Does Tropical Smoothie Accept Apple Pay in 2023?
We get the question "Does Tropical Smoothie take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

Does tropical smoothie accept apple pay
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Tropical Smoothie Cafe (sometimes referred to as Tropical Smoothie) is an American restaurant franchise founded in Destin, Florida.

The franchise has over 850 operating locations in the United States, with plans to open nearly 2,400 by the year 2024.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers customers a whole lot more than just smoothies.

At the restaurant, consumers can order sandwiches, wraps, salads, and flat breads; in 2017, Tropical Smoothie began offering food bowls as part of their expanded menu.

Their smoothie menu carries beverages that are jam packed with nutrients, as well as with the choice of adding supplements.

The most popular smoothie has continued to be the Island Green.

The restaurant franchise earns its money mainly through one of two ways.

Customers can go into one of Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s many retail locations to order their food.

However, the second medium of sale that the restaurant franchise uses is through their reliable, easy-to-use mobile app.

Today’s consumers value ease of use and safety, something that the pandemic and contactless services have begun to extend greatly.

This intersection is where Apple Pay has grown.

Tons of popular retailers and franchises have begun to allow consumers to use their digital wallets as a valid checkout method.

This allows individuals to conveniently purchase their goods, whether that be face to face or via the internet.

This raises the following question: does Tropical Smoothie Cafe accept Apple Pay in 2023?

Continue reading on to find out!

Does tropical smoothie accept apple pay

Does Tropical Smoothie Cafe Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, Tropical Smoothie Does Accept Apple Pay in 2023!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe began accepting Apple Pay as an allowed checkout method across their many locations including through their mobile app.

In fact, it seems that Tropical Smoothie was one of the first to offer the digital wallet at checkout.

Customers may use Apple Pay at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, across all of its transaction mediums.

Whether you are ordering food at a physical location or if you are getting it through the Tropical Smoothie app, consumers in both channels may still utilize their digital wallet capabilities.

This saves you both the time and trouble of getting out your wallet when at the register.

You may have to call your local branch to ask if they specifically take Apple Pay; the company recently announced that most of their locations accept digital wallets and there may be a few that are working on it.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe does also accept a collection of regular checkout means.

Naturally, they allow customers to pay for meals using all major debit and credit cards, alongside cash.

Furthermore, just like a lot of these franchises, Tropical Smoothie issues gift cards that customers may use to pay for their meals.

This is alongside a variety of third party gift cards, like those issued by American Express and Visa.

How to Use Your iPhone to Pay at Tropical Smoothie Locations

The course of the pandemic has forced many retailers and restaurants to adapt their services.

One great example of this is how Tropical Smoothie Cafe has integrated Apple Pay into their dining experience.

Customers can pay for their food in just a few seconds.

This section will break down exactly how you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to checkout of Tropical Smoothie.

To checkout of Tropical Smoothie locations using your iDevice, let us first ensure that your digital wallet is fully set up and ready to be used.

We can do this by heading on over to your Wallet app, and scanning to check if there are already cards stored in it.

If there are, then you can skip this paragraph. If there are not, then locate the + icon in the top right corner.

Then, read those instructions in order to upload a new card to your Apple digital wallet.

Now that this part is complete, you are now good to utilize your iPhone to pay for meals, both in person and online.

In order to checkout of your local Tropical Smoothie using just your iDevice, go ahead and inform your server that you will be making use of Apple Pay.

Then, double click on your iDevice’s power button; this will toggle your digital wallet.

Hold you iDevice up to the transaction mechanism in order to establish a connection.

Once you’ve authenticated yourself (passcode, Face/Touch ID), you will see that the order is complete!

This is shown by the checkmark that should appear on your device’s screen

All done!

tropical smoothiue cafe apple pay

Using Apple Pay via the Tropical Smoothie Mobile App or Website

So many individuals who would like their food quickly and conveniently will end up flocking to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app.

It is both safe and reliable.

That group of consumers will wonder whether or not they can also use Apple Pay?

Does it still work via an online checkout?

Great news! Yes, it does. For those individuals who choose to order via the Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s mobile app, they can still lean on their device’s digital wallet capabilities.

The process is truly quite simple!

To make use of your digital wallet via the mobile app, it is crucial that we first ensure that your device’s digital wallet has a stored payment method that is valid.

Check this by double pressing on the power button on the right side of your phone.

If your Wallet shows up, you should be good to go.

If it does not, you’ll need to visit the Wallet app first and store your payment method there.

Press the + in the upper right corner and follow the on screen instructions.

As soon as this is done, we can begin using Apple Pay via an online transaction medium.

At checkout, first choose Apple Pay as your desired payment choice.

Then, you will want to scan your a valid means of identification to verify your personal details (things such as card information).

This will be done via Touch ID, passcode, or Face ID.

Once this small window is finished, you should be ready to eat!

Using the mobile app as your way of checking out allows consumers to order food for curbside pickup, saving you all kinds of hassle when you’re ready to get your food.


Tropical Smoothie Cafe has begun allowing consumers to checkout using Apple Pay via iDevices at many of their physical locations.

Customers may need to call their local Tropical Smoothie to confirm that their respective branch allows digital wallet transactions.

Also, customers may utilize their digital wallet features via Apple Pay through the Tropical Smoothie Cafe mobile app, as well.

Customers can rely on convenience and simplicity when eating at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.