Does Taco Cabana Accept Apple Pay in 2023?
We get the question "Does Taco Cabana take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

does taco bell take apple pay
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Taco Cabana is an American fast casual restaurant chain that focuses on Mexican cuisines.

The fast food corporation has over 150 active locations, scattered throughout Southern states in the US such as Texas and New Mexico.

After being acquired by the Fiesta Restaurant Group (who also owns and operates Pollo Tropical locations), Taco Cabana began expanding its menu choices to feature a variety of new dishes.

Their feature dishes are handmade daily on site in open cooking areas.

Main additions to the menu included tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and other traditional Mexican and Spanish items.

Taco Cabana offers its customers a traditional and affordable Mexican dining experience, with its signature pink stores and semi enclosed patio dining areas.

The fast food chain collects majority of its revenue through two main channels: storefronts, and mobile.

This means that consumers can go into one of Taco Cabana’s restaurants to order their food.

Or, they can also navigate to the Taco Cabana mobile app in order to skip the line and get their food faster.

So we arrive at the topic of today’s article.

Contactless services such as curbside pickup and digital wallet payments have begun to grow in their popularity.

This begs the following question: does Taco Cabana accept Apple Pay in 2023?

Read on to find out!taco cabana apple pay

Does Taco Cabana Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Taco Cabana Does Accept Apple Pay in 2023!

Taco Cabana began incorporating Apple Pay as a valid checkout method across their many physical stores and their mobile dining experience.

This service was integrated by the restaurant soon after Apple released Apple Pay; Taco Cabana C.O.O Todd Coerver made the announcement late in the year 2014.

Taco Cabana has set up their dining experience to prioritize safety and ease of use.

This allows customers to enjoy their meal in peace, without having to worry about how they’ll be paying.

Consumers may make use of their Apple digital wallet features at all Taco Cabana registers.

Furthermore, individuals who choose to order via the restaurant’s mobile app may also checkout using Apple Pay.

Pollo Tropical also allows consumers to pay for their meals via a number of other methods.

They allow consumers to checkout utilizing any major debit or credit card, alongside cash.

Furthermore, like many other fast food chains, Taco Cabana also allows customers to buy gift cards.

These can be used to pay for meals, as well as gift cards issued by other companies (American Express, Visa).

Using Your Apple Device to Pay at Taco Cabana Stores

As soon as Apple Pay was first unveiled by Apple, many companies sought to gain accessibility.

Everyone wanted their consumers to be able to checkout using the newly minted payment option.

Taco Cabana was one of the first.

They were able to secure the feature at all of their 150 locations and in their mobile app; this was just months after Apple originally released the feature.

Given that your digital wallet is active and ready to be used, customers will be able to order their food in just a few seconds.

This applies across all checkout mediums, both face to face as well as online.

In this section, we will be deconstructing how you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to order food at Taco Cabana.

You will first need to verify whether your digital wallet is fully activated.

Do this by navigating to your Wallet app, and swiping through to see if there are already valid cards stored in there.

If there aren’t, locate the + icon in the top right corner of your Wallet app.

Follow the instructions there in order to load up a new card and activate your Wallet capabilities.

Once this portion is done, your digital wallet is ready to be used.

Be sure to bring your Apple device with you to pay, whether it be an iPhone or an Apple Watch.

In just a few seconds, your food will be on its way!

Once you have ordered your food items, inform the Taco Cabana employee that you want to use Apple Pay to checkout.

Then, get our your iDevice and locate the power button.

It should be on the right side of the device.

Press this button twice; your digital wallet will be toggled.

Go ahead and authenticate yourself (this is usually done via passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID).

We are almost done!

There will be a small loading icon, and then a checkmark should appear.

This indicates that the sale was successfully complete.

Your food should be on its way.

does taco bell take apple pay

Using Apple Pay via the Taco Cabana Mobile App

There are tons of hungry individuals who want their food, but don’t want to put up with the hassle of in person dining.

Perhaps they wish to prioritize their health during the pandemic, or maybe they just value convenience.

These consumers should end up heading to the Taco Cabana mobile app to order.

There, they can skip the line and have their food ready for them quickly.

They may be wondering, however: is Apple Pay still a viable payment method in the app?

Thankfully, yes it is.

You can still order your food and pay with your digital wallet, even in the Taco Cabana mobile app.

In this section, I explain how you this can be done.

Note, you cannot use your Apple Watch to pay, here.

Only the device which is in the mobile app can be used as the payment mechanism.

Before we start ordering, let us first ensure that your digital wallet is fully ready to be used.

You can check this by double-clicking on your power button and asking this: did my cards appear?

If so, your wallet is fully activated and ready to be used.

If not, then you need to head over to the Wallet app and add a new card.

Do that by pressing the + icon on the right hand side, then following those instructions to upload a new payment method.

As soon as that is done, you’re all ready to begin ordering your food.

Once you have all your meal items in the shopping cart, navigate to the payment screen.

Here, find Apple Pay under payment methods; it should be there.

Now, you will be asked to authenticate yourself via one of three forms: passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

This is to verify certain order details, like your contact information and card details.

Now that the order is complete, your food is cooking!

It should be ready soon, and you get to skip the line and save the hassle of paying at the counter.


Taco Cabana began extending Apple Pay to all its retail locations late in the year 2014.

They also incorporated the same features into their mobile app, so that consumers can value their time and convenience when eating here.

Dining at Taco Cabana has never been easier!

And now, you know that you can pay in seconds with just your Apple device at hand.