Does Circle K Take Apple Pay?
We get the question "Does Circle K take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

does circle k take apple pay
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Does Circle K Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Circle K Does Take Apple Pay in 2023.

You can load your preferred credit or debit card into your Apple Wallet in order to pay for your Circle K purchases using Apple Pay.

This makes Circle K one of the more convenient convenience stores.

It’s in the name, right?

So it’s kind of strange when certain convenience stores don’t offer any alternative payment methods beyond the basics.

These days, Apple Pay is so widely used that it should more or less be considered one of the default payment methods, and it’s probably only a matter of time until every merchant accepts it.

We always encourage stores and restaurants to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and so on.

Not because we’re specifically huge fans of Apple, but because we’re fans of this type of extra-secure payment method, and the more companies that offer it, the more widely used it will become and that’s just good for consumers.

does circle k accept apple pay

When you need a few quick items from the store, maybe you have a raging headache and you don’t want to go to a busy and noisy grocery store to find relief, or you just want some snacks after midnight, there’s probably a convenience store not too far away from you.

Most convenience stores have similar stuff for sale, some pre-made foods, all sorts of candy and snacks, basic vehicle maintenance items like windshield washer fluid, lottery tickets, gasoline for vehicles, and more.

Circle K is a brand of convenience stores that operates all around the world.

They’re owned by a Canadian company called Alimentation Couche-Tard as of 2003, but they’re still located in El Paso, Texas, which is where Circle K was founded in the year 1951.

You can also grab a coffee, a sweet treat, a Froster, and a handful of different fresh food items while you’re at Circle K.

Since many convenience stores are fairly similar in what they sell, one of the major draws is how easy or difficult it is to pay for items at the store, or how quickly you can do your shopping there in general.

Nobody really wants to spend a ton of time waiting in line at a convenience store, whether they’re buying snacks or gasoline, so when a convenience store can allow you to pay quickly and be on your way, that’s always a good thing.

Should you Use Apple Pay at Circle K Stores?

If you have an iPhone or Apple Watch and you’re already paying for things with any method other than cash, you would be better off using Apple Pay!

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to use payment cards and prefers to buy things using cash, you’ll still gain some benefits from using Apple Pay, because it keeps your debit purchases more safe and secure than using your card directly at stores.

The reasons to use Apple Pay at Circle K are the same as the reasons to use Apple Pay anywhere else.

It’s simply a safer way to make purchases, especially when you’re using credit or debit cards to pay.

With Apple Wallet payments via Apple Watch, none of the places you shop at will ever actually see your credit card number or other payment information.

Apple Pay shields this information from prying eyes.

We’ve all seen the stories about people who have their payment information stolen, whether it happens at the point of sale or through a database that gets hacked and leaked.

In fact, that’s probably already happened to a lot of consumers, especially people who are concerned with their privacy and have switched to Apple Pay.

If Apple Pay wasn’t so simple to use, nobody would use it, despite the benefits it offers for security.

So, the growing popularity of Apple Pay speaks to the fact that it’s very simple to use, and that it offers substantial benefits over other ways to pay.

Therefore by offering Apple Pay as a payment method for their customers, Circle K is demonstrating that they’re willing to offer customers options in terms of privacy, not to mention convenience.

circle k apple pay

How To Use Apple Pay at Circle K Stores

Ensure that the Circle K location you’re visiting has the correct card readers to accept Apple Pay.

You’ll either see the Apple Pay logo on their door, or the little “tap” icon.

By now, it’s very rare to find a shop that won’t have contactless payments enabled, especially at gas stations.

The first step in using Apple Pay is to open up your Apple Wallet app while you’re still at home, and take a moment to add any payment cards that you’d like to keep with you, digitally, in your Apple Wallet.

Keep in mind that the Apple Wallet is incredibly secure, it’s safer than carrying around your purse or wallet because even if you lose your phone, your payment information is still encrypted and safe within your device, plus you can use iCloud to remotely wipe your phone if it’s ever stolen.

Keeping this in mind, taking a few seconds to set up Apple Pay is a really good idea.

Once you’ve opened the Apple Wallet app to add your card, you’re halfway there, and it’s only taken a few seconds so far.

Next, you just need to visit your local Circle K (or any other store that accepts Apple Pay/contactless payments) and do your shopping.

When it’s time to pay, take out your iPhone or your Apple Watch.

When you’re near the payment terminal, your device will prompt you to unlock it and to select a payment card to use.

Choose which card you want to use (the first one that you add will be your default, but you can select from multiple credit, debit, and gift cards).

The shortcut to bring up your Apple Wallet is to double-press the button on the side of your device, if you have this shortcut enabled in your settings.

After opening your Apple and bringing your device near the payment terminal as you’re checking out, your device will display a message letting you know that your purchase has been successfully completed.

That’s how easy it is to use Apple Pay at Circle K!

Other Payment Methods at Circle K

As discussed earlier, a big part of running a successful convenience store is making it convenient for people to get in and out quickly without spending all day waiting in line.

Circle K accepts Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards, their own Circle K Easy Pay cards, prepaid credit cards, and cash.

Some users have reported difficulties trying to use Samsung Pay, as some stores were declining it.

This can be a challenge when you’re dealing with franchises, sometimes an owner will have different ideas about how they’d like people to pay.

But we haven’t seen any recent issues with Apple Pay, just some hiccups from when Circle K first started rolling it out years ago.

Circle K offers their own payment service as well.

It’s called Easy Pay, and uses a form of debit card that’s linked to your bank account.

You’ll earn discounts on your gasoline by paying with Easy Pay.


You can use Apple Pay at Circle K stores to quickly and easily pay for your goods.

Using Apple Pay keeps your payment information secure, instead of potentially exposing it to merchants or having them store it.

Smart and savvy consumers understand the importance of keeping their payment information safe, it’s never fun to have to replace a credit card and re-enter it on every site you shop at, so keep it safe from the start.

The next time you need some gasoline, snacks, bandages, or basic things for around the home – you’ll probably find it at Circle K, and you’ll be able to use Apple Pay to make purchases at Circle K.