Does Safeway Take Apple Pay
Today we'll answer: Does Safeway Have Apply Pay and Which Services (Gas, Online, Canada) Can use it at?

does safeway take apple pay
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Paying with Apple Pay is so convenient and quick, especially when you have your hands full.

Consumers simply add a debit or credit card to their iPhone wallet and pay by scanning or tapping the POS debit machine.

It is simple, quick, and eliminates the need to dig through your bag for your wallet and cash or cards.

Many stores are implementing Apple Pay as a way to checkout faster and more conveniently and one of these stores is Safeway.

Safeway is a large chain of grocery stores and if you are wondering whether they accept Apple Pay at a location near you, keep reading to find out!

does safeway take apple pay

Does Safeway Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Safeway Does accept Apple Pay as a valid method of payment in all of their US locations as well as locations in Canada.

Safeway has an online “order for pickup” option however, Apple Pay is not accepted for online orders or for orders made through the Safeway app.

Apple Pay is only accepted in-store at all of their US and Canadian locations.

How about Safeway Gas Station?

Generally speaking, Safeway Gas doesn’t have the ability to Take Apple Pay at the actual pump, but if you pay inside, you may be able to use this as a workaround. This will vary by location, so ask your gas attendant if you can pay at the window instead of at the pump if your in a state where you cannot pump your own gas.

Can I get cash back when I use Apple Pay at Safeway?

After doing some research, we discovered that each Safeway has a different policy on cash back for purchases made using Apple Pay.

Each Safeway location is individually managed and therefore may have different payment terms when it comes to cash back.

Some locations do not allow cash back on any purchases while other locations allow cash back on debit card purchases only.

We then found some locations that allow cash back with Apply Pay, it all varied from location to location.

Since this is the case, we recommend calling your local Safeway if you think you are going to need cash back.

You can use the location finder on their website to obtain the phone number to the Safeway nearest you.

Can I use my Safeway for U Rewards with Apple Pay?

You can absolutely use your Safeway for U Rewards with Apple Pay.

Safeway Rewards are linked to your phone number and therefore can be used with any form of payment, including Apple Pay.

Safeway for U is Safeway’s rewards program where you can earn discounts on products, services, and gas at eligible locations.

You can sign up for Safeway for U Rewards via their website.

Can I use Apple Pay for Online Orders at Safeway?

As mentioned before, Safeway does not accept Apple Pay for online orders or orders made though their app.

Apple Pay is only accepted in their physical store locations.

What forms of Payment does Safeway Accept?

Along with Apple Pay, Safeway also accepts all major credit cards including American Express, VISA, Discover, and MasterCard.

They also accept Debit/Credit and Cash payments, coupons, gift cards, and Google Pay.

If you are eligible to use WIC or SNAP EBT, those are also accepted along with food stamps.


Every Safeway store in the United States and Canada are accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment.

You can use Apple Pay at the standard checkout as well as self-checkout stations.

Just keep in mind that Apple Pay is only accepted in stores, not online or via the App.

For customers who are using the Safeway App or online “order to pickup,” eligible forms of payment include debit/credit or SNAP EBT and WIC.

Using the Rewards for U program at Safeway can get you discounts, free offers, and discounts in store and at eligible gas stations in your area and Rewards for U can be used with Apple Pay.