Does Modell’s Accept Apple Pay?

does modell's accept apple pay
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Modell’s started off as a humble family business before growing into a sporting goods powerhouse with over 100 locations, plus a popular online store.

Modell’s Sporting Goods was founded by Morris Modell all the way back in 1889.

The business is still privately held within the Modell family, and the current CEO, Mitchell Modell, is the great grandson of the founder.

Some people advise against getting into business with family, but when there’s a family business that can span the test of over a hundred years, it shows that sometimes working as a family can yield great results and countless happy customers.

Modell’s sells all sorts of products in the sporting goods category ranging from fitness equipment, active-wear and apparel, sports equipment, footwear, fitness accessories like smart watches, and games like billiards.

Modell’s has all sorts of stuff for many different types of leisure, sports, games, and other fun activities.

Modell’s is pretty much a one stop shop for anything active.

Before you head to your local Modell’s store the next time you need some sporting goods, you should ensure that they accept your payment method of choice.

Do you like to pay using Apple Pay because of how convenient it is to have all of your favorite payment methods with you in your Apple Wallet?

You’ll want to check if Modell’s supports Apple Pay before you show up, do your shopping, only to find out they don’t take your preferred payment method.

We reached out to Modell’s to see if they accept Apple Pay, and here’s what we learned.

modell's apple pay

Does Modell’s Accept Apple Pay in 2023?

No, Modell’s Does Not Accept Apple Pay in 2023.

Unfortunately, Modell’s does not support payments through Apple Pay, so you’ll need to bring another payment method if you plan on shopping at Modell’s.

Alternatively, you can find a sporting goods store that takes Apple Pay, since Modell’s does not accept Apple Pay.

Do you want Modell’s stores to accept Apple Pay in the future?

It’s possible that they may accept it in the future.

This message from Modell’s staff says that they don’t accept Apple Pay “as of now”, which could indicate that they may accept it in the future.

Should Modell’s Accept Apple Pay?

As with any other store that does or does not accept Apple Pay, Modell’s has every right to choose which payment methods they’re going to accept.

In this case, it’s not a matter of lacking the technology, since Modell’s accepts other alternative payment platforms such as Shop Pay, Google Pay, and Quadpay.

We believe that it’s beneficial for consumers to have more options when it comes to making payments at retailers.

We’ve featured many stores that accept Apple Pay, but Modell’s does not accept Apple Pay.

As a consumer, you can reach out to Modell’s to let them know that you wish they would accept Apple Pay.

Believe it or not, feedback like this can help influence companies to make changes, for example to start taking Apple Pay.

If a company hears from enough of their customers asking them to accept a new payment method, it’s very possible that they will start to do so.

Modell’s is already open to alternative payment options and contactless payments via mobile devices, so perhaps Apple Pay will arrive some day in the near future.

Which Payment Methods Does Modell’s Accept?

does modell's accept apple pay

Modell’s accepts all of the major credit cards like Visa, American Express, and Mastercard.

In addition, they also accept debit cards.

Even though they don’t take Apple Pay, Modell’s still offers a variety of ways to pay.

Since they accept Shop Pay, Google Pay, and Quadpay in addition to all of the regular payment methods, they still offer more payment options than a typical retailer.

Perhaps at some point in the future, Modell’s will decide to start accepting Apple Pay in their stores and on their website.

Until then, you’ll have to consider getting Google Pay, Shop Pay, or another payment option.

Quadpay is a financing program that allows you to split your purchases into multiple payments, without having them go on your credit card.

These types of payment options are becoming more and more common, especially for eCommerce.

When dealing with micro purchase financing services like Quadpay that allow you to finance an individual purchase, always verify what your total cost of the item will be. 

Sometimes, it can be worthwhile to use these services to split up your payments, but other times you’re better off just paying for the item outright, even if it’s on a credit card.

This is an important part of being a smart consumer and making prudent financial decisions.

If you were able to use Apple Pay at Modell’s, you could simply put the purchase onto your preferred credit card or buy it outright with debit.


In conclusion, Modell’s Sporting Goods stores do not accept Apple Pay.

If you want to pay with your Apple Wallet at Modell’s, you are out of luck – at least for now!

It’s possible that Modell’s will decide to start accepting Apple Pay in the future.

We’re not sure exactly why Modell’s doesn’t accept Apple Pay, or whether there’s a good reason, or if it’s just not something they’ve gotten around to yet.

It’s a relatively big company, but sometimes there are other things that take higher priority, especially if Modell’s isn’t aware that they have customers who would rather pay with Apple Pay.

If it’s important for you to shop somewhere that accepts Apple Pay, you’ll need to find a different sporting goods store.

If you don’t mind using one of their accepted payment methods, then you’ll find a lot of great products at Modell’s, even if they don’t accept Apple Pay.