Does Mariano’s Accept Apple Pay in 2023?
We get the question "Does Mariano's take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

Does Mariano's Accept Apple Pay
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Mariano’s Fresh Market is a midwestern grocery store chain that originally opened its doors in the year 2010.

Since then, Mariano’s was acquired by major grocery franchise Kroger.

The store has expanded to over 40 operating locations scattered throughout the United States.

According to their website, Mariano’s offers a large variety of grocery items spanning a number of departments.

This includes both food and drink items in dairy, meat, seafood, fruit, and vegetables.

Furthermore, most Mariano’s feature an in house deli and bakery, while also offering customers beer, wine, and liquor.

This makes Mariano’s the perfect one stop for all your grocery needs.

Since the start of the pandemic, grocery stores and retail franchises across the country have begun to incorporate changing practices and methods of conducting business.

This means contactless services, curbside pickup, and other policies have grown in their usage, largely in a response to customer demand.

Consumers want to value their health and convenience during these times, and that is where Apple Pay comes particularly useful.

Apple Pay was originally rolled out by the company in 2014, as a new feature that transforms your iDevice into a functional digital wallet.

Consumers could check out in mere seconds simply by tapping there iPhone or Apple Watch to the checkout register.

This begs the following question: does Mariano’s accept Apple Pay in 2023?

Read on to find out the answer!

Mariano's accept apple pay

Does Mariano’s Accept Apple Pay in 2023?

No, Mariano’s Does not Accept Apple Pay in 2023!

Unfortunately, the grocery market Mariano’s has not yet integrated Apple Pay into its checkout registers.

This is likely because they are a smaller chain but, since Mariano’s is owned by Kroger, they have enabled Kroger Pay as one of their many checkout methods.

Kroger Pay is another contactless means of paying for your groceries at certain stores.

The grocery giant Kroger owns and operates a variety of smaller chains (similar to Mariano’s), and so it extends the Kroger Pay features to those stores as well.

Kroger itself, however, does accept Apple Pay.

Individuals may still be wondering: how can I shop at Mariano’s?

The grocery chain has three primary channels through which consumers may order groceries.

The first means of transaction that Mariano’s offers is their physical locations; there are 44 locations open across the country.

The next two means of grocery shopping at Mariano’s are both online experiences.

Customers can visit the App Store or Google Play Store to access the Mariano’s mobile app.

Furthermore, individuals without access to a mobile device can still shop at Mariano’s via their website, located at

Using Your Phone to Checkout of Mariano’s Stores

As mentioned earlier, Kroger Pay is integrated at all Mariano’s stores for consumers to utilize.

It is a contactless payment method that favors safety and security, all while offering you a convenient way to checkout with just your mobile device.

How does it work?

Before you go to your local Mariano’s, first visit your phone’s App Store and download the Mariano’s mobile app.

This is available both for iOS users and via the Google Play Store.

Then, head to the “More” tab in the app, and navigate to “Kroger Pay.”

Here, you will be asked to set up your payment method and pin.

Remember, Kroger Pay is a safe and secure means of checking out without your physical wallet.

It will make your life a whole lot easier.

Once you’ve designated a four digit pin, you are ready to shop!

When you get to checkout, inform the employee that you would like to pay for your items via Kroger Pay.

Open up your app and scan the QR code that the employee shows you.

This will identify your unique order details and align them with your payment information.

This is highly similar to Apple Pay, except that it only works through the Kroger App instead of your Wallet app. And, it only works at Kroger operated locations!

Individuals with Kroger Cards (debit or credit) can also collect royalty reward points and cash back via the Kroger Pay service.

This means that Kroger customers should also be shopping at Mariano’s!

does marianos take apple pay

Using Your Phone to Pay via Mariano’s Online Experience

There is a large number of consumers who want to get their groceries from Mariano’s, but don’t want to walk around the store.

This may be because they want to value their convenience and time, or maybe because of the health and safety risks posed by COVID-19.

Either way, these customers will inevitably go to Mariano’s mobile app or online web store, where they can take advantage of many services.

This way, they get to skip the line and have their items all collected for them in advance.

They can even setup curbside pickup and pay via Kroger Pay all before they show up to take their groceries.

All of this has been done to ensure that the consumer’s time is prioritized.

This section will deconstruct how you can utilize just your phone to checkout of Mariano’s online, both via their mobile app as well as through their web store.

Either way, let’s assume you already have collected your items in your shopping cart.

Now, select “Kroger Pay” as your desired payment method; please ensure that you have already activated your Kroger Pay capabilities.

This is where you’ll be asked to enter your four digit pin.

As soon as you’ve done that, you should be asked to verify a few order details.

This is where you can designate a pickup time for your groceries.

Once this is complete, your order is good to go! Your items will be ready for you soon.

Does Mariano's Accept Apple Pay


Mariano’s Fresh Market is owned and operated under Kroger’s commercial umbrella.

They are a grocery store chain that does not accept Apple Pay as a valid payment method.

To checkout via digital means, consumers will have to take advantage of Mariano’s Kroger Pay features.

This can be done by downloading the mobile app and activating Kroger Pay.

The app allows customers to checkout via contactless means using just their mobile device.

This is, in practice, exactly what Apple Pay enables for the shopping experience.

Please note that Kroger Pay does not support gift cards.