Does CVS Sell Stamps?

does cvs sell stamps
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Are you wondering if it is possible to purchase stamps at CVS?

Find out the answer to this question together with the various types of stamps, prices, and further information.

Avoid the long post office line by purchasing stamps at your local supermarket, drug, or convenience shop if you’re in a hurry to send a letter or package.

CVS also sells a large selection of everyday essentials in its stores, so you would ask if they sell stamps as well.

A customer service person is always on hand if you are unable to locate the stamps in-store.

Convenience Value Service is short for CVS.

They provide everything you could possibly need in terms of health-related items.

However, their business is not just restricted to health items; they have also broadened their scope and now provide a wide range of goods.

Office supplies and stamps have their own section in the store.

CVS drugstores can be found all throughout the United States.

In fact, they have more than 9,600 outlets spread over the country, making stamp purchasing a breeze.

does cvs sell stamps

Does CVS Sell Stamps in 2023?

Yes, CVS Does Sell Stamps in their Store in 2023! A 10-stamp booklet will cost you $10 and be available for purchase at CVS in 2023.

Remember that stamps aren’t available for sale from CVS on the internet!

Any CVS in-store location has these at the cashier’s counter for customers to pick up.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about the stamps offered at CVS, their varieties and prices, as well as the many alternatives.

How Many Types of Stamps Does CVS Carry?

Right now, the only stamps available at CVS are First-class stamps, which are suitable for mailing a 1-ounce letter.

These stamps are also known as “Forever Stamps.”

CVS does not offer individual stamps, therefore you’ll have to buy a booklet of 20 to get these stamps.

It’s also worth noting that CVS offers just generic stamps like the American flag or other symbols.

Visit your local post office instead if you’re looking to buy a range of stamps in various values and designs to correlate with different celebrations or periods of time.

The nice thing is that forever stamps never expire, so even if you buy a booklet, they will be good for years to come.

Where Can I find CVS Postage Stamps?

For roughly $10 a booklet, CVS offers stamps at the same price as the US Post Office.

Each Forever stamp costs only 55 cents, which means that purchasing a booklet of 20 will save you up to 1.20 cents on the whole.

If you don’t use stamps as frequently, buying a booklet of 20 Forever stamps may still be a wise investment since, as their name implies, their worth does not diminish over time, even if shipping rates rise.

At CVS, where can I get stamps?

Shoppers at CVS will discover postage stamps on their way out of the store.

To make them easily accessible when needed, CVS stores put their stamp books at the cash register.

Next time you’re in CVS, just ask for a coupon booklet from the cashier; they should have one on hand right away.

Are stamps available on the CVS website?

The answer is no, you cannot purchase stamps from the CVS website.

On the other hand, customers may purchase stamps at any of CVS’s 9,600 in-store locations around the country.

What about CVS ‘ExtraBucks’ reward points?

CVS has a customer loyalty program called “ExtraCare” that offers discounts and prizes to frequent consumers.

When My CVS Store Doesn’t Have Stamps, what should I do?

Stamps are typically available year-round at all CVS locations.

If your CVS is low on stamps and hasn’t replenished, or if they don’t sell stamps on a regular basis, you can talk to a customer service person to find out what their policies are on selling postal stamps.

In this case, they can inform you when the item will be back in stock or point you in the direction of the nearest store where you can buy it.

You may still phone your local CVS to make sure that stamps are available before you go, even though this is an uncommon problem.

Locate and contact your local CVS drugstore using this link.

Besides these stores, where else can I buy stamps?

CVS is not the only pharmacy or convenience shop that sells postal stamps.

Walmart, Costco, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Rite Aide, and others sell stamps.

When all else fails, there is always the USPS store.

Conclusion: Are Stamps Available at CVS?

In case you didn’t know, there are 9,600 CVS stores around the US that sell First-class or Forever stamps.

You can see these stamps offered in booklets of 20 at the checkout counter.

However, CVS does not sell stamps online, which means you can’t purchase these stamps on their website.

It also costs the same as USPS stamps, which cost around $10, and you can’t redeem them with your CVS ‘ExtraBuck’ credits.