Does Pinkberry Take Apple Pay?

We get the question "Does Pinkberry take Apple pay" and here's what you need to know!
Last Updated: January 5, 2022
Date Published: January 5, 2022
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Does Pinkberry Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Yes, Pinkberry Does Take Apple Pay in 2022.

When you’re getting some frozen treats from your local Pinkberry, you will be able to complete your purchasing using Apple Pay.

It’s great that Pinkberry locations accept Apple Pay because it makes it a lot easier for you to go in, get your snacks, then get on your way to enjoy them.

Apple Pay makes it incredibly easy to pay for your purchases at Pinkberry, but that’s not the best reason to use Apple Pay at Pinkberry.

Let’s go over some of the other benefits of using Apple Pay in general, and at Pinkberry, too.

does pinkberry take apple pay

Being able to use Apple Pay or not might not be the deciding factor on where you choose to go for desert or a snack, but if you’re already an Apple Pay user, then it can definitely be a plus!

There are plenty of places to get frozen yogurt and other cold treats, and Pinkberry is surprisingly recognizable for a brand that only has around 260 locations, due to its founding in Hollywood, where a lot of popular media is created.

Pinkberry was the topic of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, along with plenty of other mentions in pop culture over the years.

Pinkberry is a chain of frozen yogurt franchises that operates in twenty different countries around the world.

Is there one close to you? If not, they could expand there eventually.

doesPinkberry was founded in 2005 with their first location in West Hollywood, with their headquarters in Santa Monica.

It’s a perfect treat for a warm day in California.

Pinkberry is a part of Kahala Brands, a company that also owns TacoTime, Planet Smoothie, Cold Stone Creamery, Baja Fresh, Great Steak, and many more.

Pinkberry has a number of different flavors including matcha, orange peach mango, original, orange tang, passion fruit, pineapple, tiramisu, coconut milk strawberry, and a lot more.

Whatever you feel like getting when you’re at Pinkberry, make sure that they take your preferred payment methods before you go. 

Should You Use Apple Pay at Pinkberry?

You should definitely use Apple Pay when you’re paying for your food at Pinkberry.

Apple Pay is very quick and easy to use, and it will make your life a lot more convenient, no matter where you are shopping.

Aside from the conveniences of Apple Pay, such as being able to leave most of your payment cards at home and just taking your device with you, the best reason to use it is because of how safe it keeps your private data.

When you make a purchase using Apple Pay, your private payment information is kept secret from the merchant.

They never see your payment info.

The type of information that merchants may see when you pay with your card directly, instead of using it with Apple Pay, includes things like your credit card number or your debit number, your name, your expiry date, and so on.

The Apple Wallet app (which enables you to add payment cards to your Apple device, so that you can use them with Apple Pay) puts a layer between your payment details, and any stores that you visit, which keeps your info safe.

does pinkberry accept apple pay

How To Use Apple Pay at Pinkberry

It’s not difficult to pay using Apple Pay when you’re buying things at Pinkberry.

You can skip this section if you have ever paid with Apple Pay before, but if this will be your very first time, then it would be wise to set it up quickly ahead of time.

We’ll go over how to do that right now.

Start by grabbing your iPhone, and opening up the Wallet application on your device.

You’ll see an option to add a new payment card, and that’s what you’ll need to do.

Once you’ve added a payment card to your Apple Wallet, you can use this card to pay for things anywhere that accepts Apple Pay.

Other Payment Methods at Pinkberry

Apple Pay is not the only way to complete your purchases at Pinkberry.

They they all of the major and most common payment methods, and Apple Pay is just the cherry on top, but if you don’t use Apple Pay for whatever reason, or if you don’t have your device with you, there are other ways to pay.

You can also add funds to your Pinkberry app for making mobile payments, if you want to pay using your phone and you shop at Pinkberry enough to justify downloading and using a unique application just for this one store.

You can use all of the major credit cards when you’re making a purchase at Pinkberry. You can pay with cash or debit cards, too.

But if you’re going to be using a debit card or a credit card at Pinkberry, then you should consider adding those cards to your Apple Wallet instead because of the added convenience, not to mention the extra security benefits and how it helps to protect your privacy.

does pinkberry take apple pay


You can use Apple Pay to complete your purchases when you’re getting some frozen yogurt from Pinkberry.

There are Pinkberry stores in many different countries all around the world, so it’s possible that this could vary from country to country.

If you want to double-check whether or not your local Pinkberry accepts Apple Pay, no matter where you are in the world, simply open up the Maps app on your Apple device and type in Pinkberry.

 Visit the page for your preferred location and look for the Apple Pay icon.

This icon will indicate that this location definitely accepts payments via Apple Pay.