes in bottles.

Should SlimFast Be Covered By SNAP Benefits?

According to the guidelines about what’s covered by EBT, SlimFast fits into the category of foods that should be eligible for SNAP benefits.

SlimFast products that are classified as supplements instead of food, however, should not be purchased using your EBT card.

SlimFast’s meal replacement drinks offer a great way to get a lot of different vitamins, nutrients, and calories in a quick and convenient drink without having to cook a healthy meal.

Quick and easy meals are usually not the healthiest options, nor is fast food, but a meal replacement drink can give you a lot of nutritional benefits that you wouldn’t get if you’re microwaving a pizza for lunch.

This is why it’s good for EBT to work with SlimFast, because it offers a good food option for someone who doesn’t want to cook.

Meal replacements like SlimFast help you get the nutrition you need, and they either come premixed in a bottle, or as a powder – either way is easy!

Since SlimFast is a food item, you can use EBT to buy it and that’s how it should be.

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What If Your State Doesn’t Allow SlimFast With EBT?

We’ve heard from people in certain circumstances where they weren’t able to purchase SlimFast with EBT.

In some cases, a store may have a SlimFast meal replacement drink in their system as “weight loss” or “medical” or something else that isn’t food, and that could be why it wasn’t working.

If that’s the case, you can try a different store, just make sure that it’s actually covered in your state, though, as sometimes the programs change.

If you can’t get SlimFast, you could try Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks or Ensure drinks as another type of meal alternative.


You should have no problem buying SlimFast products with EBT, as long as it’s a food product and not one of their vitamins or supplements.

Their food products include bars, drinks, and more.