Does BJ’s Accept Food Stamps?
We get the question "Does BJ's accept food stamps" and here's what you need to know!

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Does BJ’s Accept Food Stamps in 2023?

Yes, BJ’s Does Accept Food Stamps in 2023.

BJ accepts SNAP payments through EBT at all of their locations so if there’s a BJ’s near you, you will be able to use your EBT card there to pay for your eligible purchases.

There are a lot of items at BJ’s that are eligible for SNAP benefits, but they also sell a lot of things that aren’t eligible, and it’s your responsibility to make sure that everything you’re charging to your EBT card is something that is covered under the program.

If you’re caught buying things on your EBT card that aren’t eligible, it can lead to consequences, so be very careful about it – but don’t worry about it either – it’s very straightforward.

You can buy things like dairy products, meat products, grains, seeds, non-alcoholic drinks, and more.

Does bjs accept food stamps

Avoid things like warm meals that are meant to be consumed in the store, anything that isn’t food and doesn’t have a nutritional label, avoid buying supplements and vitamins with your EBT card, and avoid anything else that isn’t grocery food for human consumption, and you should be fine.

Still, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at your benefit program in your state as it can vary a bit by state, where some states will offer additional benefits, for example there are six states that offer restaurant meals – purchased with EBT – to certain groups of people who meet a certain criteria of need.

In other states, however, EBT can’t be used at restaurants or fast food places.

BJ’s Wholesale Club a warehouse store that was founded in 1984 to offer shoppers an alternative on groceries and other types of items.

It’s similar to Costco, but about a tenth of the size in terms of yearly income, so they operate primarily on the East coast of the United States, rather than across the country and around the world like some of their larger competitors.

Either way, BJ’s stocks a lot of useful products in a number of different categories, including a lot of different grocery and food items.

When you’re receiving SNAP benefits, it always helps when you can get a good deal on your food purchases.

When you’re buying items in bulk, like at BJ’s, it can end up costing a lot less overall, but it means you need to spend more money upfront.

Certain items are worth buying in bulk, like things you know you’ll always use around the house, and the types of things that won’t expire or pass their best before date before you end up using them.

How to Use Food Stamps At BJ’s Wholesale Club

Using your SNAP benefits at BJ’s requires you to have an EBT card and to know your PIN, and that’s about it.

Keep your PIN to yourself, and simply enter it at the time of payment after swiping your card.

It’s the same as paying with a debit card at most stores, except you can only use it for certain items.

If you need to buy things from BJ’s that aren’t covered under your benefits program, simply place them aside and do a second transaction for those items to avoid any confusion or issues with your benefits.

BJ’s makes it easy to use your EBT card for buying groceries at all of their stores, but you’ll still need to be a member of their club, so keep that in mind and make sure the savings are going to be worth it after factoring that in.

Stores have to make some effort to be able to accept EBT payments, and it’s always a positive thing when stores put in that extra work to ensure that everyone is able to shop with them comfortably. 

The same goes for stores that go out of their way to accept Apple Pay and other payment methods that benefit the consumer.

Does bjs accept food stamps

Saving Money at BJ’s

Shopping at BJ’s can get pretty expensive since a lot of items are bundled together as a bulk purchase, so you’re buying a lot of something, or they’re just sold in much larger containers and quantities.

This means, per weight, the food items will cost you less – but you’ll need to buy a lot more of them to get those savings.

It’s very worth it if you know what you use in your kitchen and how long things will last you and you’re able to budget to make some bigger BJ’s shops every now and then to stock up, but if you find that you’re buying stuff you normally wouldn’t buy, it stops being such a good option for the budget-conscious shopper.

There are also a number of different coupons and promotions that you can take advantage of as a BJ’s Wholesale shopper, so keep your eyes peeled for those, too.


BJ’s is a good place to stock up on the essentials for your kitchen, to keep your freezer and pantry stocked up, but it can get a little expensive if you aren’t careful.

As long as it’s stuff you need, that you’re going to use, it’s a great way to save some money, especially if there’s a BJ’s store near you.

BJ’s Wholesale Club stores all accept EBT as a form of payment, making them a great place to shop for people who are using SNAP benefits to help out with their grocery expenses.