Does Subway Accept Food Stamps?
We get the question "Does Subway accept food stamps" and here's what you need to know!

Last Updated: January 14, 2022
Date Published: January 14, 2022
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Does Subway Accept Food Stamps in 2022?

Yes, Subway Does Accept Food Stamps in 2022.

You can use your EBT card at select Subway locations in select states, if they have an RMP program that allows you to purchase meals and you fall into one of the categories of people that qualify for EBT and the RMP program.

The six states that have RMPs are Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, California, and Arizona.

Other states don’t allow you to eat out at all using EBT, and these states have their own limits and qualifications, as well.

Each Subway franchise owner can opt-in to accept food stamps on qualifying purchases (things that aren’t hot meals, for example if you get a Subway sandwich, and you don’t get it toasted, it may qualify under EBT – but getting it toasted would disqualify it since it becomes a hot food item.)

The specific guidelines may vary depending on who’s working, who you ask, and which state you’re in.

We’ve heard stories of Subway locations accepting food stamps, and another location down the street not accepting them, so your mileage may vary.

Does Subway accept food stamps

Subway is a popular chain of restaurants that sell submarine sandwiches, along with a handful of other menu items like soups, salads, and wraps.

Even though you can easily rack up the calories at Subway with their cheese, buns, and dressings in particular, it’s still widely considered to be a fresher and healthier meal than a typical fast-food restaurant, once you load it up with vegetables, which are usually missing from convenient on-the-go meals.

But it’s that on-the-go meal part that causes some confusion, especially for people who are receiving SNAP benefits and are hoping to pay for their meal with an EBT card.

EBT is generally meant to fund the purchase of groceries that can be used to prepare meals at home.

Since Subway meals are prepared and meant to be eaten in the restaurant or taken home to be enjoyed, some people view this as a bit of a grey area, especially since EBT prohibits the purchase of “hot meals”, but most of Subway’s food can be served and enjoyed cold.

Not everyone is able to buy ingredients and do all of their own cooking, though.

Just the trip to the store can be a struggle.

This includes elderly people, disabled people, and homeless people who don’t have anywhere to cook the food.

In some states, there’s an extra program called an RMP (which stands for restaurant meal program), and this program exists to help bridge the gap between EBT and people who can’t necessarily always cook for themselves.

The RMP allows EBT users to buy meals at certain restaurants that offer affordable food and are included in the program, but this varies from state to state, and not all states offer an RMP.

subway food stamps

What Can You Buy at Subway with EBT?

If your state has a Restaurant Meal Program (also known as RMP), you’ll be able to order meals at Subway and a variety of other restaurants, and to pay for those meals using your EBT card at the cashier.

Some people in other states, that don’t have RMP, will argue that Subway sandwiches qualify under EBT because they aren’t a “hot meal” and if you get it to go, then it’s meant to be eaten at home, but generally speaking, this would probably closely compare to a deli, where only packaged items sold to be consumed at home will qualify under EBT.

If you’re in one of the six states listed above that have restaurant meal programs, and you qualify for yoru states program, then you’ll be able to use your EBT card at Subway restaurants.

Subway stores also sell various packaged items and snacks like chips, plus they have a fridge with drinks in cans and bottles which would be eligible under EBT, even if fountain drinks and a hot bowl of soup aren’t covered, unless you fall into the eligibility category in a state with a restaurant meal program.

Saving Money at Subway

If you find yourself eating at Subway often, then there are a few ways to earn rewards or to make your money go a little further, regardless of whether you’re paying with EBT or another payment option.

Interestingly enough, back in the day, Subway’s loyalty program used to consist of little stamps that you would collect, that could be redeemed for free sandwiches. Now, these days, you can use the Subway app to collect rewards points.

You’ll also find various promos and deals, along with coupons for Subway that can save you money on your purchases.

does subway accept food stamps


If you’re buying eligible items from a Subway store that has chosen to accept EBT as a payment method, you’ll be able to use your food stamps benefits at Subway. 

However, be mindful that  you aren’t buying hot food items, or make sure that you qualify for your state’s RMP if you’re in one of the six states that allows people on food stamps, in certain circumstances, to eat at restaurants using their benefits.

If you can’t use your EBT to buy Subway where you live, it’s not the end of the world – hit up your local grocery store, buy some buns, some sauce, some meat, cheese and veggies and you can make yourself sandwiches all week long.

It might not be exactly the same as Subway, but you can probably make something even better – this is one of the easier meals to put together for yourself, but if you’re not able to do so, you may qualify for a restaurant meal program depending on where you live.