Does JOANN Have a Credit Card?
We get the question "Does JoAnn Have a Credit Card" and here's what you need to know!

does joann have a credit card
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Does Joann Have a Credit Card in 2023?

No, Joann Does Not Have a Credit Card in 2023.

There is not currently a Joann store credit card that you can apply for, we weren’t able to find any evidence that it’s still available to this day, however there used to be a Joann card so you might see some other websites referring to that.

Many years ago, Joann introduced the Jo-Ann Platinum MasterCard as a collaboration with the Barclays bank.

This card was targeted towards consumers with good credit, and it had a $0 annual fee.

There was a balance transfer promotion where you would pay 0% on transfers for the first six months, and the interest rates were around 13-21%, which is fairly standard rates.

You would earn rewards points for every purchase made at Joann.

For every dollar you spent at Joann on the Joann Barclays MasterCard, you would get 5 points.

For every dollar you spent anywhere else, you would get one point.

does joann have a credit card

JOANN Fabrics, part of the Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. banner, is a brand of stores where you can find all sorts of fabrics and textiles for sewing, knitting, and tons of other types of crafts. We’ll be stylizing the name as Joann for this article.

Joann was founded in Cleveland, Ohio all the way back in 1943.

Since then, they’ve grown to nearly 900 locations and they compare with stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and the craft sections at department stores.

Many different stores in America and all around the world will offer their own brands of credit cards in partnership with a larger bank or credit card issuer. 

Simply put, the stores will generally offer great rewards to their customers when they make purchases at the store using the store brand card, and they’ll make up all of that and more in interest payments, and possibly with incentives from their partners for signing people up for the cards.

It can be a good way for consumers to earn some rewards, if they would be paying with a credit card anyways, and can stay on top of the payments.

As a consumer, you’re often faced with various offers and promotions from just about every business or company that you frequent, and store credit cards can be pushed pretty hard.

They can be good, but they don’t always have the best rates or the best terms compared to credit cards from other places.

If you don’t necessarily pay off your card each and every month, then the higher interest rates on a store card will more than eat away at any extra rewards or benefits you earn, so finding a low interest card will be a much better option.

Nonetheless, many stores offer store credit cards, and many consumers like to use them, so if you’re someone who shops at Joann stores often enough, you might be wondering what’s up with their store credit card.

Joann Fabrics

Should Joann Bring Back Their Credit Card?

A store has to be huge to justify having their own credit card, it seems.

While it may have made sense for Joann stores to try out back in the day, there’s probably a good reason they haven’t brought it back yet. Maybe, at some point, they will.

Even Michaels doesn’t have their own store branded credit cards, and they are a lot larger than Joann, so if it made sense for this type of store to have a store credit card, we would probably see Michaels without by now.

With so many credit cards to choose from already, there isn’t a huge need for Joann to bring theirs back.

Also, Joann already has a loyalty/rewards points program, so you can still take advantage of earning points at Joann without the need for a credit card.

Other Ways To Save Money at Joann

Even though there isn’t a store credit card to earn you points, you can still save 15% on eligible purchases as a member of the Joann loyalty program.

It’s one of the most generous loyalty programs around for people who do a fair amount of shopping at Joann stores.

If you love sewing and other arts and crafts, and you do a lot of your shopping at Joann, you’re probably already a member but if not, it’s worth looking into.

Other ways to save some money when you’re shopping at Joann, other than being a member of their loyalty program, is to keep an eye out for coupons or promo codes to use on their website, or sales on things that you need for your sewing room or your craft box.


Joann does not have a credit card that you can sign up for, but they do have a generous membership discount and rewards program that works out to be more beneficial than store credit cards, anyways.

There are a lot of different ways to save money when you’re shopping for supplies at Joann, and it feels unlikely that they’ll bring their store card back.

If you remember seeing a Joann credit card in the past, you’re not mistaken! They used to have one, but it was discontinued at some point.