Does Fairway Market Accept Apple Pay in 2023?
We get the question "Does Fairway Market take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

does fairway market take apple pay
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Fairway Market is a popular American grocery retail chain that was founded by Nathan Glickberg in 1933.

It is currently one of the store banners owned by the Wakefern Food Corporation, a company famous for its flagship supermarket cooperative network, ShopRite.

Fairway Market locations feature all kinds of grocery supplies for consumers to purchase, carrying both regular and organic goods from some of the most popular brands around.

Furthermore, the grocery store has expanded to include a cafe section, as well; the cafe offers customers sandwiches, burgers, and breakfast, while also becoming a steakhouse by night.

The grocery store chain receives most of its revenue volume through two major channels, the primary mode being Fairway Market physical locations.

Customers can go into one of five Fairway Market stores to purchase grocery goods.

The second medium of revenue that the grocery store franchise uses is their highly convenient mobile app or website store.

So we arrive at the topic of today’s article!

The pandemic has changed business life for many major companies over the past few years.

Customers have begun to grow wary about their health and safety when going shopping, and that is why businesses have shifted towards offering a variety of contactless services.

This is around the same time that Apple’s digital wallet was also growing in popularity, due to its quick and simple design.

This begs the following question: does Fairway Market accept Apple Pay in 2023?

Continue reading below to find out!

does fairway market accept apple pay

Does Fairway Market Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Fairway Market Does Accept Apple Pay in 2023!

Fairway Market takes Apple Pay as an eligible method of payment across their five locations and via the Fairway Market mobile app.

The grocery store franchise tweeted this news online in April of 2016.

The digital wallet service was originally rolled out by Apple in 2014.

Since then, most major grocery stores such as Target, Kroger, and Walmart have caught up to this contactless payment method.

You can expect more competitors to begin offering Apple Pay.

Customers may make use of their digital wallets at Fairway Market stores, just as they can at many other large franchises.

This means Apple Pay can be used directly within the Fairway Market mobile app and website to get groceries.

Also, consumers can also utilize this feature at one of five Fairway Market physical locations.

Fairway Market also tends to a large variety of other payment methods.

They accept payment via all major debit and credit cards, as well as cash.

Furthermore, as an added class of payment, customers can use gift cards issued by the store and outside to checkout their items (both at physical retail locations and via online).

How to Use Your Apple Device to Pay at Fairway Market Stores

Keeping up with the shift towards pandemic business practices, Fairway Market started allowing their consumers to checkout of their stores and their online experience via Apple Pay.

This allows individuals to pay for their items without ever having to open your wallet.

Given that your digital wallet is active and ready to be used, you can skip the hassle of getting your card or cash out at the register.

This means that if you are shopping at the one of Fairway Market’s physical locations, you can use Apple Pay.

To correctly make use of Apple Pay at Fairway Market stores, you will have to first upload a valid credit or debit card into your iPhone’s Digital Wallet.

Simply open up the Wallet app on your device, and then navigate to the + button in the top right.

Then, scan your card and follow the on screen instructions to enable Apple Pay!

As soon as this portion is complete, you are ready to start using your iPhone at checkout (both in person and online).

Let’s establish this first. You can checkout of physical locations using both your Apple iPhone and your Apple Watch.

Once you reach the register, let the employee know that you want to pay with Apple Pay.

As soon as they have scanned your items, double press the power button located on the right side of your iDevice.

Then, you’ll be asked to authenticate yourself using one of three means: your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

As soon as this part is done, you should hold your iDevice over the transaction device.

You’ll see a short loading icon, and then a checkmark.

You should be all done.

does fairway market take apple pay

Using Apple Pay via the Fairway Market Mobile App or Website

Many consumers who want their food quickly but conveniently will end up utilizing the Fairway Market app or web store for convenience.

Those individuals must also be wondering — how can I use Apple Pay to checkout online?

Is that even possible?

There are a large number of consumers who want to prioritize their health and safety during COVID-19.

That group of grocery customers will inevitably head over to the Fairway Market mobile app or website.

This would allow them to skip the line, and pick up their items much more quickly.

They must be wondering, however, whether they will still be able to checkout through the online medium using their Apple digital wallet?

Thankfully, yes.

They will still be able to; customers who are using Fairway Market’s mobile app or website store can still checkout using their Apple digital wallet features.

It’s quite easy, in fact!

In order to do so, it is important for us to check that your Apple Digital Wallet is fully activated.

This means it has a valid payment method stored within it.

Check this by double clicking on the power button, located towards the right side of your phone.

If your Wallet shows up at the top of your screen, you are all good to go!

If it does not, however, go ahead and visit your Wallet app.

Press the + icon in the top corner, then follow the on screen instructions.

As soon as this is done, you are ready to start paying with your digital wallet.

Once you have all your items in your online shopping cart, navigate to the checkout.

Press Apple Pay as your chosen payment medium; you will be asked to authenticate yourself in order to verify some order details (card information, contact details).

This will be done likely via passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

This should be all done!

You’ll see a checkmark indicating that the process is complete.

Consumers who want groceries can skip the line and get their items conveniently utilizing the Fairway Market online shopping experience.


Fairway Market began enabling digital wallet payments at all their stores in April of 2016.

They also extended those same features to consumers who were shopping in the grocer’s mobile app or website.

This is great news for Apple device owners, who can now checkout with their groceries in a matter of a few seconds.

Every time!