Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay
We get the question "Does McDonald's take Google Pay" and here's what you need to know!

Does McDonald's Accept Google Pay
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Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay in 2023?

Yes, McDonald’s Does Accept Google Pay.

McDonald’s was early to realize the potential of mobile payments, and therefore has been accepting Google Pay since 2014.

It is valid in restaurants and at the Mcdrive-thru.

Apple Pay is the only digital wallet taken on the mobile app.

Does McDonald's Accept Google Pay

Have you noticed that fewer people seem to carry cash these days?

Modern society plus the symptoms of a global pandemic, have resulted in people wanting to spend as little time at the checkout as possible while touching the fewest surfaces.

It is most evident in fast-food restaurants where the onus is on getting in and out as fast as possible.

McDonald’s has the biggest revenue of all restaurants of its type and has more than 38,000 global locations.

Supporting mobile wallet applications would speed up an already quick and efficient service.

Read on to discover “Does McDonald’s accept Google Pay?” and any other accepted payment methods for a Big Mac meal and any other delicious items.

About Google Pay

Google Pay, formerly known as Android Pay, is Google’s mobile, digital wallet.

It is a free app available from the Play Store to download to a mobile Android device; phone, smartwatch, or tablet.

It is a safe and secure place to store payment cards, enabling the user to pay for products and services directly from their device, negating the need to enter PINs or touch any surface.

It is fast and efficient; there is no longer a need to carry cash or a physical, plastic card.

The Google Wallet also stores transport passes, event tickets, health records, key cards, and several other important documents.

The Google Pay home screen alerts the user to nearby businesses that support the app.

does mcdonalds accept google pay

Accepted Payment Methods at McDonald’s

No time is the wrong time for McDonald’s.

Early morning breakfast, mid-morning snack, after a night out, the list is endless!

Don’t worry if you don’t have any cash;

the fast-food giant should have a payment method that suits you.

In-restaurant (including self-order screens)

  • Cash
  • Most debit and credit cards
  • American Express
  • Discovery
  • Arch Card
  • McDonald’s Gift Cards
  • Contactless wallets, Apple, Samsung, and Google Pay
  • BitCoin (only available in El Salvador)!


All of the payment methods mentioned above are also acceptable at the drive-thru.

The McDonald’s App

You can use the McDonald’s app to order ahead or while you’re in the restaurant.

McApp is free to download and stores personal login details, frequently ordered items and My McDonald’s reward points.

It is a secure place to save up to 4-payment cards at a time and is a fast and safe way to pay.

These include;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discovery
  • Apple Pay (automatically displays as a payment option – not included in your 4-cards)

The Arch Card and Visa gift cards aren’t currently accepted as online payments.

What is the McDonald’s Arch Card?

The Arch Card is a plastic Gift Card. It is free, you just pay for the amount of cash you load onto it.

This is done in whole dollars, between $1 – $50.

Give the card as a gift, and the recipient can reuse it for as long as they like, there is no expiry date.

Topping up is done in a McDonald’s restaurant or online.

Pick them up in0store, in participating retailers, or order a card online.

Choose your design, load the amount, pay, and give a gift of burgers, McFlurrys, and wraps.

The perfect gift for someone who has everything!

The Arch Card is only redeemable in-restaurant, it is not yet accepted as payment on the McApp.

mcdonalds google pay

Using Google Pay in McDonald’s

Google Pay is simple and efficient. If you have activated the app on your mobile device and linked a payment card, you’re good to go.

Using a phone:

Check the amount on the register,

  1. Unlock your phone – you do not have to enter the Google App
  2. Hold the phone close to the terminal
  3. If prompted, use Touch ID or enter your passcode
  4. Wait for the blue checkmark, take your food, and enjoy!

Using a smartwatch:

  1. Open the Google Pay app
  2. If prompted, select “CREDIT” – this applies if the linked card is debit or credit
  3. Hold the watch near to the terminal
  4. Enter your PIN if prompted
  5. Listen for a gentle beep or vibration to tell you the transaction is complete!

Touch-screen, self-service kiosk:

Once you have selected and personalized your order, tap Pay Now.

The screen prompts you to choose a payment option, at which point use your phone or watch as you would in the above instructions.


If, like me, you find it difficult to drive past a McDonald’s and not call in, even if just for a coffee, having an accepted payment method on hand is an advantage.

The fast-food chain is an advocate of contactless payments; therefore, McDonald’s accepts Google Pay for in-restaurant and drive-thru purchases.

Apple Pay is the only mobile wallet currently supported on McDonald’s website. If preferred, Android users can link a credit card directly to the app for speedy checkout.