Editorial Guidelines

Our Editorial team is comprised of Experts in Business, Finance, Management and Accounting. Our main goal for our editorial team is to use their Professional, Real-world experience to ensure all content that is published is 100% accurate, unbiased and factually correct.

Each of our Contributors specializes in a unique area, helping Digital Consumer bring you the most up-to-date and fact-based articles, information, guides and tutorials with expertise and unbiased perspective.

Our Editorial Process

Each topic and article that we produce goes through a research, planning and publishing phase.

We research all topics thoroughly using official primary sources of information, including business journals, retail corporate websites and documentation, finance journals and academic establishments.

Our expert contributors will take a deep dive into the subject they’re working on and combine it with their personal and professional experiences in the subject. They will thing outline the topic and start to work on compiling all the data points, facts and statistics into a long article, guide, tutorial or informational piece.

Each and every article that is published is reviewed by an expert that is familiar with the topic being written. They ensure that all content is accurate, factual and of the highest quality.

Digital Consumers’ goal is to provide actionable advice, guides, information and tutorials for our audience and readers to help them make the right decisions.

Key Principles

Our team abides by several key principles to ensure that we provide accurate content and articles to all our readers.

Transparency is Key. Without it, we’d be sacrificing our Integrity.


Our Editorial teams goes to great lengths to ensure that all content is 100% Accurate and Factually correct before hitting the publish button.

They take great pride in knowing that they have Fact-Checked all products and services that we’ve included in articles and content, as well as insuring that there are clear citations and sources for each topic at the bottom of each page.


Our Editorial team follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure that we’re not influenced by our Advertisers.

Under any circumstance, our Editorial Team Does Not receive direct compensation for any of our Advertisers to ensure that our Editorial Team and what we see fit as being a recommendation is not tainted.


We Research each product, service, app, retailer and company as thoroughly as possible to ensure we have an Unbiased perspective on what we’re conveying to our audience.

The has helped us gain the exposure and trust of our audience and readers and helped us grow in the way we have.