Does Kroger Sell Stamps for Postage (Price and Types)
We get the question "Does Kroger Sell Stamps for Postage" and here's what you need to know!

does kroger sell stamps
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Does Kroger Sell Stamps for Postage?

Yes, Kroger sells stamps in all of its stores; available at the checkout from the cashier or at customer services.

They are available in sheets or books of 20 Forever Stamps and each is valid for First-Class mailing of a 1-ounce letter.

You can use multiple stamps to cover the cost of heavier items or International postage.

does kroger sell stamps for postage

Waiting in a line at the Post Office to buy a single postage stamp is time-consuming and annoying.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient if postage stamps were available in other retail outlets so that we can pick them up along with the groceries, fuel, or prescription?

Thankfully, USPS have the same line of thinking and many of our favorite stores stock stamps for our convenience.

Does Kroger sell stamps for postage, how they work, and the expected costs are just some of the things this article explains.

What are Forever Stamps

USPS introduced Forever Stamps in April 2007, enabling customers to keep abreast of ever-fluctuating stamp prices.

They work simply; the cost of the stamp on the day it is purchased covers First-Class postage whenever you use the stamp, be it weeks, months, or years away.

The self-adhesive stamps are non-denominational.

It is possible to buy individual Forever Stamps over the counter in Post Offices or from the USPS website.

Retail outlets, such as Kroger, only sell them in sheets of 20.

The price you pay on the day covers the cost of mailing a letter, even if at that time, the price of First-Class mail has doubled.

Forever Stamps are an investment.

What if Forever Stamps are Damaged Over Time?

Try to keep the stamps in new condition as some postal services won’t accept them if damaged or ripped.

Store them flat, in a cool and dry space.

If, however, your stamps are accidentally damaged, take them to your local Post Office; many are kind enough to exchange them for new ones.

Check the value of old, rediscovered stamps online. Some rare designs might have a good resale value if you can find the right collector!

How Much are Forever Stamps?

Today’s price for a single Forever Stamp is $0.58, therefore, a sheet of 20 stamps costs $11.60.

If you have old stamps from 2013 when they cost $0.46, not only are they still valid, but you won’t have to pay the price difference.

See what we mean about Forever Stamps being an investment, albeit a tiny one?!

Can Forever Stamps be Used on Parcels or for Overseas Postage?

You can use Multiple Stamps to cover the cost of postage. Prices depend on the size, weight, and destination of the parcel or letter.

For example; if postage costs $1.83, stick 4 x Forever Stamps to the package.

At today’s price of 58 cents, there is $2.32 worth of postage; an overspend of 49 cents.

Alternatively, go to the Post Office or USPS online and pay for the exact amount of postage required.

does kroger sell stamps

About Kroger

Kroger is one of the biggest grocery chains in the US. From humble beginnings in Cincinnati in 1883, the store now boasts more than 2800 stores across 35 states.

To fulfil its One-Stop shopping strategy, Kroger sells groceries, including freshly baked bread, most stores have pharmacies, and you can also get homewares and clothes.

Kroger aims to be competitively priced, including at its fuel centres.

Most stores operate curbside and in-store pickup, home delivery, and some have drive-thru services.

No matter which is your preference, you can add postage stamps to your order.

If you’re shopping in-store, most Kroger branches offer handy postal services.

Pop your package onto the scales to find out the exact postage costs.

Although many large retailers sell stamps for postage, Kroger is one of the few that offer weighing services.

Without in-store scales, customers either have to wait in line at a Post Office or weigh packages at home and work out how many stamps are required.

Stamps for postage aren’t the only product available at Kroger for keen letter writers.

It offers a wide range of stationery products and mailing accessories, such as packaging, tape, envelopes, and paper.

Where is my Nearest Kroger?

Kroger has long opening hours, 7-days a week. Conveniently, most stores are open outside of Post Office hours, so you need never be stuck without a stamp.

Kroger has branches in 35 states to date, with plans to open more in all the remaining states.

Finding your closest store is easy;

  1. Head to the Kroger website
  2. Click on Store Locator
  3. Type in your zip code

A drop-down list of your local Kroger stores appears. Click on your favored on to find important information, such as opening times, address, telephone number, etc.


Kroger does sell stamps for postage in a variety of designs, including special Christmas issues.

Forever Stamps guarantee a First-Class delivery service both domestically and globally.

If you have taken advantage of the in-store weighing service, you have already found the right place to buy your stamps at Kroger.