Does Shell Take Apple Pay in 2023?
We get the question "Does Shell take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

does shell take apple pay
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Does Shell Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Shell Does Take Apple Pay in 2023.

You can pay for your gas and other purchases at Shell using Apple Pay.

You can add your Shell Card to your Apple Wallet, or you can use Apple Pay to fund a balance in your Shell app.

To pay at the pump using Shell’s app, you simply use your mobile device to unlock the pump and go from there.

Shell’s pumps and registers are able to take mobile payments since they accept payments from their own app.

It’s possible you could run across a Shell location that has Apple Pay disabled, but you can always use Apple Pay to pay through your Shell app no matter what, so there are options.

does shell take apple pay

There are many different places to buy gasoline, and they’re all competing to be the place that you turn to.

Sometimes, people will choose their gas station based purely on proximity, meaning that they’ll go to the gas station that’s closest to their home or work and won’t think twice about it.

Other times, people will choose their gas station of choice based on things like rewards points, or how easy it is to pull up, fuel up, and get back on the road.

Nobody wants to wait around in line for ten minutes while people fumble with their payment methods, buy lottery tickets, dig out their ID’s to buy cigarettes, and other things that just take too much time when you’re waiting in line behind them.

As such, gas stations and convenience stores that accept a variety of payment methods and let you pay at the pump are a great choice for anyone who wants to get back on their way quickly after fueling up.

Royal Dutch Shell plc, more commonly known as Shell, is a massive company that operates gas stations all around the world.

They are based in The Hague in the Netherlands and publicly traded in the United Kingdom.

Shell was founded all the way back in 1907, and today they employ 86,000 people who contribute to an annual revenue of 180.5 billion US dollars.

If Shell’s your favorite place to buy gas and other items you’d find in a small convenience store, or you’re thinking of trying them out, you’ll want to make sure that they take your preferred payment methods first!

Should You Use Apple Pay at Shell?

You should use Apple Pay at Shell because it helps to keep your payment information safer.

You never know who may have tampered with the payment terminals at the pump, and using Apple Pay, Shell’s app, or any other type of mobile payment ensures that your payment information is kept private. 

The merchant never has access to your credit card or debit card information when you shield it with Apple Pay.

Setting Up Apple Pay to Use at Shell

You’ll need to begin by setting up your Apple Wallet for the first time, if you haven’t done this yet.

Simply open up the Apple Wallet application on your mobile device.

Once you’re inside the app, you’ll just need to add a credit card or a debit card and then you’re all set.

To add a card, press the + button on the top right of the app and then enter the card number and verification info.

Sometimes, your credit card company or bank may want you to confirm that it’s actually you adding this card to your device, to ensure that nobody else has stolen your card and tried to add it to their Apple Wallet.

In any case, you’re ready to head to Shell and pay for your purchases.

If you want to use the Shell app to pay at the pump, you can download that as well, and integrate it with your Apple Wallet.

shell apple pay

Other Ways to Pay at Shell

In addition to paying with Apple Pay, you can also pay using your Shell branded cards, your checking account with Shell S Pay, PayPal, Chase Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

You can pay with cash inside the store, and you can also use debit and credit cards to pay for your purchases at Shell.

Shell is a very convenient place to buy gas because they have a lot of locations, and they make it very easy to pay by accepting a lot of different payment methods.

It’s great for people who have Android devices to be able to make mobile payments, too, and not just people who use iPhones or Apple Watches.

Mobile payments are a fantastic way to protect your data as a consumer, and to take more ownership over your privacy and security, and stores that accept these types of payment methods are empowering you to do exactly that.


You can use Apple Pay to pay at Shell, and you can use Apple Pay to fund your Shell app if you want to pay at the pump.

Paying at the pump is one of the most convenient ways to buy gas, since you don’t have to wait in line and you’re able to keep your information to yourself without the risk of having yoru payment information exposed.