Does Albertsons Sell Stamps for Postage
We get the question "Does Albertsons Sell Stamps for Postage" and here's what you need to know!

does albertsons sell stamps for postage
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Does Albertsons Sell Stamps for Postage?

Yes, Albertsons does sell stamps for postage!

In fact, they are USPS authorized retailers; every branch sells postage stamps.

They are available at the checkout; ask the cashier for a sheet of 20-Forever Stamps.

Sending a letter doesn’t always mean having to wait in line at the Post Office to buy a stamp.

The United States Postal Services – USPS, authorize many outlets to sell stamps on its behalf.

Retailers have to adhere to the set pricing structure; they cannot increase pricing for profit.

Some corner stores sell stamps, as do many retail giants.

Picking up stamps while out for the weekly grocery shop is convenient and time-saving; but which retailers offer this service?

Are you wondering if Albertsons sell stamps for postage?

If so, read on to discover if they do, what type of postal services they offer, and just how much you should expect to pay.


does albertsons sell stamps for postage

About Forever Stamps

In April 2007, the first Forever Stamp went on sale; it featured an image of the Liberty Bell.

By 2011, they replaced all First-Class, 1-ounce stamps.

It came as welcome relief to people who were tired of buying new stamps each time their price was increased.

Forever Stamps are non-denominational.

When you buy a single stamp or a booklet full, the price you pay on the day remains valid for the life of the stamp.

For instance, if you purchased stamps in 2013 when they were $0.43 each, they remain valid for use on the mail today, when they cost $0.58 each.

This incurs no extra charge.

Look on Forever Stamps as a small investment; buy them in bulk, cheap, for use in the years ahead.

Can you Use Forever Stamps on International Mail?

If you know how much postage costs for parcels, large letters, or overseas mail, you can use multiple Forever Stamps to cover the cost.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for the stamp, only their current value counts.

For example;

You paid 43 cents each for a sheet of stamps a few years ago; today they cost 58 cents.

If postage cost $3.65, 7-Forever Stamps will cover the cost.

7 X 58c = $4.06; you would overpay 41cents.

If you prefer to pay the exact amount, head to the Post Office or order and print a postage label online.

How Long are Forever Stamps Valid?

Indefinitely! It doesn’t matter when you buy them, Forever Stamps will cover the cost of 1-ounce, First Class mail for as long as they’re in circulation.

Look After Those Stamps

Stamps with rips or creases might not be accepted for use.

If you intend to buy them for infrequent use, store them flat, in a cool, dry place.

This ensures the sticky back remains intact for several years.

If the stamps are damaged, most friendly Post Masters will exchange them for new ones.

Be sure to google them first; older, unique stamps may have some resale value to collectors.

About Albertsons

1939 saw the grand opening of the first Albertsons, marketed as Idaho’s largest and finest food store.

It was in 1969 that it joined forces with Skaggs Drug Centers, resulting in the grocery and drug stores we recognize as present-day Albertsons.

Currently, more than 2200 stores are operating across 35-states.

Albertsons employs over 300,000 staff and is second only to Kroger as the largest supermarket chain in North America.

What Does Albertsons Sell?

Albertsons caters for all of your grocery needs.

It is committed to providing its brand of healthy and sustainable products, not just food, but household, personal care, and health and wellbeing items.

Albertsons stock a wide range of mailing accessories.

Whilst shopping for groceries, customers can also pick up paper, envelopes, packaging materials, tape, etc, and of course, stamps.

Although they aren’t readily available on the shelf; sheets of 20 Forever Stamps are kept in the register and available from the cashier when you reach the checkout.

Alternatively, if you prefer to shop online, add stamps to your Albertson’s order and arrange curbside pickup or home delivery.

Don’t forget – Albertsons does not sell stamps individually; they are only available in sheets of 20.

Does Albertsons Offer Other Postal Services?

does albertsons sell stamps for postage

Albertsons only sells mailing items, and doesn’t provide any weighing or sending services.

Always weigh a package at home and visit the USPS checker to advise you of postal charges.

Costs differ depending on the required service, destination, size, and weight of the parcel.

If you don’t have scales or are unsure, take your package to the post office where it can be weighed and the correct postage applied.

Where is the Nearest Albertsons Store?

Pop online to the Albertsons website and enter your zip code in the Store Locator section to find a list of all the closest stores.

It also gives the address, directions, opening hours, and other important information.

Why Buy Stamps from Albertsons

  1. Convenience – why go to two stores when you can get everything you need from one?
  2. Time-saving  – Post Offices notoriously have long queues and exorbitant waiting times, it takes seconds to add stamps to your cart at the checkout in Albertsons.
  3. Opening hours – Albertsons is open 7-days a week, and most stores stay open from 6 am – 12 am. Try getting into a post office after 5.30 pm!


Albertsons sells stamps for postage to make everyday life easier and more convenient.

Available in sheets or booklets of 20, self-adhesive, perforated Forever Stamps, you need never be caught without a stamp again!