Does Publix Sell Stamps for Postage in 2023
We get the question "Does Publix Sell Stamps for Postage" and here's what you need to know!

does publix sell stamps for postage
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Does Publix Sell Stamps for Postage in 2023?

Yes, postage stamps are available to buy at Publix stores.

They are typically kept in the register and available from the cashier at checkout.

If you only have a couple of items and don’t want to wait in line, head to the customer services desk where the colleagues are happy to serve you with stamps.

You will need to buy a book of 20 stamps at the current First-Class retail price.

does publix sell stamps for postage

Not everyone has the time or the patience to wait in line at a busy Post Office just to mail a letter.

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could pick up postage stamps (and all other stationery) at the same time as your weekly grocery shop?

This article aims to share if Publix sells stamps for postage; if so, the types of stamps available and how much they cost.

How Forever Stamps Work

The price of postage stamps increase regularly; the cost, although representing good value for money, can be difficult to track.

For this reason, in 2007, the USPS – United States Postal Service introduced Freedom Stamps.

The stamps are non-denominational; regardless of the price you pay for them, they are valid to cover the cost of postage of a 1-ounce or less letter for as long as the stamp exists.

Apply to the top right-hand corner of an envelope, pop it in the mailbox, and be assured of First-Class delivery service.

Add more stamps depending on the weight of the letter. Be mindful that Publix doesn’t offer a weighing service; this should be carried out at home or in a Post Office.

Freedom Stamps are valid for international postage, providing enough are used to cover the charges.

Remember, each stamp is equivalent to the price of one First-Class stamp at that day’s rate.

For example, if postage costs $1.40, you can use 3 x Freedom Stamps – currently, that is equivalent to $1.74.

To prevent overspending, order the correct amount of postage from USPS online services or in a Post Office; that way you will pay the exact amount.

The Cost of Forever Stamps

Publix doesn’t set the price of stamps, that’s the job of the USPS.

At the time of writing, a single stamp costs 0.58 cents; a book/sheet of 20 cost $11.60.

Stamps bought back in 2013, for example, would have cost 0.46 cents, but are still valid for today’s postage at no additional cost.

A Freedom Stamp covers the cost of letters weighing up to 1-0unce First-Class post on that day; whatever the current price.

Forever stamps are an investment; especially if you mail regularly as postage costs invariably only increase.

Do Forever Stamps Last Forever?

Forever Stamps will last for as long as they are acceptable tender; hopefully for many decades to come.

There is one provision; they must be in good condition.

Some sorting offices may refuse to accept damaged, creased or wrinkled stamps.

To prevent this from happening, keep your sheets of stamps flat, preferably in a tin or box in a cool, dry place.

If you stumble across some old, damaged stamps; all is not lost.

Primarily, do a quick online search to see if they are rare and have any resale value!

If they don’t, pop them to the Post Office where they will exchange them for new Freedom Stamps.

does publix sell stamps for postage

About Publix

Publix is one of America’s largest quality food retailers.

There are stores in more than 1250 locations, most of which are focused in the south-east.

Florida alone is home to over 830 Publix stores.

The first store was opened by George W. Jenkins in Lakeland, Florida, back in 1930.

Originally, Publix was a grocery retailer, but its expansion means that it has diversified into many areas.

The store offers health and wellbeing products in in-store pharmacies, items for the home, and of course, stamps and other stationery needs!

Publix has also dipped its toe into the worlds of Real Estate, Money Transfer, and online shopping.

From humble beginnings, there are now more than 200,000 employees.

Does Publix Sell Single Stamps?

Publix only sells Forever Stamps and they cannot be bought individually.

They are available in sheets or booklets of 20, costing 20 times the price of a single stamp.

The initial outlay may seem a lot, but, if you only send mail occasionally, you will probably save money in the long run.

Even if the price has doubled since you bought your book of stamps, they will still be valid to cover the cost of First Class postage on a 1-ounce letter.

If you are adamant that only a single stamp will do, Publix is not the place to go; the local Post Office sells individual postage labels.

Alternatively, head online and order a postage label. You can pay for and print the label at home for ease and convenience.

How to Find the Nearest Publix

Enter your zip code on the Publix Store Locator app; all the nearest stores are listed in distance order.

Click on your chosen store for address, directions, phone number, opening hours, and any other important information.

Also, Google Maps is always a good place to go when looking for virtually anything!

Not only does it furnish you with all of the same information as the Publix Store Locator, but it will also direct you straight to the store.


Publix does sell stamps for postage.

You can get a book of 20 Forever Stamps at the checkout or Customer Service desk for immediate use or to store for use over the coming weeks, months, even years!