How to Leave Telegram Group Without Notification

How to Leave Telegram Group Without Notification
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Do you ever feel overwhelmed at all of the notifications you’re getting on your phone from various chat apps, games, shopping apps, food apps, and everything else?

It can be crazy and something you end up missing out on the messages and notifications that you actually care about.

Tinkering with your notification settings is one way to address this, but at a certain point you’ve got to just start whittling down how many apps you’re using or at least how many different groups you’re in so that you can take back control of what you see when you pick up your phone.

This way, you can focus more on the things that are most important to you.

There are many reasons that you may want to leave a telegram group without sending a notification to other people in the chat, or having a message show up that you left the group.

Sometimes, you get added to a group by a spammer who is going to send you all sorts of annoying messages and notifications each day.

In those cases, just block them and leave the chat and carry on with your life.

But other times, it’s a closer friend or work acquaintance who adds you to a smaller and more intimate group and you might want to duck out for any number of reasons.

Let’s navigate the technology side of things and how the Telegram app itself works in terms of leaving convos and notifications, through the lens of social expectations and etiquette, in order to best navigate this potentially awkward situation. 

Some people give zero care and will just loudly leave a chat.

They might even leave a departure message themselves to let everyone know they’re fed up with the chat and that they want to leave.

Other people are a bit more anxious or meek when it comes to that sort of thing.

Here’s how to deal with leaving a Telegram group in the smoothest way possible, and what to expect, and what other people in the chat will see once you leave.

Can You Leave a Telegram Group Without Anybody Knowing?

How to Leave Telegram Group Without Notification

When you leave a Telegram group, the administrators of the group will get a notice to let them know that you’ve left.

There are some ways to work around this, though, but if you just straight up leave a group chat right now, the admins will see a message in the chat that lets them know that you have left.

If you don’t want the admin to know you’ve left, you’re kind out of luck unless it’s a very large group.

On the bright side, there are some additional settings and methods that you can use to leave as quietly as possible.

If you’re tired of getting messages or notifications from a group chat, we’ll go over the different things that you can do to quietly quit the chat.

If you leave the chat, someone will have the ability to know this via a message in the chat saying that you’ve left.

But if it’s a very busy and fast-moving chat, people might not even think twice.

This matters more for smaller, intimate chats with people you know who might take offense to you leaving, so we’ll cover those exact situations and how to handle them with the most tact.

Sometimes, when you leave a Telegram group, people will take it personally.

In Supergroups that have over 50 messages, there shouldn’t be a message alerting people that you’ve left, but in smaller regular groups, this is still a problem but there are a few workarounds that we’ll discuss.

The Reason to Leave Telegram Group Chats

Sometimes, you’ll get added to a group that you never asked to join.

You can get added by a random spammer who knows your phone number and is trying to sell you financial advice (this is a common one lately) but there are plenty of other ways that people will spam on Telegram.

In these cases, you can just leave the group. You probably don’t know anyone else in the group, and it doesn’t matter if the admins know you’ve left. Chances are, if enough people report them for spamming, their accounts will be shut down soon enough, anyways.

But as we mentioned earlier, when it’s a friend or an associate who adds you to a chat, it can be a little more awkward. You might want to stop getting notifications or seeing messages from the group, but you don’t want to have the awkward moment of them messaging you later to ask you why you’ve left the chat, or even worse, for them to add you back after you leave.

How To Leave Telegram Groups Without Notifications

how to leave telegram groups

Here are a few helpful workarounds if you’re tired of being inundated with messages from group chats.

These methods are guaranteed to ensure that it won’t send a notification when you leave a chat, so you don’t have to worry about getting that awkward message from somebody who takes it as a personal rejection and slight towards them when you leave a chat.

1. Disable Notifications

If your major issue with being in this particular Telegram group is the notifications that you’re getting, the least-friction option is to simply disable notifications from Telegram or from that particular group.

You can disable notifications in your phone’s settings, and you can disable notifications from a specific chat/convo from within the Telegram app.

2. Change Your Name Before Leaving the Group

If you’re just done with the Telegram app in general, you can change the display name in your profile and then leave the group.

After this, you can delete your Telegram profile/account, and you’ll have left the chat without anyone necessarily knowing you left.

When a message shows up saying that someone left, it will use your new display name, so people might not recognize it.

Then, since you’ve removed the account, they won’t know who that person really was.

Be aware that in a smaller group or a group where everyone knows each other, they’ll probably look at the member list and might be able to notice that your name is missing from the group, even though you used a clever trick to leave the group.

3. Mute The Group

If you want to keep receiving messages from other groups or conversations in Telegram, while ignoring the one you want to leave, you could simply mute the group.

You’ll still be a member of the group, so there won’t be any notifications, but you also won’t be bothered by getting notices when new messages are posted.

It will still show up on your list of convos, but it’s a lot easier to ignore if it’s muted.

4. Deleting The Group

This method is useful if a group is taking up a lot of space on your phone (like if they’re constantly sending attachments, media files, and so on).

You can simply delete the chat history of the group. Do this by swiping to the left on the chat and selecting delete, if you’re using an iPhone.

If you’re on Android, however, you’ll just need to press and hold on the chat.

5. The Best Way to Leave a Telegram Group Without Notification

If none of those other options are quite what you’re looking for, then your best option might be to block the group.

The way to do this is to block the administrators of the group one by one.

As long as none of the admins are pals of yours, they’ll never try to message you (so they won’t ever notice you’ve blocked them).

After blocking the admins of the group, you can leave the group and none of them will receive a message or notification that you’ve left.

After you block the admins and leave the group, you won’t be receiving messages from it anymore.

The admins won’t get a notice that you’ve left. The admins won’t be able to message you. You’re all gone from the group, without any notifications being sent.

Final Thoughts on Secretly Leaving a Telegram Group

Final Thoughts on Secretly Leaving a Telegram Group

Whether or not a “… has left the group” message will appear in Telegram depends on a number of factors, but the administrator of a group will be able to see it, even if the other members can’t see it under certain circumstances (for instance, with larger groups).

It can be awkward when someone confronts you for leaving a group, but honestly, it’s not the end of the world – and it’s a lot more embarrassing for them than it is for you.

The tips above can help you to navigate leaving a Telegram group without a notification.

There isn’t a great way to do it, since the default is for the admins to see when you leave the group, but if you get a little creative and don’t mind blocking some people, you can quietly leave a group chat on Telegram.