Does Ross Have a Credit Card?
We get the question "Does Ross Have a Store Credit Card" and here's what you need to know!

does ross have a credit card
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Does Ross Have a Credit Card in 2023?

No, Ross Does Not Have a Credit Card in 2023.

Ross stores do not offer their own store-brand credit card, but you can use other major credit cards there, including store brand cards from other stores.

Ross is a discount retailer, and they sell a lot of affordable clothing options, and it seems like it would be an odd fit to have a Ross branded credit card.

does ross have a credit card

Ross, the shorter name for a chain of stores called Ross Dress for Less, is a large chain of discount stores that was founded in 1982 in California.

Ross is still headquartered in California today, and they have expanded all across America to give consumers an opportunity to purchase brand name clothing and home items at discounted prices.

Ross Dress for Less employs nearly 90,000 people across the country and they have over 1500 locations.

The selection at Ross is ever-changing, you never really know what you’ll find.

The prices are low because they might not always have a huge stock of a specific item, some of it is overstock or items that didn’t sell at higher-end department stores. 

How Do I Apply for the Ross Credit Card?

You cannot apply for a Ross credit card because it doesn’t exist, but the good news is that there are plenty of other stores that offer their own store brand credit cards, or you can always apple for a card at your local bank or financial institution instead.

Store brand cards don’t always have the best interest rates, in fact sometimes their rates are downright bad compared to what you can get elsewhere, so unless you’re shopping at a store very, very often to earn lots of bonus rewards – it’s really not worth getting a store branded card.

And while Ross can be a great place to shop when you’re looking for affordable name brands, are you really going to spend enough at Ross to justify a store credit card? 

Probably not, and Ross recognizes this, as evidenced by their decision not to offer a store card to their customers.

Some companies will offer in-store financial for purchases or they’ll offer layaway so that you can save up for a purchase, and consumers can find these options helpful, but what about at Ross?

Does Ross Have Any In-Store Financing?

Ross doesn’t offer any type of in-store financing.

This includes, as we’ve already discussed, how they don’t offer their own store brand of credit cards.

In addition to not offering a store credit card, Ross also doesn’t offer any type of layaway.

Some clothing or department stores will offer layaway, for people who are waiting for their next paycheque or two before they can afford to purchase something, where they’ll essentially put down a deposit on it and the store will hold onto the item for them until they’re able to pay for it.

Layaway can be convenient, but it’s not something you’ll see as much as you might have in previous decades, perhaps partially to do with the wide availability of credit cards for people who want to buy things on credit.

does ross have a credit card

Ross Payment Methods

Ross doesn’t have a credit card or offer any types of in-store financing, but there are still plenty of ways to pay for your purchases at Ross clothing stores.

If you want to buy something at Ross and finance it, you can do that using any of the major credit cards – just make sure you pay it off soon so you aren’t overpaying in interest!

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Ross Store Gift Cards

It’s pretty straightforward.

Ross sells stuff that generally doesn’t cost very much, and their inventory changes often, it’s not always the most organized, it can be a bit of a free-for-all at times so it’s understandable that they would want to keep things simple.

Saving Money at Ross Stores

Ross stores are great when you want to get quality stuff at a cheaper price, and you don’t mind digging through the racks a bit.

You may have to spend a little time, but with some perseverance, you can usually find some pretty great stuff!

When you save money shopping at Ross, you’ll be able to buy more stuff or you’ll just have some money leftover and that’s always a good thing.

One of the best tips for shopping at Ross is to make sure you have enough time to look through a lot of different parts of the store, you never know what you might find.

Another tip is to shop there on mondays when they restock their shelves with new items because you’ll get first dibs on the best stuff.

People who are 55 years of age or older can save additional money at Ross stores if they shop on a Tuesday.

On Tuesdays at Ross stores, people who are 55 or older can save an additional 10%.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for and there’s another Ross store not too far away, you should know that different stores will have different levels of inventory at any given time, so it can be worthwhile to check another store if you need a different size or just to see some different items.

Look for items that are marked “irregular” on the tag, and then give them a close inspection before buying.

This is one of the very best ways to save the most money at Ross, and it’s usually very difficult or even impossible to tell what’s wrong with it.

Manufacturers have very strict guidelines and when items fall outside of that, they’re often sent to discount chains like Ross where they’re sold at a steep discount for a product that’s virtually identical to what somebody would pay many times more for at a luxury store.

does ross take apple pay


Ross does not have a credit card, so there is no Ross credit card to apply for.

They don’t do layaway either, so if you want something from Ross but you don’t have the money for it right now, your only options are to either wait, or to finance the purchase with a credit card.

If you wait too long, the downside with Ross is that their stock is always changing and they usually won’t get items restocked as you might expect at other stores, so if you miss your chance to get something you want, you might not have another opportunity.