Game Apps that Pay Instantly to Paypal – Here’s the Best ones!

Games Apps that Pay Instantly to PayPal
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Online gaming platforms are actually among the most widely used applications that pay instantly to PayPal which not many people know about.

Serious gamers earning up to $10,000+ for really just a few minutes of entertaining playtime, which is kind of an eye-opening number, and this makes every gamer inspired to continue mastering their craft.

Game apps that give you actual money, on the other hand, can’t always replace your normal work.

These cash online gaming apps, on the other hand, can assist or supplement your income; and when paired with other simple online money-making ideas, the entire payout can be bigger than you expect.

There are a lot of various and diverse games to pick from, and whether playing during breaks in the office or being seriously involved in it for actual and regular income, the payoff can actually be quite significant.

There’s an app for everything from arcades and casinos to strategy and survival games, and everything under the sun.

Furthermore, in addition to “just” PayPal money, most of these games surprisingly include basic additional prizes such as gift cards for online and offline businesses, which is pretty sweet.

Some of the free games in this list might require you to interact specifically with sponsor advertisements in order to basically make money in a subtle and somewhat street smart way.

For other people and some of the games, you’ll sometimes have to put up some little cash deposits and actually compete against other gamers for rewards (this is fair, of course).

The number of participants can be fairly numerous because there are a lot of other gamers like you who want to make money off of their fun time.

How about you? I’m betting that you like to really play mobile or online games on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices.

You want to play the finest games that, for the most part, pay real money as well as other perks. 

Listed below are some of the most popular, as well as the highest paying, online and mobile games you can find. And we’re talking about real money that pay instantly to PayPal. How’s that for real fun?


Mistplay – If you’re reading this article, that means you are undoubtedly a gamer. And what better way to spend your time playing a mobile game than playing a mobile game AND getting paid? 

If you are planning to continue to play more mobile and online games, then you better start looking for games that should be worth your precious time. 

Download Mistplay, available on the Google Play Store, is one of those mobile games that gives you a big reason to continue to be a gamer by paying not just in cash, but other incentives as well.

Branded Surveys – This mobile app is a 4-star BBB-accredited rewards system that profitably compensates your precious feedbacks. You can cash out pretty much all of your points for either PayPal credits or digital gift cards, and it all happens in the background while you’re enjoying your time. Join now and start earning a well-deserved income!

Inbox Dollars – Inbox Dollars offers a pretty cool $5 sign-up bonus after an email confirmation from a new subscriber. And with more than 19k favorable reviews and a 4.3 rating on Trustpilot, this means that Inbox Dollars has a pretty good following. You will literally be awarded for playing games, and not all apps can say that. Sign up today!

Swagbucks – Easy and fast tasks like taking paid surveys, watching clips or videos, and playing games are all you generally have to do to essentially get paid here in Swagbucks. In effect, Swagbucks is a rewards mobile app that pays off in a huge way as long as you have no problem with consistency. Sign up to get your $5 welcoming bonus! 

Here are Game Apps that Pay Instantly you via Paypal!

  1. FeaturePoints
  2. AppKarma
  3. Spin To Win
  4. CashPirate Buzz
  5. Cashout
  6. Make Money
  7. MooCash
  8. Wealth Words
  9. Bubble Shooter Pro
  10. GiftPanda
  11. Solitaire Cube
  12. Mistplay
  13. World Winner
  14. Long Game
  15. Bitstartz Casino
  16. The Bottom-line


  1. FeaturePoints 

Playing games, as well as other activities such as viewing movies, introducing new users, taking surveys, and buying online, can all earn you money with FeaturePoints. In this list of mobile apps that pay instantly to PayPal, FeaturePoints is one of the fastest paying apps.

The good thing about this app that I love is that apart from PayPal, it also offers a variety of other cash-out alternatives, such as gift cards, Bitcoin, fast picks, and game credits. You’ll get paid within only a few hours after completing your objectives.

You can also earn free points by using a friend’s referral code once you’ve signed up. Both Google Play and the iOS App Store carry the FeaturePoints app. On the two app sites, users awarded it a 4.0/5 rating, and the website has already paid out an astounding amount of $5.8 million to users since 2012.

2. AppKarma 

AppKarma is a popular mobile application with a 4.2-star rating on Google Play and with over 300,000 reviews, easily one of the most reviewed. This is one of the best paying game apps out there.

You can readily choose to collect your reward money via PayPal or you can select to get gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation, and Starbucks, just to name a few. 

Once you fulfill any of their objectives and by reaching milestones such as answering specific quizzes, introducing friends, and collecting success badges; you are on your way to earning good money. You will receive 30% of what your buddy makes from the installation offers when you recommend a new member. It’s also worth mentioning that the software is completely free. Install AppKarma by clicking here.

3. Spin To Win

Get a chance to potentially win serious cash in this game by simply spinning a wheel. You can definitely call it the ‘Spin’ as the game is that simple. And the goal is to earn as many coins as possible, which be quite significant if you are very persistent. It has an impressive 4.8-star rating from over 4,000 reviews, making it a popular gaming app.

There are additional options for making money using the application if ever spinning the wheel becomes boring and tedious. There are extra opportunities for making money such as basic scratch cards and machine game combinations. 

In the initial game, you’ll get 30 chances to start earning money with 10 spins on the spin wheel, 10 scratch coupons on scratch cards, and 10 match machine spin chances, and all these are available immediately after you sign up.

Thankfully, ‘Spin to Win’ does not gather users’ information. This is the big fear with most gaming apps as the data are then sold to other third-party apps for marketing purposes, which most gaming applications are doing, unfortunately. Now is the time to download this game and start spinning to make money and receive payments via PayPal.

4.CashPirate Buzz

CashPirate is the best option if you want to put your Android phone to good use financially. You can make real money by simply playing games, conducting and finishing online surveys, connecting friends to the app, and even by simply engaging in quick selections.

You’ll specifically receive a unique referral code after you sign up. This is quite important because you’ll immediately get a 10% cut of your friends’ earnings (once you share the code with all of your friends and they sign up). 

One disadvantage is that only Android users will be able to use this application, so Apple users here. This is a very good app as you earn as you play and you also earn by inviting friends. That’s pretty sweet.

5. Cashout

For me, CashOut is at the top of my list as one of the most popular games among users. More than 5000 installs and a 4.0 rating from Google Play reviews make this app in the upper tier of popularity. More than $200,000 has been paid out to top earners around the world.

You can also acquire Amazon, Apple iTunes, and Walmart gift cards in addition to earning real money by playing these mobile games. The rewards you earn are in the form of coins that you may exchange for PayPal money. Install CashOut, sign up, perform tasks, and then claim your rewards to begin earning.

The lowest pay you can get is around $0.5 and the highest would be up to $20; this amount varies according to the number of activities that you do; as well as how well you perform in them. 

Participate in surveys and watch videos to boost your earnings. Whether or not you accomplish a task, you get free coins just checking in every day. How’s that for easy money?

6. Make Money

Make Money is one of the most popular apps on Google Play, with over 500,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. This demonstrates that it is unquestionably legitimate, and the majority of people are satisfied with it. It’s one of my favorite PayPal money games, in which you may earn real money by playing their recommended gaming applications.

However this is not just a simple gaming app, it includes so much more. You may gain credits by completing surveys, downloading other free apps, testing various services, viewing popular videos, and recommending them to your friends. If playing online games for cash isn’t your style, then you can do these other things and still earn money. 

Other cash applications just provide you a thousand credits; whereas Make Money gives you hundreds of thousands. Real money will be credited to your account after every credit milestone earned. There are no cheap gift cards with this application; instead, you receive real money via a PayPal account.

7. MooCash

Another legitimate game application that pays directly to you via PayPal is the one and only MooCash. With the application, you’ll earn money by doing so much more than just playing games.

Some examples would be taking surveys, sharing apps and games with friends, and viewing videos; all these can help you make money. These offers will appear on your lock screen, and all you have to do is swipe to join and earn real money. 

You can make up to $5 or even more per day using this app. MooCash, on the other hand, has set a minimum withdrawal sum of $2 or $5, depending on how you make money. Using PayPal, bank transfer, prepaid recharge, or free talk time are all options for paying out this sum.

A huge disadvantage of MooCash is it takes roughly 7 days to receive your money. You will receive 150 free coins right away if you upgrade to MooCash+, if you enjoy this application and choose to do more, and potentially receive more rewards. MooCash is readily available and free, you can download it in Google Play and the App Store.

8. Wealth Words

If you want to exercise your intellect by solving crossword puzzles, WealthWords is just for you, so might as well sign up now. You can earn money with the endless online crossword games that this website offers. Challenge your mind and earn some serious cash while doing it!

There are also riddles that you can try to answer immediately after you sign up. Of course, they also carry rewards that you can accumulate. You will usually get paid right away via PayPal if you win and correctly answer the riddle.

An example would be winning $10,000 for a 40-word problem. Interested much? There are three levels, the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced level. You will earn a higher payout in Jackpot games. 

However, to access more game options, you have to purchase $0.25 for every token. Bigger payout games require more tokens. This application is free for both Android and IOS users.

9. Bubble Shooter Pro

This is a bubble game that you can earn money from; and unlike many bubble shooter games, this one really pays out, in cash. It is quite enjoyable and an addictive game even though it appears like a normal game. Like previously mentioned, you can also be able to make small earnings by completing milestones.

It’s simple! All you have to do is match 3 bubbles of the same color to cause them to explode, resulting in points. The more combinations, the more points, the more rewards. It’s that easy.

Depending on your interests as well as internet capability, you can play this game online or offline. However, you must go online in order for your points to be recorded and converted into actual money. Bubble Shooter Pro features over 490 levels. Try the bubble shooter pro mode if you want to have more challenges and potentially earn bigger payouts.

10. GiftPanda

The same people that created CashCrate are also the ones who developed GiftPanda. In addition, you just don’t make money by your own efforts, you can also receive up to a 10% bonus on the earnings of their recommended mates who download and install the app. 

Additionally, you will then receive 5% of their profits if your recommended gamer also adds another from his or her list of friends. Therefore, the amount of money you can make with this software is potentially limitless. 

Payments are processed in Bitcoins, Visa, or Mastercard, or directly to your PayPal account. Play the games, participate in surveys and quizzes, and eventually, make recommendations to earn money. GiftPanda is a genuine site with a 4.7 rating and over 300,000 reviews. Join today and start earning.

11. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is almost identical to Microsoft’s Spider Solitaire. This game is for you if you enjoy putting cards together. Basically, you stack cards and sort them into piles according to their suits. 

The best thing is that you’ll also be able to earn actual money as a result of your efforts. That’s all there is to it. You can also win real money by entering and participating in head-to-head contests and tournaments.

You must first make a financial deposit and then compete against other actual players if you wish to participate in more lucrative events. The player declared the winner is the person that has scored the biggest score, of course. Your winnings will then be paid through a PayPal account.

The fact that there are no interruptions and ads in this app is one of the things that I admire the most. Fluid controls and animations provide for smooth transitions and immersive gameplay. Solitaire Cube requires that you be at least 17 years old to play, unlike other online games which basically have no age requirements.

Download this application through iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

12. Mistplay

Mistplay is the game for you if you are someone who spends a lot of time (maybe even too much time) playing video games. How’s this? Your earnings literally depend on how long you play the game. A monetary incentive of $0.66 is given for every 2-10 minute playing session. However, you must first reach a minimum of $5 to withdraw. Games in this application yield between $2 and $5 each hour, on average. So imagine how much you will be making when you’re a proven endurance gamer?

Your money is sent to you as a gift card in less than 48 hours after you complete the application. Is it sent through email and it usually takes only a few hours to claim your reward. Great prizes like Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Visa gift cards may be exchanged using your units. With a weekly grand prize of $400, Mistplay also offers a range of fun games to pick from.

You can compete with your friends and earn achievement badges as you complete new objectives, making Mistplay a downright fun way to earn. Furthermore, each badge grants you additional units to spend on incentives. Only Android users can play this app; sorry, Apple fanboys.

Read the Mistplay review by clicking here.

13. World Winner

One of the benefits of using the World Winner app and website to test your gaming prowess is that you can earn money if you feel like competing for real money against people with skills like yours. If you think that winning against real players, and not AI programs, is the ultimate competition, then this game is for you.

This application is owned by the Game Show Network (GSN), a Sony Pictures Entertainments company. This makes it one of the most reliable money-making gaming software around.

Bingo Cash, GSN Casino, and Wheel of Fortune are among the games available on the app. On the platform, over 100,000 contests are held every day, with rewards totaling $250,000. How’s that for real money? The app also provides free tournaments for newcomers to practice on before they use their abilities; but winning the real money is better, of course.

14. Long Game

By playing this game, you will not only just be paid real money but money that has been insured. What do I mean by this? This gaming app not only rewards you but also protects your money. Your money is kept safe in a personal savings account where you deposit and get coins in exchange to play the games and claim your rewards. These coins are your “chips” during the games.

As with all other apps and games on this list, you will be earning real cash that can be sent straight to your PayPal account. You’ll also be relieved to learn that Long Game offers a 30-day free trial; all you have to do is use Direct Deposit and this will quelch any doubts you may have about the app’s credibility. More importantly, your funds are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Now that’s legit.

15. Bitstartz Casino 

One of the apps that reward users with real money is Bitstartz Casino; that is if you enjoy playing casino games. If you’re a gambler (or even just an imaginary one), you may place real bets, as this casino accepts Bitcoins, as well as different currencies. Talk about serious games.

You can download Online Casino from both PC and mobile versions. On this platform, there are over 2900 cash games to play; all with a chance to obtain real money. Over 2.7 million gamers have signed up from all over the world.

You can earn money in as little as 10 minutes thanks to this online casino’s wide range of payment options; this includes Bitcoins, credit cards, web money, cryptocurrencies, and many others. As with real casino games, you can earn as much as you want, if you’re feeling lucky.

Every year, the top winners take home more than $2 million in casino games and $5 million in jackpots. As a result, Bitstartz Casino is one of the best-paying games anywhere on the internet or in real life.

The Bottom-line

Although the amount of money we have been talking about seems so tempting, the key here is to correctly distinguish between the legitimate and the fraudulent ones (and boy, are there many).

And contrary to popular belief, you can get your reward straight to your PayPal account with no hassle and no delays.

Not only are there applications that will keep you interested in your leisure time with fascinating adventures and excitement, but they also give you a chance to earn real money.

We’ve done the effort for you and compiled this list of trustworthy games apps with the best prizes available. It’s up to you to gain a thorough understanding of the deal. It’s worth mentioning, though, that like any application that guarantees money, before signing up, carefully read the terms and understand the conditions. 

To find out what the application is really about, explore online reviews to find out what current and former users have to say about it. This will give you a sense of the legitimacy of the app.

What applications or addictive games pique your attention? Is there actually a higher-paying app that should be included on this list that we haven’t mentioned? 

Don’t forget to download these applications that reward you for basically just unlocking your phone. Finally, if you have anything else you would like to share, do let me know in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.