Does Petco Accept Apple Pay?
We get the question "Does Petco take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!

does petco take apple pay
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Who doesn’t love spoiling their pets with new toys, play areas, beds, treats, and other fun things?

Petco is the go-to for many pet parents, whether you want to get your dog a new chew-toy, or find a ball for your hamster to run around the house in.

Petco sells all sorts of pet products and necessities for all different types of pets.

They also sell fish, reptiles, hamsters, small birds, and more, along with all of the necessary accessories that you’ll need if you decide to adopt one of them.

Before you make a trip to Petco to pick up some new pet supplies, treats, or even a new buddy, it’s important to make sure that they accept your preferred payment method.

does petco take apple pay

Does Petco Accept Apple Pay in 2022?

Yes, Petco Does Accept Apple Pay in 2022.

You can use Apple Pay at Petco retail locations across the country.

In fact, Petco was one of the first major retailers to start accepting Apple Pay all the way back in 2014.

Petco has been taking Apple Pay since the very first year that it was introduced.

When you think of pet stores, you may not think of them as being on the cutting edge of technology, but Petco is a company that earns billions of dollars in yearly revenue, so it’s no surprise that they’re ahead of the curve when it comes to retail payment methods.

The Petco retail stores and their online store at don’t take all of the exact same payment methods, though.

If you’re shopping on, you will not be able to use Apple Pay.

Even if you can’t use Apple Pay on the Petco website, there are many other options available at checkout.

What Payment Methods Does Take?

If you’re ordering from Petco’s website, they accept Paypal and credit cards.

At you can pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

You can even use your Petco Pals Rewards to order from

Petco also accepts Petco Pay, their own proprietary credit card that allows you to earn extra Pals Rewards points when you make a purchase from Petco.

Points are great for putting towards a future purchase if you shop at Petco often, otherwise it might be more convenient to use a card you already have.

How To Use Apple Pay At a Petco Store

does petco accept apple pay

Using Apple Pay at a Petco store is the same process as using Apple Pay anywhere else.

If you haven’t used Apple Pay before, there’s a little bit of setup to take care of first.

Here’s how to set up Apple Pay (this link will take you to Apple’s website for in-depth instructions.)

As an alternative, you can simple open your Apple Wallet app and follow the prompts.

It’s good to do this before you leave home, so if you’re new to Apple Pay, follow these simple steps before you head down to Petco.

Once you’ve set up Apple Pay and added a credit card to your Apple Wallet, using Apple Pay at a Petco store is easy!

  • If you’re using Apple Pay at Petco on an iPhone, just double-press the button on the side of your phone to initiate Apple Pay using your default payment method and then hold your device near the contactless Apple Pay reader.
  • If you’re using Apple Pay on an Apple Watch at Petco, double-press the side button. Your main card will be the default, but you can scroll to choose a different payment card within Apple Pay and then hold your wrist near the payment terminal.

Finally, your device will alert you once the payment is complete and you’re all set.

The Petco staff member will give you your purchased items along with a receipt.

Now, you can head home with your purchase to surprise your pet pal with some snacks, some new toys, or whatever else it was that you purchased at Petco.

If you use your Apple Pay wallet to adopt a new friend at Petco, you’ll be introducing them to their new home which is exciting for you and for your new best friend!

Making Sure Your Local Petco Accepts Apple Pay

Do you want to double-check that your local Petco store accepts Apple Pay?

Simply open up the Apple Maps app on any Apple device and find your desired Petco location.

The listing on Apple Maps will indicate that your particular Petco accepts Apple Pay.

This can be a useful way to decide which Petco store to visit, and you can now use this useful trick for any other retailer, too.

Apple Maps might not be the most popular map tool, but it does have it’s unique benefits, such as this.

Should You Use Apple Pay at Petco?

Apple Pay makes it quick, easy, and secure to make purchases at many different stores, but there’s one reason in particular that makes it a good option for Petco, particularly if you have an Apple Watch.

Shopping for pet stuff can be a bit hectic, especially if you have your pet with you.

Using Apple Pay on your watch at Petco is kind of like having an extra hand, which can come in very useful when you’re trying to grab your purchases and take care of your pet, without having to dig around in your purse or wallet.

Because of this, we recommend using Apple Pay at Petco stores to make your purchases.

Just make sure that you have set up your wallet ahead of time if you haven’t used it before!

petco apple pay


Petco accepts Apple Pay at their retail stores via iPhone and Apple Watch.

If you are shopping online at, you can pay using PayPal or any of the major credit cards.

You can also redeem Pal Rewards points at and in-store.

Now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to spoil your pets – whether you have a sassy cat, a loyal puppy, or even a friendly little lizard.