Does Michaels Have a Credit Card?
We get the question "Does Michaels Have a Credit Card" and here's what you need to know!

does michaels have a credit card
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Does Michaels Have a Credit Card in 2023?

No, Michaels Does Not Have a Credit Card in 2023.

There is no Michaels branded credit card, they don’t offer anything of the sort.

On one hand, this is good, because the employees at Michaels aren’t required to bother you about signing up for a card that you don’t want or need.

On the other hand, if you shop at Michaels a lot and you want a store card with them, you’re out of luck – but you aren’t completely out of luck, because there are some other options!

There are over 1200 Michaels stores in the United States of America and Canada, making this one of the most common places that people go to purchase various types of arts and crafts supplies, hobby items, and more.

Michaels is owned by The Blackstone Group, and was founded by Michael J. Dupey back in 1973. Do you think Mr. Dupey knew how huge his brand would become in just a few decades?

When chains of stores become this large, they have opportunities to do things that you won’t always find at smaller stores.

One of the things that you’ll sometimes see from larger stores, and probably the reason you’re here reading this right now, is that some large stores will end up offering their own store-branded credit cards.

These credit cards are often some as a partnership with a bank or another type of financial institution.

It makes sense, since it would be hard to imagine some corner mom and pop shop offering their own store-branded credit cards – many of them still use paper gift certificates instead of gift cards!

So, that gives stores like Michaels a new revenue stream.

They have so many customers passing through their doors that they can offer incentives and discounts in exchange for signing up for the credit card, and as you may know if you’ve ever seen your monthly interest charges on a credit card, it can be a very profitable business!

But just because a store is a large, international chain, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll start offering their own store credit card.

We know that many people are curious about a Michaels credit card, so we did the research and here’s what we found out.

does michaels have a credit card

Should Michaels Have a Credit Card?

Michaels does not have a credit card, but should they? From Michaels point of view, it can be a way to add a new revenue source and to encourage people to spend more money at their stores.

Since store credit cards almost always give you extra bonus rewards when you’re shopping at the store that issued the card, it can be a big incentive for people to spend more when shopping at Michaels.

On the other hand, customers can get annoyed when the staff are always asking them to sign up for yet another store card, and it could lead to some people shopping at Michaels’ competitors, instead.

We don’t know why Michaels doesn’t offer their own credit card, but we can imagine that they’ve run the numbers and decided that it just doesn’t make sense for them at this point in time, all things considered.

Store credit cards also typically have higher interest rates than comparable cards, so even if you were to get some extra points or discounts at Michaels, it probably wouldn’t be worth it compared to using a lower interest card that you received elsewhere.

Earning Rewards at Michaels 

The main reason you would want a Michaels credit card is to earn rewards points on your purchases if you do a lot of shopping at your local Michaels store or on their website. But you don’t need a Michaels credit card to earn rewards at Michaels.

There’s a Michaels Rewards card and it’s free to sign up for, and you can use it with your preferred payment methods.

So, that means if you already have a credit card from somewhere else that offers you some form of rewards, you would benefit more from using your existing card most likely, since you probably do most of your shopping at places that aren’t Michaels.

A card that gives you better rewards on groceries, gas, and the like will probably serve you better than a Michaels card would – but you can get the best of both words by joining Michaels Rewards.

does michaels accept apple pay

Benefits of Michaels Rewards

Here’s some additional information on what Michaels offers you with their Michaels Rewards program.

If you shop there a lot, you should absolutely sign up.

If you only shop at Michaels every now and then, you can still benefit from the program, but it might not be worth the effort to sign up and have your information out there if you’re only saving a dollar or two a year.

But for frequent Michaels customers, like people who shop there weekly, monthly, or even who do a lot of shopping once or twice a year, it’s absolutely a good idea to join Michaels Rewards, and here’s why!

As a Michaels Rewards member you’ll get emails from them to give you a heads up of upcoming and current sales and promotions that are exclusive to members.

You’ll get alerts on your mobile device when there’s a new sale, too, if you want.

There are even events for members to get together, meet, and mingle with each other to make some new friends with similar hobbies and interests!

Other Ways to Save Money at Michaels

Michaels often has coupons that will give you a huge discount off one item from your purchase, so it can pay off to collect a couple of these coupons and to make more than one trip to the store if you’re buying a few things, especially if they’re expensive items.

Beyond that, keep an eye out for sales and promotions.

Sometimes, you’ll find the same stuff at Michaels on another store like Amazon for a lot less money, so that’s worth checking too, if you don’t mind shopping around a bit.

After you factor in the 30% or 50% off coupons that Michaels has, though, it usually evens out and you don’t have to wait for delivery.


Michaels does not currently offer a store card and it’s unclear if they ever plan to in the future or not, but you don’t need a Michaels credit card to unlock great savings at this store.

You can use any payment method you want and still take advantage of the Michaels Rewards program.

There are also a lot of big coupons for Michaels stores, sales, and other promos to help you save money when you’re shopping for arts and crafts supplies to enjoy all of your favorite hobbies.