Can You Buy Stamps at Meijer?
We get the question "Can You Buy Stamps at Meijer" and here's what you need to know!

can you buy stamps at meijer
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Can You Buy Stamps at Meijer in 2023?

Yes, You Can Buy Stamps at Meijer in 2023.

The stamps aren’t always on full-display at Meijer stores, so just ask the cashier to purchase a book of stamps and they’ll either have the stamps right there, or they’ll be able to grab some for you and to ring them up with your purchase.

You can use postage stamps to send letters as long as they’re under a certain size and weight. 

When you think about how much you can do with a single stamp, it’s one of the best deals around.

It’s really cool how they’ll deliver a letter from one side of the country all the way to the other, just for a few cents.

Meijer is a chain of grocery stores that has many locations in the Midwest region of the United States of America.

If you’re in the Midwest, you’ve probably shopped at a Meijer store before, or at the very least, you’ve seen them around.

Whether you visit Meijer stores every single week, or you’re looking for something in particular and you’re heading there for the very first time if they have it, there are certain items that you don’t always think about getting from a grocery store.

Stamps are one of those items, since they’ll often be tucked into the cash register and it’s not the type of thing that a lot of people still have to buy that often, thanks to email, social media, and even at-home stamp printing services for small businesses.

Even for people who do use stamps more often, you may not always remember that you can find them at places besides the post office.

Meijer is the type of supercenter grocery store that you’d expect to find just about anything you might need, making it a great one-stop-shop, but do they have things like stamps at Meijer?

Meijer is often credited with pioneering this style of giant supercenter grocery shopping experience, which is why shoppers expect to show up at Meijer and find products in all sorts of different categories that you wouldn’t typically find at a regular grocery store.

Here’s what you need to know about buying stamps at Meijer, and some additional information about buying stamps and saving money on stamps.

can you buy stamps at meijer

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Meijer?

Meijer doesn’t sell individual stamps, but you can buy a book of stamps which contains 20 permanent stamps in it.

The stamps cost whatever the current price of postage is.

They are permanent stamps, so you’ll pay the current rate set by the Postal Service, but you’ll be able to use these same stamps even when the prices have increased in the future.

You can find the current cost of postage on the USPS website, and then multiply that by 20 times, and then you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you can expect to pay for postage when you visit Meijer.

can you buy stamps at meijer

Should You Buy Stamps at Meijer?

If you already do any of your shopping at Meijer, or if you live near a Meijer and you need stamps, it’s a great place to get stamps as long as you don’t mind buying a full booklet of 20 stamps.

If buying 20 stamps at once when you just want to mail a letter feels like overkill, just remember that they are forever stamps, so that you’ll be able to use them for many, many years to come without having to worry about postage rate increases.

Alternatively, you could just take your letter or letters to a post office and buy the individual stamp you need, but Meijer stores usually have more convenient hours than the post office, especially during busy seasons for mailing letters and packages.

Other Ways to Buy Stamps

You can buy stamps at Meijer and many other grocery stores, convenience stores, and so on.

If you have a package to ship, you can visit FedEx, UPS, or another courier as well.

One forever stamp currently costs 58 cents, and it’s suitable for letter-size envelopes that weigh up to one ounce.

As your packages get larger and heavier, and have to travel a further distance, the cost of postage will rise proportionately based on those main factors, along with how quickly you would like it to arrive at its destination. gives you the option to print stamps and postage at home at a discounted rate, too, so if you do a lot of mailing then it might be worth looking into that.

Otherwise, head into Meijer and grab a booklet of stamps, or hit up your local post office to mail your letter.


You can buy stamps at Meijer stores.

Just ask the cashier for stamps, they will probably have them right there at the register, otherwise they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

If you don’t have anything else that you need to buy at Meijer, you could also go right to the customer service desk to buy stamps.