Does Fry’s Grocery Take Apple Pay?

We get the question "Does Fry's Grocery take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

Date Published: January 5, 2022
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Does Fry’s Grocery Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Yes, Fry’s Grocery Does Take Apple Pay in 2022.

Most Fry’s Food & Drug stores should have no problem accepting your payments via Apple Pay, however it’s possible that the occasional store might not be set up to take Apple Pay, or their listings could just be out of date.

One way to check if the Fry’s near you takes Apple Pay is by opening up Apple Maps and frying in Fry’s and selecting your nearest location.

On their listing page, it will display the Apple Pay logo if they definitely accept Apple Pay.

Having said that, it’s possible that other locations could accept Apple Pay even if it isn’t indicated when you open up their listing in Maps.

If you need to know about a specific location, you can give them a call to check if they accept Apple Pay, but in general it’s safe to assume that your local Fry’s will, indeed, take Apple Pay as a payment method.

They also accept payments from Kroger Pay, but we’ll cover their alternative payment methods in a few moments.

First, let’s go over some more information about Apple Pay, why it’s useful, and how to use it at Fry’s.

does frys grocery take apple pay

You have a lot of different places to choose from when it’s time to grab groceries.

Whether you’re going in to get a quick bite on your lunch break, or stocking up on everything you need for a couple of weeks, you’ve got options.

Because there are so many options to choose from in regards to groceries, stores can be pretty competitive when it comes to finding ways to get you through the door.

Whether it’s huge sales, big marketing campaigns, buy one get one offers, or something else – every grocery store wants to be your grocery store, and Fry’s Food and Drug is no exception.

One of the ways that grocers can keep people coming back is by offering a very convenient shopping experience.

Sometimes, people are okay with paying a little bit more in the name of a great shopping experience, but many people would go to the store with the best prices, regardless.

Offering convenient payment methods is a great way for stores to attract new people and keep them coming back, it plays into having a great experience in the store.

Fry’s Food and Drug was originally founded in 1954 by Donald Fry.

Since then, ownership has changed hands a few times, starting as an independent grocer until the early ‘70s, then they were owned by Dillons, and ever since 1983, the Fry’s chain of stores has been owned by Kroger.

Fry’s employs around 22,000 people between their 120+ locations.

You’ll find Fry’s Food & Drug stores all over the place in Arizona, and their headquarters are in Tolleson, Arizona.


Should You Use Apple Pay at Fry’s Grocery?

Using Apple Pay at your local Fry’s store in Arizona is a great idea for a number of different reasons.

First of all, it allows you to leave your wallet at home and carry your Apple Wallet digitally in your phone or Apple Watch instead.

This is convenient because you can add 1, 5, 10, or even more cards to your digital wallet, saving you from carrying them around and risking losing them and having to cancel all of them.

It’s just a lot more simple, especially since most people already take their iPhones with them everywhere already.

Furthermore, using Apple Pay is kind of fun.

This might not seem like the best reason in the world, but it speaks to the fact that it’s not a hassle at all, it’s not annoying to use, it’s actually easier  than other ways to pay.

While all of that is good and well, the best reason to use Apple Pay at Fry’s Food & Drug is because Apple Pay is a very safe and secure way to pay, in fact when you use Apple Pay it helps to protect your privacy, too.

For these reasons, it’s definitely a good idea to use Apple Pay at any store that accepts it as a payment method.

does frys accept apple pay

How To Use Apple Pay at Fry’s

The first option is to use Apple Pay to fund your Kroger Pay account, then to use that when you’re checking out at your local Fry’s store.

Otherwise, the first thing that you need to do is to open up the Wallet app on your iPhone.

Do this before you’re at the store and ready to pay, since this is the initial set up step.

After opening the Wallet app on your iPhone, add your first payment card.

You can add a debit card or a credit card, and adding this card into your Apple Wallet means that you can use it anywhere that accepts Apple Pay, without actually having to bring it with you.

Some people are concerned that this raises the issue in terms of unauthorized purchases, but it’s actually the opposite – you’re safer using Apple Pay than not using it.

If you always carry your cards with you, and you are robbed or just lose it somewhere, that’s a big problem.

If you don’t have your vcard with you, then you won’t accidentally lose it.

In order to access your payment info in your Apple Wallet, the person would need to unlock your device, but if they find your credit card on the floor somewhere, they already have everything they need to start making purchases.

So, the next time you’re shopping at a Fry’s grocery store or anywhere else that accepts Apple Pay, remember that Apple Pay protects your payment information.

After  you’ve added your first credit or debit card, you’re ready to start using Apple Pay at Fry’s and any other store that takes this payment method, which is becoming more and more stores each month.

Other Payment Methods at Fry’s Food & Drug

When you’re shopping at Fry’s, you can use cash, debit cards, or credit cards.

Additional payment methods may vary from location to location.

Some locations have a money services desk where you can cash checks and perform various other banking transactions, which also opens up the door for finding a way to use additional payment methods, but it won’t be as convenient as using Apple Pay.


You can pay with Apple Pay at most Fry’s stores, according to their listings on Apple Maps.

Your location could vary, so you might want to bring your card with you, just in case you aren’t able to use it via Apple Pay, at least for your first time going there.