Does Albertsons take Apple Pay in 2023?
We get the question "Does Albertson's take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

does albertsons take apple pay
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Does Albertsons take Apple Pay

Yes, Albertsons does take Apple Pay in 2023.

Albertsons and all of its subsidiaries have committed its future to Apple Pay.

The digital payment platform is widely accepted in stores and on the company Just for U mobile app.

Most people across the United States have used Albertsons at some point; after all, they are present in 35-States, have more than 2200 stores, and have 325,000 employees.

You might not be quite so familiar with exactly how many stores fall under the Albertsons umbrella.

Before popping in to pick up your groceries, it is worth knowing if Albertsons take Apple Pay, and if they do, does it stretch to all of the other banners in their business?

albertsons apple pay

Was Apple Pay Always Accepted at Albertsons?

Many of Albertson’s operations quickly recognized the potential and improved customer experience provided by Apple Pay support.

Several stores climbed on board in the early days of the Apple Pay rollout.

They include;

  • Jewel-Osco
  • Shaw’s
  • Acme
  • Star Market
  • Haggan
  • United

In October 2017, it was announced that Apple pay is accepted across all of their stores under every banner.

They include;

  • Albertsons
  • Safeway
  • Vons
  • Pavilions
  • Tom Thumb
  • Randalls
  • Carrs

How to use Apple Pay at Albertsons

If you own an Apple Watch or iPhone 6 or later, you can pay by Apple Pay, both in-store and online.


Before reaching the checkout, ensure you have set up Apple Pay on your device.

In the settings, select ‘Wallet and Apple Pay’

If you’re linking to a watch, repeat the operation but select ‘Apple Watch’ from the iPhone.

Follow the intuitive guide to securely add credit cards to the digital wallet.

Apple does not store card numbers on any device or on its servers.

Instead, each card is assigned a unique number before being securely stored.

Using an iPhone at the checkout

  1. Double-tap the right-hand button
  2. Activate Apple Pay with Face ID, Touch ID, or enter your unique passcode
  3. Hover near the contactless terminal
  4. Watch for the green tick on the card reader and DONE notification on your phone.
  5. Job done!

Using an Apple Watch

  1. Locate the button to the right of the face and tap it twice
  2. Enter the passcode when prompted
  3. Hold the watch over the NFC reader
  4. Wait a second for an authorized signature on the screen
  5. That’s it

What Payment Methods does Albertsons Take

If you can think of a way to pay for your groceries; Albertson’s will probably accept it!

Along with all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, they also take debit cards with PIN, swipe, or contactless technology.

They accept cash, personal checks, and gift cards.

Albertsons Pay is another popular payment method. Like Google and Apple Pay, they are all highly recommended for efficient, fast, and secure transaction completion.

Contactless payment is positively encouraged; it eliminates close contact with Albertsons employees and card machines that are handled countless times each day.

Finally, EBT card (Electronic Benefits Transfer) is accepted in-store – the government-funded benefit that helps out families on low incomes.

does albertsons take apple pay

Payment Methods Accepted on the Just for U app.

Albertson’s just for U app is a free-to-download mobile application that enables users to view and use digital coupons.

Loyal customers who frequently use the store receive deals and offers tailored to products they buy most often, therefore, items they will actually use.

But that isn’t everything that the Just for U app can do.

You can build an in-store shopping list, place an online order for home delivery, or take advantage of click and collect, called DriveUp & Go.

It is possible to pay for all online shopping services using Apple Pay.

Can I use Apple Pay at Albertsons Gas Stations?

When Albertsons took over Safeway, they acquired 375 gas stations.

Many have been rebranded with the addition of an Albertson’s Express convenience store.

Any Albertson subsidiaries with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology accepts Apple Pay.

Express stores and gas stations take the digital method, although it is yet to roll out at the Pay-At-Pump facility.

Which is better, Albertson’s Pay or Apple Pay?

It is difficult to compare them, as Apple Pay is accepted in millions of places worldwide.

Albertson’s Pay is only accepted in… well, Albertsons.

Use the Just for U app to sign up; there are 2 payment types;

Albertsons Direct that links to your bank or linked debit or credit card


Albertsons Cash, which is a preloaded card.

Both cards involve touch-free technology; the user scans a QR code to make payment.

Both Albertsons cards enable users to store purchase history and keep track of overall spending.


When shopping for groceries and pharmaceuticals, Albertsons is a one-stop shop that happily takes Apple Pay.

It is accepted across all banners within their brand and on their excellent online customer loyalty operation – Just for U.