Does Pick ‘n Save Take Apple Pay?

We get the question "Does Pick n' Save take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!
Last Updated: January 5, 2022
Date Published: January 5, 2022
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Does Pick ‘n Save Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Yes, Pick ‘n Save Does Take Apple Pay in 2022.

You can use Apple Pay to pay for your groceries at Pick ‘n Save.

Pick ‘n Save accepts Apple Pay which suggests that they’re dedicated to providing a fast and convenient shopping experience for their customers.

Some stores don’t take Apple Pay, which makes it a bit harder for Apple Pay customers to check out using their preferred payment methods.

If Pick ‘n Save is your local grocery store, and you’re a fan of Apple products, you’re in luck because there are still a lot of stores out there that are choosing not to accept Apple Pay.

does pick n' save take apple pay

What goes into deciding which grocery stores you shop at?

Do you prefer the large national chains of stores, or smaller regional chains, or going to small local independent stores?

There are a lot of grocery stores to choose from, in fact if you’re in a medium to large city, there are probably at least one or two of them within walking distance of your home.

Pick ‘n Save is a grocery store in the United States of America that was founded by William Zimmerman.

They offer in-store shopping and delivery, and they carry a variety of items that you would expect to find at any grocery store.

Pick ‘n Save is a brand that’s owned by Kroger as their parent company.

A lot of smaller or regional chains of grocery stores are owned by larger chains, it helps with their buying-power and keeping costs down.

People have different reasons for choosing which grocery store they want to shop at, and also which type of cell phone they decide to use.

If you’re someone who likes the Apple ecosystem of products because they’re simple, easy to use, and straightforward – then Apple Pay fits the bill, so it’s worth checking out Apple Pay if you haven’t done it before.

Should You Use Apple Pay at Pick ‘n Save?

Pick ‘n Save offers a variety of different methods to pay with, so why use Apple Pay? What’s so important about Pick ‘n Save accepting Apple Pay?

Well, if you’ve ever used Apple Pay before, then you probably already know – but if you’re thinking about trying it out, here’s why people love Apple Pay.

There are three major reasons to use Apple Pay, and they all tie in together to make this a great payment platform.

The first reason is that Apple Pay is quick and easy to use when you’re at the checkout of the store, especially if you have an Apple Watch.

With an Apple Watch, you have your payment info at your sleeve, literally. You can pay for things without even having to reach into your pocket, and that’s very cool.

Secondly, Apple Pay is very convenient. Using the Wallet app that ties into Apple Pay, you’re able to bring all of your payment methods with you wherever you go, so you don’t need to keep every single credit card, debit card, gift card, and rewards card in your wallet with you at all times.

Finally, Apple Pay is a very secure way to pay for things. This is the most significant reason to use Apple Pay, even if it’s not the main reason that everyone uses it, necessarily.

The fact that Apple Pay is convenient and easy is what brings people to it, and the fact that it’s extra secure compared to using a credit card or a debit card is what makes it so great.

does pick n' save take apple pay

What Makes Apple Pay More Secure Than Other Payment Methods?

When you make a purchase at a store using a credit card or debit card, you’re scanning your card with their card reader, or sometimes you even have to hand them your card for them to type in the number manually (like at a hotel when you check-in). 

This is usually okay, but sometimes, it can lead to your payment information getting stolen or leaked, especially if the store is storing it in their system.

Sometimes, databases get hacked or leaked, and people’s payment information can be stolen if it’s not stored securely. What does this have to do with Apple Pay? Here’s what.

When you pay with Apple Pay, your Apple Wallet acts as a shield of sorts. This shield protects your payment information, because when you use Apple Pay, your card numbers are cloaked, they are never actually revealed to the store or merchant where you’re paying.

This barrier keeps your credit card, debit card, and other information private from the store. So, if the store’s payment system is ever compromised in any way, you’re okay – your data is safe, since it doesn’t leave your Apple device.

That’s what makes Apple Pay a secure way to pay whether you’re shopping at Pick ‘n Save, a competing grocery store, a restaurant, a gas station, or anywhere else that accepts Apple Pay.

Setting Up Apple Pay To Use at Pick ‘n Save

Setting up Apple Pay couldn’t be easier.

If you have ever used Apple Pay before, anytime in the past, then you already know how to use it at Pick ‘n Save, it’s the same as anywhere else, which is one of the nice things about Apple Pay.

If you haven’t used Apple Pay yet, no worries, here’s what you need to do. Start by opening up your Wallet app because the first step is to add a payment method to your Apple Wallet.

The Wallet app is on your iPhone, it should be installed already by default if your device supports Apple Pay.

Open up the app, and follow the instructions on screen to add your first payment method. You can add a credit card or a debit card and it will become your default payment method whether you’re shopping at Pick ‘n Save, or anywhere else that accepts Apple Pay.

You can add more than one card, of course, which is what makes this such a convenient digital wallet. It lets you bring all of your payment cards with you anywhere, while simultaneously keeping all of them private and secure.

Once the cards are in your Wallet, you can start using Apple Pay to make purchases everywhere that accepts Apple Pay.

does pick n' save accept apple pay


It’s easy to use Apple Pay at Pick ‘n Save. The Pick ‘n Save chain of grocery stores accepts Apple Pay as one of their payment methods at most, if not all, of their locations.

It’s always possible to run into the odd Pick ‘n Save where their Apple Pay terminals aren’t working or have been turned off for some reason, but that’s very rare.

You can always bring up your local Pick ‘n Save location in Apple Maps and look for the Apple Pay logo to confirm that they accept it at a Pick ‘n Save near you.