Does Hobby Lobby Have a Credit Card?
We get the question "Does Hobby Lobby have a Credit Card" and here's what you need to know!

does hobby lobby have a credit card
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Does Hobby Lobby Have a Credit Card in 2023?

No, Hobby Lobby Does Not Have a Credit Card in 2023.

There used to be a Hobby Lobby credit card that you could apply for, but it appears as if it’s no longer open to new applicants.

While some people will still have an active Hobby Lobby credit card, it doesn’t seem that anyone can apply for a new one anymore.

With a specific store brand credit card, you’ll almost always earn the most points when you’re shopping at that specific store.

So, if you’re shopping at Hobby Lobby often enough, that’s when it can make sense to get a store branded credit card.

If you just shop at Hobby Lobby every now and then, there’s probably a better option out there in terms of a credit card for you to choose.

You can find a card that will give you more points at the places you shop most often. In any case, a Hobby Lobby card could be a great fit for some consumers.

Here’s some more information about it, for the small group of people who may still have it.

does hobby lobby have a credit card

Hobby Lobby is one of the most popular places to buy supplies for arts, crafts, and a ton of different hobbies.

Hobby Lobby also sells home decor, frames, scrapbooking supplies, fabric and sewing supplies, and more.

With nearly 1000 locations, chances are there’s a Hobby Lobby not too far from your home, and if you’re into crafts and textiles and similar hobbies, you’ll probably find yourself stopping by at least every now and then.

With 5 billion dollars in revenue each year, it’s no wonder that new Hobby Lobby locations are popping up.

This store was founded in 1972, and it has grown tremendously since then.

Some of the competitors to Hobby Lobby include Jo-Ann Stores and Michaels.

But there’s one thing that Hobby Lobby offers that you won’t find at the other leading arts and craft supply stores, and that’s a unique payment method with its own special set of perks and benefits.

Some large retail brands will offer their own store brand credit card which is usually done in partnership with a bank or another financial institution, where the bank partners up to offer the credit card with the store, and the store is responsible for signing their customers up for the card.

Here’s what you need to know about a Hobby Lobby credit card, the perks and benefits, and other ways to save some money when you’re shopping at Hobby Lobby so that you can buy more supplies.

The Benefits of the Hobby Lobby Credit Card

There’s no annual fee for the Hobby Lobby credit card for people that already have one, it’s $0 per year so that’s a good start.

Sometimes, depending on your spending habits, it makes sense to find a card with an annual fee if that particular card offers enough extra rewards or incentives to make it worthwhile.

Interest rates on this card range from around 16% – 26%. That’s one of the downsides of store brand credit cards, the interest rates can be quite high.

hobby lobby credit card

How Can You Apple For a Hobby Lobby Credit Card?

Do you shop at Hobby Lobby often enough that you want to take advantage of the extra rewards you’ll earn on your purchases?

You used to be able to apply for a Hobby Lobby credit card at the Hobby Lobby website, but it appears as though it’s no longer open for new members.

Before you start applying for store credit cards, think about how much you spend there and how much the extra 1% or so in points, from that one particular store, might add up to.

Is it worth potentially taking a small hit to your credit score by opening new cards, instead of using the ones you have?

If you do a lot of shopping at Hobby Lobby, and you don’t have a lot of other credit cards, it could be worth it if you plan on using this one for other purchases as well as what you buy at Hobby Lobby.

It’s possible that they will open it up to new applicants at some point in the future, however for the time being, you may not be able to apply for a new Hobby Lobby credit card.

Alternatives to the Hobby Lobby Credit Card

When you’re shopping at Hobby Lobby, you can pay using any other credit card, even if you aren’t able to get a Hobby Lobby credit card.

You can also pay using debit cards, cash, or gift cards.

If you have a solid cash back credit card, you’ll earn points anywhere you shop, whether it’s at Hobby Lobby, or when you buy groceries, or when you pay bills, and just about any other time that you spend money.

Other Ways to Save Money at Hobby Lobby

There isn’t a rewards program at Hobby Lobby, but we’ve put together some other ideas to help you save some money the next time you’re shopping at Hobby Lobby for arts and crafts, hobby supplies, and more.

Just because the famous 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon is no longer a thing, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find some savings at this store.

Their weekly advertisement flier is the best way to find out which categories and which items are going to be on sale that week.

If you pay attention and you have some patience, you can end up saving a lot of money on all of your supplies.

Since they have different sales at different times, when something you use comes on sale, it’s a good idea to stock up.

hobby lobby credit cards


Hobby Lobby does not have a credit card.

There is no Hobby Lobby rewards credit card, but you can use a different credit card when you’re shopping at Hobby Lobby.

They used to offer this card to the public – anyone could apply for a Hobby Lobby credit card.

Now, you can still log-in if you have an account, but it’s too late to open a new account.

If Hobby Lobby starts accepting new credit card applications at some point, we’ll let you know.