How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button (2 Methods!)

How to Sync Roku Remote
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Let’s say you just purchased a Roku device and are prepared to use it.

The pairing button on your Roku remote may not be there or may not be functional, which is a concern.

You may be confused about how to connect your Roku remote to the television device without having to press the connecting key.

The connecting key(button) is the simplest method to connect your Tv to Roku remote, but it is not the only one.

You can link your remote mechanically with the control keys on your TV or automatically using the Roku app on your smartphone.

Let’s first discuss what the pairing button on a Roku remote does before delving into additional specifics.

Why Does a Roku Remote Have a Pairing Button?

You may couple your device with the remote control by pressing the pairing button on the  Roku remote.

You may manage it remotely in this manner. Typically, the remote’s front will have this button.

The battery house, though, is occasionally where you may discover it.To join your devices together, locate the connecting key and push it until a light appears at the topmost part of your remote control. 

Roku Remote Syncing Without a Connecting Key

Pairing buttons are absent from newer Roku television models. When you turn them on, the television immediately synchronizes with the control.

The pairing button is often required to connect a Roku Stick device, though.

Use a Smartphone to Sync the Remote

You may utilize the remote feature in the Roku mobile app to operate your Roku Television.

It’s a fantastic alternative to utilizing the connecting key to link your Roku control.

All you require is a Wi-Fi-capable smartphone.

The steps are as follows:

On your smartphone, visit the Google Play Store or the Apple Application Store.
Download the Roku application for free.
You must confirm that your television device is joined to the same Wi-Fi connection as your smartphone.
Open the Roku application now. Choose the Remote option there when you see it.
You may operate your Roku television with your internet phone by selecting the Remote option.
Locate the Settings option on your TV, followed by Remotes and Devices, using your smartphone.
Finally, pick Pair New Device from the menu.

Your device will search for congruous remotes automatically.

There shouldn’t be any issues if your control is functioning properly. You may need to attempt the next technique if your Roku control is still not synchronizing.

Configure the Remote by Selecting “Pair Remote”

This feature only functions if the television lets you change the settings without a control.

The actions you must take are listed below:

Your Roku device’s home screen should now be shown.
Locate Settings by descending a little.
On the first side of the Settings menu, there is a Remotes option.
Choose Pair Remote from the menu now.
With this function, your remote and Roku device ought to link immediately.

If the remote does not immediately pair, there may be an issue with your remote.

If so, you could try restarting your Roku device or troubleshooting your remote.

How to Fix Typical Roku Remote Issues

Remotes for Roku players are very reasonably priced and long-lasting. Nevertheless, they are not infallible and occasionally experience problems.

Let’s quickly look at some of the problems you can encounter using your remote control.

The Remote Does Not Function or Sync

Users’ Roku remotes frequently disconnect or completely fail to connect, which is the most typical issue.

Here are some options for you if that’s the case:

Restarting your Roku device is the first step.
Just disconnect and turn off the TV.
Press the power button on the TV (not the remote control!) after unplugging it.
For around two minutes, press and hold the button.
Connect the TV now and turn it on.
The remote will need to be paired once again. You can thus utilize the pairing button or the previously specified processes.

It ought to fix the remote’s and Roku device’s connectivity problems. If that approach doesn’t work, you could try replacing the batteries.

Tip: You may restart your TV without unplugging it with some Roku devices. All you have to do is look for the Restart option in the Settings section of the System Menu.


Roku remotes also frequently have internal issues due to their rapid capacity to overheat. The following can be done if your remote becomes too warm while in use:

As soon as you notice it becoming warm, stop using it.
Get the batteries out.
Place the remote control on a surface that is not flammable.
Take ten to twenty minutes.
Reinstall the batteries.

If you discover your remote frequently overheats, you might want to think about buying a new one.

When is the best time to purchase a New Remote?

You might wish to get a new Roku remote if your old one frequently malfunctions or stops synchronizing with the TV. You may acquire quality universal versions that work with practically any TV at a reasonable price. Roku remotes are available on Amazon and other internet retailers for as little as $11. One may be purchased directly from Roku as well.

Tip: Smartphones may be used as Roku controls. Downloading the Roku application and connecting your Roku device to your smartphone are the only requirements! You won’t ever need to use your Roku remote again since you will always have it with you in this manner.


There are other alternatives to utilizing the pairing button to connect the Roku control to your TV.

So, if your remote’s connector key is broken or missing, don’t be concerned.

Without a pairing button, use the steps below to configure a Roku controller device:

Using the Roku App, connect your Roku gadget to your smartphone.
To access your TV settings, use your smartphone.
Choose Remotes & Devices from the Settings menu, then click Pair New Device.
Your Roku remote control should now be automatically connected to the TV.

Using the Home Screen of the TV and choosing the settings will also sync the remote. Next, select join Device. Your Roku remote will now be automatically linked to the TV.

So far, I have shown you all you need to know about the Roku remote control and how to pair it with your TV. I have also shown you some of the things to avoid to give your remote a long life, and then I showed you how you could use even your smartphone as a remote by connecting it to your TV. However, if you try out the methods of operations outlined in this piece and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with them, you can contact customer care support.

I do hope you find this piece educative and enlightening.