Does Brandy Melville Take Apple Pay in 2023?
We get the question "Does Brandy Melville take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

Brandy Melville apple pay
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Brandy Melville has grown tremendously since their US launch in 2009.

Their fashions and accessories are geared towards teenage girls, so they’re trendy and affordable.

They have a team of teenagers who work to pick out their new styles.

There isn’t actually a person named Brandy Melville that this brand based their name off of, it’s based off of a made-up story about a girl named Brandy who falls in love with a guy named Melville.

This brand doesn’t advertise in traditional ways, they have used social media to promote themselves.

They often hire their own customers to become models, and are notorious for only offering clothing in the equivalent to a size small.

Kylie Jenner has famously been seen wearing Brandy Melville clothing on multiple occasions.

Even though this brand launched in America in 2009, they were originally founded by Silvio Marsan in 1994.

It was Silvo’s son, Stephan, who helped make Brandy Melville an internationally known brand of clothing.

They continue to expand around the world and to grow their presence on social media, but before you visit a Brandy Melville store, you need to know if they’ll accept your preferred payment method.

Brandy Melville apple pay

Does Brandy Melville Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Brandy Melville Does Take Apple Pay in 2023.

You can use payment cards stored in your Apple Wallet to pay for your purchases at Brandy Melville stores using the Apple Pay feature.

We reached out to Brandy Melville and they confirmed that all of their USA stores accept Apple Pay.

Should You Use Apple Pay at Brandy Melville?

Apple Pay is fast and convenient and this means that you don’t have to carry as many cards with you.

You’ll have your phone with you either way, but it’s convenient to not need to carry around a clunky wallet when you’re out shopping.

For this reason, you may as well take advantage of Apple Pay when you’re at a Brandy Melville store.

The only thing you’ll really need to bring in with you is your phone or Apple Watch.

How To Use Apple Pay at Brandy Melville Stores

Apple Pay takes a couple of minutes to set up initially, and it takes a second or two to pay once you’re at the check out.

To set up Apple Pay for the first time, open up your Apple Wallet app and then add your payment card as the default payment method.

You can add multiple cards and choose between which one you want to use when you’re paying for something, too.

Once you’ve added a card, you’re ready to make purchases at Brandy Melville using Apple Pay, and any other stores that accept Apple Pay, too.

It’s becoming more and more rare to find a store that won’t accept Apple Pay, but it’s still not a bad idea to check first, just in case.

Once you have picked out your new outfits and are at the checkout counter, the Brandy Melville employee will ring up your order and will give you the total. 

Now, simply activate Apple Pay by either double-tapping your device’s side button if you’re using facial recognition, or use your iPhone’s fingerprint scanner to activate Apple Pay.

You can also pay using Apple Pay on an Apple Watch.

However you choose to use Apple Pay, you’ll have a quick and easy checkout experience at Brandy Melville’s stores.

Other Payment Options at Brandy Melville

If you don’t have Apple Pay yet, or you forgot your phone, or you just want to use a different payment method at Brandy Melville stores, here are your other options.

If you’re ordering on the Brandy Melville website, you can use PayPal, Amazon Pay, or a Credit Card.

The credit cards accepted at Brandy Melville’s online store are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

If you’re shopping in person at Brandy Melville, you can pay using your preferred credit card, a debit card, or cash.

You can always open up your Apple Wallet and add your credit and debit cards as payment methods, and then you can pay using Apple Pay at Brandy Melville.

Is Apple Pay Safe to Use at Brandy Melville Stories?

If you’re worried about whether or not Apple Pay is safe and secure to use, just remember that you can’t make any purchases without using the fingerprint scanner or Face ID. 

It’s safer to have your cards stored in your digital Apple Wallet since even if you lose your device, there are still multiple layers of protection.

If you lose a physical card, somebody can use it for all sorts of fraud before you even notice. 

It’s much, much harder for someone to break into your device if you lose it, plus you have the option to wipe your device to protect your payment info if your phone is ever lost or stolen.


Now you know that Brandy Melville does accept Apple Pay at their stores.

They offer a number of flexible payment options, including PayPal and Amazon Pay for orders from their website.

The faster you’re able to pay, the sooner you can enjoy showing off your new outfit and living your best life. 

Brandy Melville is affordable enough that you can get creative and experiment with all sorts of new looks.

Pick some clothes you like, pull out your Apple device, and you can pay with Apple Pay at Brandy Melville.