Does Burlington Take Apple Pay?
We get the question "Does Burlington take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

does burlington take apple pay
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Does Burlington Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Burling Does Take Apple Pay in 2023.

You can use Apple Pay at Burlington Coat Factory (Now known as Burlington) stores across America.

You should have no problem using Apple Pay to complete your purchase at most Burlington locations, however it’s unclear if some of their stores accept Apple Pay or not. Here’s why.

The quickest way to check if a specific location accepts Apple Pay is to type their address into Apple Pays and to check if they are displaying the Apple Pay logo or not. If you see the logo, you know this location accepts Apple Pay.

If you don’t see the logo, then that location may or may not accept Apple Pay.

It’s still possible that they will accept this as a payment method, but it’s not a guarantee.

It’s always possible that one location of a chain retailer will accept Apple Pay but another one might not, for a variety of reasons, however many Burlington stores do accept Apple Pay.

Even the stores that don’t list it as a method on their Maps page could still accept Apple Pay.

Sometimes, a store could have their Apple Pay turned off, but if they have a tap to pay card reader, you should have no issues using Apple Pay at that particular store.

does burlington accept apple pay

Do you like getting brand name merchandise and clothing at great prices?

Do you not really care about the fancy, upscale environment of a top-price store when you’re shopping?

Would you rather get stuff for a better price from a normal store?

Burlington is an off-price department store that brings together all sorts of products and deals, empowering consumers to get great stuff at an even better price.

Some people like to be seen shopping at an upscale store like Nordstrom, Saks, and so on.

But you definitely pay a premium price for that experience.

An off-price department store is a store that has name brand, high-quality products but sells them at lower prices.

This is often because it’s older stock (maybe styles from the previous season), or they won’t have a full selection of every size.

For example, if a jacket goes out of season at a major department store retailer, and they still have five of it in size L, five of it in size M, and that’s it – those jackets are still perfectly fine, but it doesn’t make sense for the original merchant to keep taking up shelf space.

These “leftover” items, or overstock, will often be sent to stores like Burlington.

There are over 700 Burlington stores in the United States.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because this chain of stores used to be called the Burlington Coat Factory, but they have expanded beyond that to sell all sorts of items, and rebranded simply as Burlington.

Should You Use Apple Pay at Burlington?

Yes! If you’re shopping at Burlington to get some great deals on household items, clothing, and more – then you should absolutely use Apple Pay.

Apple Pay empowers consumers to protect their payment details much better than using a credit card or a debit card on its own.

Payments made with Apple Pay are designed to protect your payment information from ever being revealed.

Your device stores your payment info securely, and then sends the payment to the merchant via Apple Pay, without the merchant getting your actual card info.

This is very significant for people who value their privacy (and people who don’t, for that matter).

This type of privacy may not be a top priority for the average consumer, but Apple Pay makes it so convenient, that people would use it even if it didn’t have this huge benefit, and that’s why Apple Pay is taking off, or at least a big part of it.

If Apple Pay was faster and easier, but less secure, there would probably still be some people who use it.

The fact that it’s faster and easier than other payment methods, and also more safe and secure, makes it an excellent way to pay.

Apple Pay uses your existing credit and debit cards for making payments, it just makes it more convenient, and more secure.

What’s not to love?

You’ll still get all of your rewards points or any other benefits that are associated with using a particular card.

does burlington take apple pay

How To Set Up Apple Pay To Use at Burlington Stores

The first step, before you can start using Apple Pay, is to add your payment card to your Apple Wallet application on your iPhone.

Grab your iPhone, open up the Wallet app, and add your card (credit or debit).

If you aren’t immediately prompted to add your card, just click the little plus sign in the top corner, and then you can enter your payment info.

The first card you add will automatically become your default payment method, but you can add as many of your cards as you would like, and you can scroll through them and choose any one that you’d like to pay with whenever you’re at the check-out of any store or restaurant that accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

When it’s time to pay at Burlington, take out your Apple device (your iPhone or your Apple Watch) and press the power button two times in a row.

This is the shortcut to open up your Wallet and activate Apple Pay.

If you have this shortcut disabled in your phone’s settings, you can simply unlock your phone as you normally would, and then open up the Wallet app to access your payment details to make a purchase at Burlington or anywhere else that takes Apple Pay.

Other Payment Methods at Burlington

If you don’t have an iPhone or you simply aren’t ready to try out Apple Pay, you can use your credit or debit cards on their own, without an Apple Wallet application and without using Apple Pay because Burlington accepts credit card payments, debit card payments, cash, and more.

The benefits outlined above discuss how its beneficial to use Apple Pay, but sometimes you’ll run into a store that doesn’t take Apple Pay, so you’ll probably still want to keep your primary credit card with you when you’re out running errands, but many people don’t carry any physical cards with them at all anymore.


You can use Apple Pay at Burlington stores because Burlington accepts Apple Pay as a payment method at most, if not all, of their stores.

You can check your local store by opening up their address in Apple Pay and looking for the Apple Pay logo, or giving them a call, but generally speaking Burlington stores will accept Apple Pay.