Does Kung Fu Tea Accept Apple Pay in 2023?
We get the question "Does Kung Fu Tea take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

Does Kung Fu Tea Accept Apple Pay
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Kung Fu Tea is an American beverage retail franchise that focuses on selling flavored bubble teas alongside other fruit medleys.

They currently operate across the country, with over 250 active locations running in the United States.

They offer consumers an avenue of experiencing authentic Taiwanese drinks through an affordable and accessible medium.

Some of their drink styles include milk tea bases, fruit teas, and other refreshing and tasty beverages.

Kung Fu Tea’s mission is to inspire the community to “dream big” and “live fearlessly,” as stated on their company’s About Us story page.

Kung Fu Tea has grown significantly since its opening in 2010; what was once just a single store has now flourished into hundreds across the nation.

The beverage franchisee collects revenue through two major channels, the first being many physical retail locations.

Their second primary revenue stream is collected through the popular Kung Fu Tea mobile app.

Hence we arrive at the topic of today’s piece!

Consumers nowadays highly value ease of service as well as convenience, two qualities that have grown in presence following the emergence of COVID-19.

That is why Apple Pay has become such a popular means of payment.

Many franchises and retailers around the world have started allowing digital wallets as eligible checkout methods.

This allows customers to circumvent the hassle of getting their money out at the checkout, holding up the line, etc.

The question then emerges: does Kung Fu Tea accept Apple Pay in 2023?

Read onward to find out!

Does Kung Fu Tea Accept Apple Pay

Does Kung Fu Tea Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Kung Fu Tea Does Accept Apple Pay!

Fortunately, Kung Fu Tea has fully enabled Apple Pay as a viable checkout method throughout the Kung Fu Tea experience (both in person and via their mobile app).

The contactless payment route was integrated by the company over the past few years.

Since Apple Pay was originally announced, these kinds of services have grown in popularity.

It seems that the Taiwanese beverage retailer is not going to be passed up, here.

Customers may make use of their digital wallet capabilities at Kung Fu Tea, just as they do at many other large franchises.

This means that consumers can utilize Apple Pay directly within the beverage retailer’s mobile app in order to checkout; furthermore, this can be done in just a few seconds when checking out of Kung Fu Tea physical locations.

Kung Fu Tea does allow payment via a large variety of other methods.

They allow consumers to checkout using various major credit/debit cards, such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

They also allow consumers to pay via cash.

Furthermore, like many of their competitors, Kung Fu Tea allows consumers to pay for their drinks with gift cards.

These may have been issued by the store or elsewhere; both mediums are valid method of payment when drinking with Kung Fu Tea.

How to Use Your iPhone to Pay at Kung Fu Tea Stores

As the pandemic ramped up over the past few years, there was a lot of pressure on stores and restaurants everywhere to adapt to the new bar of contactless service.

Kung Fu Tea was quick to meet this standard, as the company began integrating digital wallets into their systems soon after the feature was originally unveiled by Apple.

The Taiwanese beverage retailer allows customers to pay for drinks using just an Apple device!

This is assuming that your wallet is first connected to an active payment method (usually in the form of a debit or credit card).

This allows Apple iPhone or Watch users to checkout of stores with your drinks very quickly!

To properly use Apple Pay to checkout of Kung Fu Tea stores, you’ll first need to add your credit or debit card to your iPhone’s Digital Wallet.

Do this by simply visiting the Wallet app on your phone, and then pressing the + button in the top right.

Then, scan your card and follow the on screen instructions to enable Apple Pay!

In order to properly use Apple Pay to buy drinks at Kung Fu Tea stores, let us first ensure that your digital wallet is fully set up.

To check this, you will need to visit your Wallet app.

Navigate to the + icon in the upper right corner to begin setting up a new payment method in your Wallet.

Once you have scanned your card and it is fully stored in your Wallet app, you can now utilize your iPhone or Apple Watch at checkout (both in person and online).

In order to utilize your Apple device at Kung Fu Tea’s checkout, go ahead and first inform the employee that you will be paying for your drink with Apple Pay.

Once they’ve logged your purchased items, find and double press on the power button (located on right side of both your iPhone or Apple Watch).

Then, you will need to authenticate yourself in the Wallet; this is usually done one of three ways: password, Touch ID, and Face ID.

After this phase, go ahead and hold your Apple Watch or iPhone up to the transaction device; you will see a small loading icon, and then the purchase should go through with a checkmark!

does kung fu tea take apple pay

Using Apple Pay via the Kung Fu Tea Mobile App

There is a portion of Kung Fu Tea consumers who want to avoid the hassle of going in store.

They don’t want to wait in a long line, they don’t want the hassle of getting out their card, and they want to stay healthy and safe during the pandemic.

These individuals can make use of the Kung Fu Tea mobile app to order their drinks!

They must be wondering, however, whether or not they can pay for those drinks with Apple Pay. Even in the mobile app?

Thankfully, yes they can.

Individuals who are making use of the Kung Fu Tea mobile app for their drinks can still utilize their Apple Digital Wallet features.

The process has been simplified for consumer convenience.

To pay with your phone within the mobile app, let us first make sure that your digital wallet is fully enabled to make payments.

Check this out by double pressing on your device’s power button: did your cards appear at the top? If so, you are ready to pay.

If not, then locate your Wallet app and follow the instructions within there to upload a new payment method to your digital wallet.

As soon as this is complete, we should be ready to pay for Kung Fu Tea without ever leaving their mobile app.

Once you have selected your desired drinks in the app, head on over to check out.

Here, you’ll need to select Apple Pay as your chosen checkout method.

Once this is done, simply scan a valid form of authentication in order to verify pertinent details; this will be done via your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

Once this is complete, you should be good to go!

This mode of checkout enables you to order refreshing beverages for curbside pickup, saving you all kinds of trouble when you want Kung Fu Tea.


Kung Fu Tea has extended digital wallet features to all of its physical locations, as well as via its mobile app.

This means Apple device owners can pay for their drinks with a single tap, avoiding a variety of hassles.