Does Aldi Take Apple Pay in 2023?
We get the question "Does Aldi take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

Does Aldi take Apple Pay
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Does Aldi Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Aldi Does Take Apple Pay in 2023.

You can pay for your groceries and other purchases at Aldi stores using your Apple Wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Aldi makes it very easy to check-out with all of your groceries so that you can visit their stores, save some money, and get in and out quickly.

It’s a good sign when stores decide to accept Apple Pay and other contactless options, especially digital wallets like the Apple Wallet that help protect the privacy of their customers.

Does Aldi take Apple Pay

Do you have a favorite store to buy your groceries from?

Most of us do!

Sometimes, it’s the place with the best prices, or the place that has the most of our favorites, or just the grocery store that’s close to home.

However you choose your preferred grocery store, do you ever try a different store from time to time?

Many neighborhoods have at least a couple of options when it comes to choosing a grocery store to shop at, is there an Aldi near you?

Aldi is home to some unique offerings that have helped them gain ground outside their home country of Germany, where they were founded in 1946 by two brothers.

When those brothers parted ways, one of them started a company called Aldi Nord, which now owns the popular grocery store chain Trader Joe’s in America.

There are over 10,000 Aldi locations spread across 20 different countries, and their yearly revenue is over 100 billion dollars.

Needless to say, this chain has grown tremendously since these two brothers took over their mother’s shop.

Aldi is short for “Albrecht-Discount”, with Albrecht being the last name of the two brothers who grew this company before splitting into two brands.

Should You Use Apple Pay at Aldi Stores?

Once somebody tries Apple Pay for the first time, it quickly becomes a new habit and their default way to pay for things anytime they’re at a business that accepts payments via Apple Pay.

The reason that people like Apple Pay initially is because it’s just something cool and new, but below the surface there are some much better reasons to use it.

Not only are these types of payments new and fun to try out, because using your watch or cellphone to pay for things is just cool, but they’re also quick, convenient, and secure.

Normally when you use your credit card at a business, they’ll have access to your payment information, and they may even save it to your account, depending on where you’re shopping.

We’ve all seen the news stories and headlines about customer data being stolen from companies all around the world, and when they have your credit card information stored, that’s always a risk.

Even stories that don’t save any customer info could still be compromised if somebody starts using a card-skimming device.

This is, of course, very rare at grocery store checkouts in general, and big chains like Aldi, but you can never be too careful with your most sensitive information like your credit card number and code.

That’s what makes Apple Pay so great. When you use Apple Pay, the merchants never have access to your specific payment information.

We don’t have any reason to believe that Aldi is storing their customer’s payment information, let alone storing it in an insecure way, but it’s always a good idea for consumers to take their privacy and digital security into their own hands whenever they can.

And using Apple Pay to make payments whenever you can is one of the best ways to keep your banking information private and secure.

does aldi accept apple pay

How To Use Apple Pay at Aldi

Aldi was one of the earlier adopters of Apple Pay as they began accepting it all the way back in 2017.

The first step to paying with Apple Pay at Aldi is to add a credit or a debit card to your Apple Wallet.

Open up the Apple Wallet application on your phone and add a card.

That’s how easy it is to set up, now you’re ready to go!

Your credit card or bank might contact you to confirm that it’s really you who is adding your card to an Apple Wallet, but that’s it, then you’re ready to start shopping and paying with Apple Pay.

To pay with your Apple Watch, bring your watch up to the payment terminal at Aldi and then double-press the button on the right side of your Apple Watch.

From there, you’ll receive a tactile notification that the payment has completed successfully.

If you’re using an iPhone at Aldi to pay using Apple Pay, take out your phone when you’re at the checkout and bring your phone towards the payment terminal.

You’ll be prompted to choose which card you plan to pay with, and then to verify that you’re the owner of the device and card.

Verifying that you’re the authorized user of the device and card can vary depending on which device you’re using and what your settings are, but it’s similar to how you typically unlock your device. It may use a passcode, it may use Touch Id, and it may use Face ID. 

Note: Some reports from early 2020 indicate that customers were only able to use Apple Pay at Aldi with a debit card, and that their local Aldi store didn’t accept credit cards via Apple Pay, however Aldi’s website indicates that they do accept Apple Pay with no mention of limitations so this was probably an isolated issue at one or two stores.

One other thing to note is that Aldi sent out an email to their customers in early 2023 informing them that purchases delivered by Instacart cannot be paid for using Apple Pay.

Other Ways to Pay At Aldi

Here is a list of all the different ways that you can pay for things at Aldi, aside from Apple Pay.

If you haven’t used Apple Pay yet but you do have an iPhone, we recommend getting it set up and giving it a try someday.

In the meantime, here are the other ways to pay at Aldi.

Aldi accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards, EBT, SNAP, Link cards, and other contactless payment methods like Google Pay.

You can also pay using an Aldi gift card, if you have one.


You can use Apple Pay at Aldi stores around the world.

Apple Pay is one of the payment methods accepted at Aldi stories, but it’s far from the only one.

The only catch is that you can no longer use Apple Pay if you’re ordering Aldi with Instacart.

Either way, Aldi has a lot of unique and exclusive products that you can pay for using Apple Pay at your local Aldi store.