How to Find AirPods When Dead / Offline! [Try this FIRST]

how to find airpods when dead
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It is not strange that we often misplace our AirPods or even forget to pick them up from our previous positions as they are small and can be easily overlooked.

It will therefore be challenging to locate your AirPods especially if they are dead and missing.

When the AirPods are still charged and not put in their casing, Apple’s Find My app is helpful.

If the batteries of your AirPods run out, the ‘Find My’ app can provide relevant information on where they were last seen, though even at that, you will still mostly need to use your sleuthing abilities to locate them.

You will learn the finest techniques in this article to help you locate your AirPods even when they are dead. Let’s explore:

How to Locate a Dead Pair of AirPods

It’s crucial to note that the ‘Find My’ app functions best when you are on the lookout for your device individually, that is when they are not in their casing, meaning that either both AirPods or just one have vanished outside of the case.

If the ‘Find My’ app still has the location of where your AirPods were when you last used them, you can still (supposedly) find them within their charging compartment.

Note that “Find My app” is designed to identify your Airpod that is still on.

The “Find My app” even allows you to send a tone to your AirPod to help you find it more quickly while they are charged and within range (30–50ft).

Anytime your AirPods run out of power, the app isn’t as helpful.

Even if such were the case, your greatest chance of recovering your lost or broken AirPods remained with the ‘Find My’ App.

Airpods Still Within Bluetooth Range?

The “Find My app” will show you the last location of your AirPods if they died nearby your phone, such as inside your home.

Your AirPods shouldn’t have moved after they went off completely; they will most probably be in their last position except if there are some naughty family members.

You may locate the most recent position of your AirPods using the “Find My app”, and then pick them up in a few minutes.

Are AirPods not Within the Range of Bluetooth?

Now if you are certain that the batteries of your AirPods are dead and they are far away from your current location, then there is a challenge because the ‘Find My’ app won’t have the most accurate information.

Although it works well only when the AirPods are as close as possible to your phone by the time they run out of battery completely, the “Find My app” can still be useful.

In this manner, the data in your Find My app will still be somewhat useful to you.

So, where do you look for your pods then? Simply said, it’s time to venture an educated estimate.

Try to pinpoint the location where you may have dropped them by digging deep into your memory.

That, together with whatever information your Find My app has accessible, ought to be sufficient to help you locate them.

You probably didn’t want to hear that, but there aren’t many places where you can look for dead AirPods.

It might be difficult to locate dead AirPods but it is not a totally impossible question, and neither are there any obvious solutions.

Take a Step Back

After losing your AirPods, “taking some steps back” is probably not something you would like to hear typically, but then it could actually be the solution.

For a minute, breath in and consider when you were confident that you last used the AirPods.

Where do you think you might have placed them most likely? Search there.

Search everywhere around, underneath, and besides you.

Check your surroundings to check if something dropped into a crevice or even your bedside.

If you are still unable to locate your AirPods there, sit down and reevaluate your strategy.

Relive the same sequences and events you captured the last time you had them. Go back and look.

This procedure should be done at least a few times. I’ve found that after working out, my AirPods are almost always in the pockets of my workout shorts.

Check all pockets and unclean clothing, to be clear!

Get a Fresh Set of AirPods

In the end, if you truly can’t locate your AirPods, think about buying a new set for yourself!

The third-generation AirPods from Apple were released earlier in October 2021, and they sound great.

With a fully charged case, the AirPod 3rd generation may be used for up to 30 hours of continuous listening time.

Over the AirPod Pros, that’s a significant improvement.

The most recent price for the third-generation AirPods is available on Amazon if that interests you.

2 Tips to Prevent AirPod Loss in the Future

how to find airpods when dead

First-step Advice: Ensure Your ‘Find My’ App Is Configured

The ‘Find My’ app will be essential when you misplace an Apple device.

Whenever you are missing a device, you will be able to swiftly and effectively find it if the application is installed and your devices are connected.

Your last known position in the ‘Find My’ app will allow you to locate your AirPods even if they are dead.

Finding your misplaced AirPods will eventually turn out to be just a ‘treasure hunt’ without any assurances or hints if you aren’t utilizing this app—not enjoyable!

Simply launch the ‘Find My’ app on your phone and follow the setup steps to get it set up for the first time:

Don’t object to “Find My” using your location.
Click Continue.
On the bottom menu, select “Devices.”
Your Apple ID-connected devices should all be instantly recognizable.

Second-step Advice: Purchase an Air Tag and an AirPods charging case that is compatible.

Purchase an Apple AirTag from Amazon if you have now gotten your AirPods and really want to ensure that they never go missing again, regardless of whether they are shut down or charged.

Now, as touching the airtag, it works exactly like any other device: the Bluetooth is connected and that gives the AirTag a pretty precise location.

The ‘Find My’ connection on your other Apple devices and airbags, however, differ significantly in two key ways:

The battery in AirTags lasts for about one year.
No matter where your AirTag is, AirTags leverage a worldwide connection of Apple devices to give location data (although anonymously and extremely securely). It may be located if it is within Bluetooth range of just about any Apple device on the planet that is linked to Find My App.

In other words, a $30 AirTag may turn out to be a useful investment on whatever gadget or value you own.

Even the tracking of stolen bicycles uses them! Get an AirTag and an AirPods case that can hold one from Amazon if you have located your AirPods and don’t want to lose them.

You won’t be sorry!

You can save an entire lifetime of stress and headaches for only $40.

FAQ – How to Find Dead AirPods

Can the ‘Find My’ App be used to track dead AirPods?

No, with the ‘Find My’ app you can only view your AirPods’ “last known position” if the batteries have run out of they are powered off. Only while the AirPods’ batteries are still full can you track them actively.

Is It Possible to Track AirPods While They Are Charging?

Sadly, if your AirPods are enclosed within their charging case, you cannot track them actively.

They will only make a Bluetooth connection to your phone (creating a link that the ‘Find My’ app may use) if they are not in the case.

Your AirPods’ Bluetooth connection is not active and they are not receiving location updates when they are in their charging case.

The only device that deviates from this guideline is the AirPods Max, which is capable of keeping a connection for up to 12 hours inside its Smart Case.

You’ll be depending on the last known location that the ‘Find My’ app has for your lost AirPods when they’re in their case, which may or may not be useful.

The ‘Find My’ app may also display “offline” or “No location detected” instead of a location altogether.

This makes it more difficult to locate your AirPods because the ‘Find My’ app lacks any pertinent information about them.


It is not straightforward nor easy to find AirPods that have run out of battery.

Your ability to locate your AirPods will be based on your recollection and the last place they were detected by the ‘Find My’ app.

You can (and will ultimately discover them) if you have patience, are willing to look hard, and refrain from losing your cool.

Get an AirTag if possible and place it with your AirPods.

You won’t have to wonder about their whereabouts ever again if you do that!

What techniques have you found effective for locating misplaced AirPods?

Share your ideas in the comment section below!