Does Home Depot take Apple Pay?

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Many U.S. businesses now accept Apple Pay, self-checkout counters, providing customers with a convenient option to make quick in-store and online purchases.

It’s worth also thinking about getting an Apple Card if you frequently pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch via Apple Pay.

If you pay with your phone, you’ll get 2 percent back every day on purchases made with the tap-to-pay mobile payment system.

While the physical card is attractive, it only offers 1% in cash back.

Also, customers don’t have to enter any personal information to complete their purchases.

As we strive to improve the checkout process for both customers and merchants, which is important if you don’t want to get scammed.

Despite that, we’ll take a look at whether or not, one of America’s leading home improvement retailers, Home Depot, accept Apple Pay?

In the process of doing research, I’ve come across the following.

We get the question, Does Home Depot accept Apple Pay ?

Quite a few people have asked this question and we’ll go into detail about which payment systems they take below.

Does Home Depot take Apple Pay in 2023?

Home Depot Does Not Accept Apple Pay in-store or online, and it has no plans to do so anytime soon.

To pay using a phone, customers will have to go online or use PayPal.

For more information on why Home Depot does not accept Apple Pay purchases, other payment options, and more, read on!

When will Home Depot start accepting Apple Pay?

Due to their agreement with PayPal, Home Depot no longer accepts Apple Pay.

The goal of this union is to increase the number of consumers who pay using PayPal-powered credit cards both in-store and online.

Any Home Depot customer may use the PayPal mobile payment app to pay with PayPal at any time, anywhere.

Home Depot doesn’t allow Apple Pay because it discourages customers from using PayPal because it’s more widely accepted now.

When buying items at Home Depot, can I use my phone to make a payment?

In order to make payments at Home Depot, customers must use real cards or cash rather than their iPhones.

Despite this, customers can submit their mobile phone number to a store worker at the checkout, and the bill will be connected to their carrier’s account bill.

PayPal’s credit card can also be linked to a user’s phone number via P2P.

Be aware that you must buy online at Home Depot if you intend to make purchases with your phone.

Consider using PayPal to make a payment if you want it to be secure and quick.

In the absence of an account, you may be required to manually enter your card information.

Is it possible that Home Depot will accept Apple Pay in the future?

The launch of Apple Pay at Home Depot locations is widely predicted.

In spite of several claims to the contrary, Apple has yet to confirm whether or not its customers have utilized Apple Pay in specific stores in the US and Canada.

For the time being, Home Depot hasn’t said if it plans to accept Apple Pay at any of its locations owing to its affiliation with PayPal.

Home Depot would become one of Apple’s most important retail partners if the firm implemented Apple Pay there.

Is it true that Home Depot accepts Apple Pay?

However, according to rumors, Home Depot used to offer Apple Pay before it signed on with PayPal.

Before the NFC terminals were withdrawn, customers could make purchases using Apple Pay on their iPhones and other Apple devices.

Besides cash and credit cards, does Home Depot accept any other payment methods?

For your convenience, Home Depot offers a variety of payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

As a result, a gift card issued by one of these suppliers can be used both in-store and online.

Moreover, consumers may make use of the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card as well as the Home Depot Commercial Credit Card accounts (PROX and CRC)

Owners of these credit cards will not be charged until the item ships.

In addition, Home Depot accepts gift cards in the form of physical store cards and eGift cards for online purchases as well.

Alternative merchants including PayPal, Target, Walgreens, and Staples also sell them.

Is There A Way To Pay With PayPal At Home Depot?

Nowadays, Home Depot only accepts PayPal as a payment method through the use of a PayPal Cash Card.

Although, Home Depot had a PayPal payment option that used a mobile phone number and pin before, that option was removed in 2018.

However, customers can still pay for their purchases on and the Home Depot app with the PayPal app.

So, if you’re shopping at a Home Depot store or online, you may use PayPal to pay quickly and easily.

Simply input your cell number and PIN or swipe your PayPal card and enter your PIN to utilize this method at self-checkout lanes run by kiosks.

Learn whether CVS, Sam’s Club, and Walgreens accept Apple Pay to see if you’re interested in learning more.


For all the Apple Pay users out there, we are sorry but Home Depot Does Not accept Apple Pay since it has partnered with another big online payment company, PayPal.

Alternatively, customers may pay using PayPal online or in-store by providing their cell number and account PIN.

Keep in mind that Home Depot has no immediate plans to accept Apple Pay.